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Session 119 - Active Stars.
Oral session, Thursday, January 16
Harbour C,

[119.06] A Young, Energetic, 63-ms Radio Pulsar Near the Supernova Remnant G290.1-0.8 and the \gamma-ray Source 2EG J1103-6106

V. M. Kaspi (Caltech)

We report on the discovery and follow-up observations of a 63-ms radio pulsar, PSR J1105-6107. We show that the pulsar is young, having a characteristic age of only 63 kyr. We consider its possible association with the nearby supernova remnant G290.1-0.8 (MSH 11-61A) but uncertainties in the distances and ages of both objects preclude a firm conclusion. Proof of an association would be provided if the pulsar's velocity is measured to be \sim 650 km s ^-1 directed away from the remnant center, for a distance of 7 kpc and assuming the pulsar's characteristic age is the true age. The pulsar's spin-down luminosity, 2.5 \times 10^36 erg s^-1, is in the top 1% of all known pulsar spin-down luminosities. Given its estimated distance, the pulsar is likely to be observable at high energies. Indeed, it is coincident with the known CGRO/EGRET source 2EG J1103-6106; we consider the possible association and conclude that it is likely.

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