Session List


Session 2. Heineman Prize Lecture

Invited, Monday, 8:30-9:20am, Frontenac Ballroom

2.01 Shocking Supernova Tales
R. Chevalier (U. Virginia)

Session 3. SIRTF

Display, Monday, 9:20am-6:30pm, Metropolitan Ballroom

3.01 SIRTF Moves Ahead
M. W. Werner, M. D. Bicay (JPL/Caltech)
3.02 Community Participation in the Space Infrared Telescope Facility (SIRTF) Mission: An Overview
R. D. Gehrz (U.Minnesota), C. A. Beichman (IPAC), M. D. Bicay (IPAC), L. J. Caroff (NASA ARC), C. A. Christian (STScI), D. P. Clemens (Boston U.), D. P. Cruikshank (NASA ARC), R. M. Cutri (IPAC), M. A. Greenhouse (NASA Goddared SFC), M. S. Hanner (JPL/Caltech), T. J. Jones (U. MN), R. B. Miller (JPL/Caltech), M. J. Rieke (U. AZ), Jr. Thronson (NASA HQ), E. J. Weiler (NASA HQ), M. W. Werner (JPL/Caltech), C. E. Woodward (U. WY)
3.03 The SIRTF General Observer Program
C. A. Beichman (IPAC), T. J. Jones (U.Minn), D. W. McCarthy (U.Ariz)
3.04 Community Use of SIRTF - I. Legacy Science
D. Clemens (Boston U.), M. Greenhouse (Smithsonian Inst.)
3.05 SIRTF Target of Opportunity Observations and Strategies
C. E. Woodward, S. B. Howell (U. Wyoming), R. D. Gehrz, W. A. Stein (U. Minnesota), M. A. Greenhouse (SI/NASM), M. A. Malkan (UCLA), D. H. Wooden (NASA/ARC)
3.06 Community Use of SIRTF III: Solar System Observations
D. P. Cruikshank (NASA/Ames), M. S. Hanner (JPL/Caltech), Sswg
3.07 SIRTF's Infrared Array Camera (IRAC)
G. G. Fazio (SAO)
3.08 The Infrared Spectrograph of the Space Infrared Telescope Facility
J. Van Cleve, G. Gull, J. D. Smith, J. Wilson, J. R. Houck (Cornell U.), R. J. Brown (Ball Aerospace and Tech. Corp.)
3.09 Scientific Potential of the Multiband Imaging Photometer for SIRTF (MIPS)
G. H. Rieke, E. T. Young, G. Rivlis (Steward Observatory), T. N. Gautier (JPL)
3.10 SIRTF Science Planning Tool Prototype
M. Deutsch (JPL/SIRTF), R. Ebert (IPAC/CalTech), P. Nguyen (JPL/SIRTF)

Session 4. The WWW and Astronomy Education

Display, Monday, 9:20am-6:30pm, Metropolitan Ballroom

4.01 Hosting an `Ask the Astronomer' Site on the Internet
S. F. Odenwald (Hughes STX)
4.02 Results from Two Years of Web-Based Astronomy Teaching
J. Wallin (George Mason U.)
4.03 HST Science and Technology as a Springboard for Web Based Educational Resources
C. Christian, A. Kinney, T. Pengra, F. Mendez, J. Eisenhamer, Z. Levay, P. Campbell, C. Rest, J. Martin, W. White (STScI)
4.04 They're Beautiful Pictures But What do They Mean?
J. Martin (STScI)
4.05 The High-Energy Astrophysics Learning Center
L. A. Whitlock, J. C. Lochner (HEASARC/USRA), J. S. Allen (HEASARC/HSTX)
4.06 Filling the Astronomical Void - A Visual Medium for a Visual Subject
J. Ryan (Cleveland, OH)
4.07 Hands-On Universe
V. Hoette, H. Pack, T. Spuck, B. Rodriguez, R. Lohman, D. Toler, T. Morin (HOU Teacher Resource Agents), C. Pennypacker, S. Gordon, A. Marshall, J. Refling (U. California, Berkeley), J. Asbell-Clarke, T. Barclay (TERC)
4.08 Educational WWW sites on a CD-ROM
J. S. Allen (HEASARC (Hughes STX), NASA/GSFC), L. A. Whitlock (HEASARC (USRA), NASA/GSFC)
4.09 Space Science Education with MIDEX/IMAGE
W. W. L. Taylor, S. F. Odenwald (Hughes STX), J. L. Green (NASA/GSFC), J. L. Burch (SwRI)
4.10 Interactive Astronomy Module for Museums and Schools
I. A. Smith, P. H. Reiff, E. P. Liang, C. Law (Rice U), C. Sumners (Houston Museum of Natural Sciences), R. W. Sumners (U.T. Austin)
4.11 The Chicago Public Schools-University of Chicago Internet Project
L. Munoz-Franco, L. M. Rebull, R. D. Burke, K. D. Fenstermacher, D. D. Lenz, M. D. Marks, D. A. Richardson, D. G. York (U. Chicago)

