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Session 118 - Radiogalaxies.
Oral session, Thursday, January 16
Harbour A,

[118.06] The MRC/1 Jy Survey and Radio Source Unification

P. McCarthy, S. E. Persson (OCIW), V. K. Kapahi, R. Athreya (NCRA, India), W. van Breugel (IGPP)

We have recently completed a flux limited survey of radio sources defined by S(408MHz) = 1Jy and sky location. The sample, the MRC/1 Jy survey, is essentially completely identified and is composed of quasars (20%), BL Lac objects (1%) and radio galaxies (79%). Spectroscopic redshifts are in hand for > 90% of the quasars and approximately 70% of the radio galaxies. We show that the linear size distributions of the quasars and radio galaxies is in serious conflict with the orientation based unified model of radio galaxies and quasars. We compare the linear size distributions of our 1Jy sample with the 3CRR and separate the redshift and power dependencies, and show that the source sizes decrease with both increasing redshift and with declining radio power. We conclude that the apparent linear size is a poor orientation indicator.

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