Session 5. Education

Display, Monday, 9:20am-6:30pm, Metropolitan Ballroom

5.01 Employment Histories of Recent Astronomy Ph.D. Graduates from the University of Texas at Austin
H. Dinerstein (U. Texas - Austin)
5.02 A Survey of Community- and Small-College Astronomy Instruc- tors: Preliminary Results
A. Fraknoi (Foothill College and ASP)
5.03 The Concept of a Single-sex Optional Discussion Session in Introductory Astronomy at a Publicly Funded University
S. Shawl (U. Kansas)
5.04 Using Science-Fiction to Teach General Education Astronomy
D. R. DeGraff (Alfred U.)
5.05 Discovery-based Homework Problems for Elementary Astronomy
D. Friend (U. Montana)
5.06 An Innovative Astronomical Teaching Appproach using Writing Across-the-Curriculun
B. McNamara, C. Burnham, B. Bridges, M. French (NMSU)
5.07 Hands-On Astrophysics, 680 Hands at a Time: Lab Activities in Big Classes
H. Shipman (U. Delaware)
5.08 A New Observatory for Eastern College: A Dream Realized
D. H. Bradstreet (Eastern College)
5.09 Undergraduate Research at the SFA Observatory
N. L. Markworth (SF Austin State U.)
5.10 Pulsars in a Box: A Radio Astronomy Exercise for Windows from PROJECT CLEA
L. A. Marschall, G. A. Snyder, R. F. Good, M. B. Hayden, P. R. Cooper (Gettysburg College)
5.11 A Small Radio Telescope for Instructional Purposes
S. R. Spangler, J. E. Wurster, B. L. Nellermoe (U. Iowa)
5.12 Automation of the Stull Observatory 0.8 m Telescope
G. D. Toot, J. L. Stull, J. S. Weaver, D. R. DeGraff (Alfred U.)
5.13 Development of the Little Telescope: Design and Construction of a High Precision Fiber Fed Spectrograph
C. E. Groppi (NSF REU Intern, Cornell U.)
5.14 The NOAO Educational Outreach Program
S. H. Jacoby (NOAO)
5.15 Science Partners for Teachers: Graduate Student-Teacher Partnerships
L. M. Rebull, L. Munoz-Franco (U. Chicago)
5.16 City Stars: A Workshop for Inner City Teachers
N. Grice (Boston Museum of Science)
5.17 A Video Tour through the Pisces-Perseus Supercluster
M. D. Schwartz (U. Pennsylvania), D. Dale (Cornell)

Session 6. An Integrated Web Resource

Display, Monday, 9:20am-6:30pm, Metropolitan Ballroom

6.01 It's All Done With Mirrors: Improving Information Access
G. Eichhorn, A. Accomazzi, C. S. Grant, M. J. Kurtz, S. S. Murray (SAO), D. Egret, F. Genova, S. Lesteven, M. Wenger (CDS)
6.02 SIMBAD on the Web and Links to other Services
M. Wenger, P. Fernique, F. Genova, J. Bartlett, O. Bienayme, F. Bonnarel, P. Dubois, D. Egret, G. Jasniewicz, S. Lesteven, R. Monier, F. Ochsenbein (CDS)
6.03 Journals, Data and Abstracts Make an Integrated Electronic Resource
P. Boyce (AAS)
6.04 Technology to support a distributed digital library for astronomy
C. D. Biemesderfer (ferberts associates)
6.05 Astronomy librarians networking for you
M. V. Cummins, B. S. Chu (University of Toronto), E. P. Bryson (CFHT)
6.06 ADC Catalog Services: an Update
J. E. Gass, N. G. Roman, G. L. Schneider, J. H. Blackwell, N. P. M. Kuin, M. C. Larkin, C. -C. J. Lyu (Hughes STX, NASA/GSFC), C. Y. Cheung (NASA/GSFC)
6.07 Journal Citations: An ADS-AAS Collaboration
M. J. Kurtz, G. Eichhorn, A. Accomazzi, C. S. Grant, S. S. Murray (SAO)
6.08 Using the ADS Database to Study Trends in Astronomical Publication
E. Schulman (NRAO), A. L. Powell, J. C. French (UVa), G. Eichhorn, M. J. Kurtz, S. S. Murray (SAO)
6.09 Neural Networks and Information Extraction: New developments in astronomical information retrieval for electronic publications
S. Lesteven, F. Murtagh, P. Poincot, M. Creze, D. Egret (CDS, Obs. Astronomique, Strasbourg, France), F. Murtagh (U. Ulster, Magee Coll., Northern Ireland, UK)

Session 7. Catalogs & Surveys

Display, Monday, 9:20am-6:30pm, Metropolitan Ballroom

7.01 AMASE: An Astronomical Search and Discovery Engine
C. Cheung, D. Leisawitz (NASA GSFC), G. Reichert, J. Blackwell (Hughes STX), N. Roussopoulos (U. Maryland)
7.02 Radial Velocity Database for Stephenson-Sanduleak Southern Luminous Stars
C. Reed (Alma Coll.)
7.03 Photometric Calibration of the ST ScI Digitized Sky Survey
J. Doggett, M. Postman, B. M. Lasker, M. Meakes (STScI)
7.04 A New Astrometric Survey of the Southern Hemisphere
F. S. Gauss, N. Zacharias, T. R. Rafferty, M. E. Germain, E. R. Holdenried, J. W. Pohlman, M. Zacharias (U.S. Naval Observatory)
7.05 The General Release of USNO-A1.0
D. Monet (U.S.Naval Observatory Flagstaff Station)
7.06 Reference Standards in the Gunn-Thuan Filter System for Approximate Calibration of Southern-Hemisphere Survey Work
M. G. Smith (NOAO/CTIO), A. Athey (Pomona College), E. Friel (NSF(MPS/AST))
7.07 The APS Databases of the Palomar Sky Survey - Catalogs, Images, and Proper Motions
R. M. Humphreys, C. S. Cornuelle, G. Aldering, J. A. Larsen, J. Cabanela (Univ. Minn.)
7.08 WISARD Status Report
N. Oliversen, P. Lawton (Hughes STX), M. Van Steenberg (NASA/GSFC ADF)

Session 8. The X-Ray Background

Display, Monday, 9:20am-6:30pm, Metropolitan Ballroom

8.01 Intensity Variations of the Soft X-ray Background: the Boundary Structure of the Local Hot Bubble at Low Galactic Latitudes
S. Park, J. P. Finley (Purdue University), S. L. Snowden (NASA/GSFC)
8.02 CCD Sounding Rocket Observations of the Soft X-ray Background
J. A. Mendenhall, D. N. Burrows, L. Cawley, E. J. Cocklin, G. P. Garmire, R. P. Kraft, K. Nishikida (PSU)
8.03 CUBIC: the Cosmic Unresolved Background Instrument using CCDs.
D. N. Burrows, G. P. Garmire, E. I. Moskalenko, J. A. Nousek (Penn State U.), M. A. Skinner (Ball Aerospace and Tech. Corp.)
8.04 CUBIC Observations of the Cygnus Loop
W. T. Sanders (U. Wisconsin), G. P. Garmire, D. N. Burrows (Penn State U.)
8.05 Observations of Cyg X-2 with the CUBIC Experiment
E. I. Moskalenko, D. N. Burrows (Penn State)
8.06 Observational Opportunities with the CUBIC Experiment on SAC-B
J. A. Nousek, D. N. Burrows, E. I. Moskalenko (Penn State)
8.07 First Light from CUBIC: the Diffuse X-ray Background
C. E. Grant, D. N. Burrows, J. A. Nousek (Penn State U.)
8.08 CUBIC X-ray spectra from the Vela-Puppis complex and the NEP
R. Willingale, I. Hutchinson (U. Leicester UK)
8.09 The Local EUV Radiation Field
J. Vallerga (CEA/UCB), J. Slavin (NASA/ARC)

Session 9. X-Ray Catalogs & Instrumentation

Display, Monday, 9:20am-6:30pm, Metropolitan Ballroom

9.01 A Comprehensive Ultra-Soft Survey of the Einstein IPC Database: Initial Results
R. J. Thompson Jr., C. A. Arning, R. G. Shelton (McMurry University)
9.02 The ASCA SIS X-ray Source Catalog: Preliminary Results
E. V. Gotthelf, N. E. White (NASA/GSFC)
9.03 In-Flight Calibration of the High Energy X-Ray Timing Experiment on RXTE
M. Pelling, P. Blanco, D. Gruber, W. Heindl, R. Rothschild, L. Wayne (CASS, UCSD), P. Hink (Washington Univ.)
9.04 Multilayer Characterizations
A. Sokasian (Cornell University), S. Romaine (SAO)
9.05 Spectral Calibration of the ROSAT HRI
A. Prestwich, P. Callanan (SAO), S. Snowden (NASA/GSFC), J. McDowell, J. Silverman (SAO), A. Peterchev (Harvard College Obs.), L. David, M. Elvis (SAO)
9.06 Recent Progress in Calibration of the Rossi X-ray Timing Explorer Proportional Counter Array
K. Jahoda, PCA Team (NASA/GSFC)

Session 10. AGN - Host Galaxies & Environment

Display, Monday, 9:20am-6:30pm, Metropolitan Ballroom

10.01 The Large-scale Environments of Radio Galaxies and BL Lacertae Objects
J. E. Pesce, M. O'Dowd, R. Scarpa, C. M. Urry (STScI), R. Falomo (Padua Obs.), J. Kim (Towson State Univ.), A. Paske (Pomona College)
10.02 Narrow-band emission-line and continuum CTIO images of Seyfert 1, Seyfert 2 galaxies and LINERS
E. Xanthopoulos (U.of Crete)
10.03 The Local Environment and Properties of Seyfert Galaxies
M. VanDalfsen, M. DeRobertis (York U.)
10.04 The Fueling of Active Galaxies: A Near-Infrared Imaging Survey of Seyfert and Normal Galaxies
A. Kundu (STScI), J. S. Mulchaey (Carnegie Obs.), M. W. Regan (U. Maryland)
10.05 Speckle Imaging of the Nucleus of NGC 1068 at 2.2\mum
A. J. Weinberger, G. Neugebauer, K. Matthews (Caltech)
10.06 Seyfert host galaxies: Bars and Rings
J. H. Knapen (U. Hertfordshire, U.K.), R. F. Peletier (U. Groningen, Netherlands), I. Shlosman (U. Kentucky), D. Nadeau, R. Doyon (U. Montréal), J. M. Rodriguez-Espinosa, A. M. Pérez-García (IAC, Tenerife, Spain)
10.07 Spectroscopy of Compact Companions to QSOs
G. Canalizo, A. Stockton (IfA)
10.08 Probing the AGN Environment - The rotation measure structure of the quasar OQ 172 at milliarcsecond resolution
P. Udomprasert (Princeton), G. B. Taylor (NRAO), T. J. Pearson (Caltech, Radio Astronomy), D. H. Roberts (Brandeis)
10.09 Candidate High Redshift Clusters Around Radio Loud Quasars
P. B. Hall (U. of Arizona), R. F. Green (NOAO)

Session 11. AGN

Display, Monday, 9:20am-6:30pm, Metropolitan Ballroom

11.01 Ultraviolet Variability in Active Galaxies: A Systematic Survey of the IUE Archives
R. Edelson (U. Iowa), S. Penton, J. M. Shull, T. Ayres (CASA, U. Colorado), G. Pike (NASA/GSFC)
11.02 A Comparison of X-ray and Radio Observations of NGC 7331
C. Stockdale, W. Romanishin, J. J. Cowan (U. Oklahoma)
11.03 ISO Observations of Hot Dust in the Nucleus of the S0 Galaxy NGC 3998
M. Fich (U. Waterloo), G. R. Knapp (Princeton U.), M. R. Rupen (NRAO), D. A. Harper (Yerkes Obs.), C. G. Wynn-Williams (U. Hawaii)
11.04 NGC 4258: A Compact Central Infrared Source Revealed
R. Chary, E. E. Becklin (UCLA)
11.05 Discovery of the Hidden Seyfert 1 Nucleus in Markarian 463
C. A. Tremonti, A. Uomoto (JHU), R. R. J. Antonucci (UCSB), Z. I. Tsvetanov, H. C. Ford, G. A. Kriss (JHU)
11.06 Spectropolarimetry of Radio-Loud AGNs With Double-Peaked Emission Lines
L. Kay (Barnard College/Columbia Univ), M. Eracleous (UC Berkeley), E. Moran (IGPP/LLNL), S. Freeman (Barnard College), J. Halpern (Columbia Univ.)
100.03 will be presented in Session 11.

Session 12. Distance Scale

Display, Monday, 9:20am-6:30pm, Metropolitan Ballroom

12.01 Calibration of Post-AGB A and F Supergiants as Standard Candles
L. K. Fullton, H. E. Bond, A. Saha (STScI), R. A. Saffer (Villanova Univ.\)
12.02 Supernovae at z=0.35-0.85 and Measurements of Ømega_0, \Lambda, and H_0: Current Status of the Supernova Cosmology Project
S. Deustua, S. Gabi, G. Goldhaber, D. Groom, I. Hook, A. Kim, M. Kim, J. Lee, P. Nugent, C. Pennypacker, S. Perlmutter, I. Small (LBNL/CfPA, Berkeley), A. Goobar (U.Stockholm), R. Pain (IN2P3), R. Ellis, R. McMahon (IoA), B. Boyle, P. Bunclark, D. Carter, M. Irwin (RGO), H. Newberg (FNAL), M. Richmond (Princeton), A. V. Filippenko, T. Matheson (UC Berkeley), K. Glazebrook (AAO), M. Dopita (MSSSO, ANU), W. Couch (UNSW), T. S. C. Project
12.03 Type Ia Supernovae: Influence of the Initial Metallicity/ Consequences for the Determination of qo
F. K. Thielemann (U. Basel), P. Hoeflich (U. Texas), A. Khokhlov (NRL), K. Nomoto (U. Tokyo), J. C. Wheeler (U. Texas)
12.04 Distance to the Coma Cluster and a Value for H_0
W. A. Baum, M. Hammergren (U. Washington), B. Thomsen (U. Aarhus), E. J. Groth (Princeton U.), S. M. Faber (UCO/Lick), C. J. Grillmair (JPL), E. A. Ajhar (NOAO)
12.05 Cepheid Variables in the Virgo Galaxy NGC 4548
J. A. Graham (DTM), L. Ferrarese, A. Saha, H. Ford (STScI), W. L. Freedman, R. L. Phelps (OCIW), R. C. Kennicutt (U.Arizona), J. R. Mould, J. B. Gibson (MSSO), P. B. Stetson (DAO), M. Han, J. Hoessel (U.Wisconsin), J. P. Huchra (Harvard,CfA), S. M. Hughes (RGO), G. D. Illingworth (UCSC), B. F. Madore (Caltech), S. Sakai, N. Silbermann (JPL)
12.06 The Hubble Space Telescope Extragalactic Distance Scale Key Project: The Discovery of Cepheids in NGC 2090
S. Sakai (JPL), R. L. Phelps, W. L. Freedman (OCIW), B. Madore (NED/JPL/Caltech), A. Saha (STScI), P. B. Stetson (DAO), R. C. Kennicutt (Steward Obs.), J. R. Mould (MSSSO), L. Ferrarese (Caltech), H. C. Ford (Johns Hopkins), J. A. Graham (DTM), M. Han, J. G. Hoessel (U. Wisconsin), J. P. Huchra (CfA), S. M. G. Hughes (RGO), G. D. Illingworth (Lick Obs.), N. Silbermann (IPAC/JPL)

Session 13. Large Scale Structure & Cosmology

Display, Monday, 9:20am-6:30pm, Metropolitan Ballroom

13.01 Diffuse Microwave Emission Survey
R. A. Shafer, J. Mather (GSFC), A. Kogut, D. J. Fixsen (HSTX), M. Seiffert, P. M. Lubin (UCSB), S. M. Levin (JPL)
13.02 The Aquarius Supercluster
K. Slinglend, D. Batuski, C. Miller (Univ. of Maine), C. Balkowski, V. Cayette, P. Felenbok, S. Maurogordato (MEUDON), R. Olowin (St. Mary's CA)
13.03 The Cosmic Web and Filaments in Cluster Patches
D. Pogosyan, J. R. Bond (CITA, U. Toronto), L. Kofman (IfA, U. Hawaii), J. Wadsley (CITA, U. Toronto)
13.04 Peculiar Motions of Elliptical Galaxies in the APM South Equatorial Strip
K. Mueller (Dartmouth College)
13.05 Large-scale structure: the Chile-UK uv-excess quasar survey
R. G. Clowes, P. R. Newman (U. Central Lancashire, UK), L. E. Campusano (U. Chile), M. J. Graham (U. Central Lancashire, UK)
13.06 15 Mpc Structure at 2.1 < z < 3.3 from the Ly alpha Forest
G. Williger (NOAO at NASA/GSFC), A. Smette (Kapteyn Inst., Groningen, Netherlands), C. Hazard (U. Pittsburgh and IOA, Cambridge, UK), J. Baldwin (IOA, Cambridge, UK and CTIO, La Serena, Chile), R. McMahon (IOA, Cambridge, UK)
13.07 The Primordial Helium Abundance
E. D. Skillman, R. A. Benjamin (U. Minnesota), E. Terlevich (IOA), R. Terlevich (RGO)
13.08 The Mean Flux of the Optical Extragalactic Background Light: Preliminary Results from HST and Las Campanas.
R. A. Bernstein (Caltech), W. L. Freedman (OCIW), B. F. Madore (IPAC/Caltech)
13.09 Quantum Uncertainty and Constraints on Dark Matter
G. W. Collins II (CWRU)
13.10 The Angular Size-Redshift for Radio Sources in the FIRST Survey
A. Buchalter, D. J. Helfand (Columbia), R. H. Becker (UC Davis), R. L. White (STScI)
13.11 Statistical evidence for extinction in gravitational lenses: Is the Universe old and dusty?
J. E. Rhoads (Kitt Peak National Obs.), S. Malhotra (IPAC), E. L. Turner (Princeton U. Obs.)
13.12 First Order Ratio for Mid Symmetry Scale
P. von Gronefeld (Department of Defense)

Session 14. Surveys

Display, Monday, 9:20am-6:30pm, Metropolitan Ballroom

14.01 Results and analyses of faint field galaxy surveys with the Keck Telescope
D. W. Hogg (Caltech)
14.02 A Spectroscopic Survey of Galaxies in the Bootes Void
S. Cruzen, D. Weistrop (UNLV), R. Angione (SDSU), C. Hoopes (NMSU)
14.03 Update on Boötes Void Project
I. K. Horowitz, S. B. Johnson (Idaho State U), J. W. Moody (BYU)
14.04 Optical Identification of 50,000 Radio Sources
D. J. Helfand (Columbia), R. H. Becker (UC Davis), R. L. White (STScI), R. G. McMahon (Cambridge)
14.05 VLBA Observations of Radio Reference Frame Sources. II. Source Classification Based on Intrinsic Structure
A. Fey (US Naval Observatory), P. Charlot (Paris Observatory)

Session 15. Structure and Collapse of Molecular Clouds: Theory

Display, Monday, 9:20am-6:30pm, Metropolitan Ballroom

15.01 Magnetic Reconnection in One-Dimensional Nonhomogeneous, Self-Gravitating Clouds
M. Fatuzzo (Wesleyan College), F. C. Adams (U. of Michigan)
15.02 3D Dynamics of Self-Gravitating Molecular Clouds
A. Sinkovics, G. Laughlin, F. C. Adams (Univ. of Michigan)
15.03 Gravitational Collapse and Star Formation in Logotropic and Non-isothermal Spheres
D. E. McLaughlin, R. E. Pudritz (McMaster U.)
15.04 Testing Logatropic Behavior of Turbulent Pressure
E. Vazquez-Semadeni, J. Canto, S. Lizano (Instituto de Astronomia, UNAM)
15.05 A Semi-Analytic Solution for Supercritical Core Collapse
S. Basu (CITA)
15.06 Distinguishing Internally vs. Externally Illuminated Hot Cores
M. J. Kaufman, D. J. Hollenbach, A. G. G. M. Tielens (NASA/Ames)
15.07 Interstellar Turbulence and the Parametric Decay Instability of Alfven Waves
S. R. Spangler, J. A. Leckband, I. H. Cairns (Univ. of Iowa)

Session 16. Interstellar Grains, PAH's and the Interstellar Bands

Display, Monday, 9:20am-6:30pm, Metropolitan Ballroom

16.01 PAHs, HAC, and the UIR Bands in Interstellar Sources
A. Scott (Guelph-Waterloo Program for Graduate Work in Physics), W. Duley (U. of Waterloo)
16.02 Alignment of Interstellar Grains by Starlight
B. T. Draine (Princeton Univ. Obs.), J. C. Weingartner (Physics Dept., Princeton Univ.)
16.03 Grain Alignment and Crossover Events
A. Lazarian, B. Draine (Princeton Univ. Obs.)
16.04 Search for Extended Red Emission in the Diffuse ISM
K. D. Gordon, A. N. Witt (U. of Toledo)
16.05 The Abundance of Interstellar Carbon
U. J. Sofia, K. Guerin (Villanova Univ), D. M. Meyer (Northwestern Univ)
16.06 A Theoretical Model for the Diffuse Interstellar Bands (DIBS)
J. H. Glownia, P. P. Sorokin (IBM Research Division)
16.07 Large-Angle Scattering in the UV : IC 63
B. C. Friedmann, A. N. Witt, K. D. Gordon (U.Toledo), R. E. Schild (CFA), R. C. Bohlin (STSCI), T. P. Stecher (GSFC)

Session 17. The Galactic Interstellar Gas

Display, Monday, 9:20am-6:30pm, Metropolitan Ballroom

17.01 Lyman Alpha Absorption in the Interstellar Medium
A. R. Dring, J. Murthy, R. C. Henry, H. W. Moos (JHU), W. Landsman (STX), J. Audouze, A. Vidal-Madjar (CNRS), J. Linsky, A. Brown (JILA)
17.02 Spatial Correlation Between Dust and Diffuse Ionized Gas
A. Kogut (HSTX)
17.03 Galactic HI Density Fluctuations on AU and Parsec Scales
A. Minter, F. J. Lockman (NRAO, Green Bank)
17.04 The DRAO Galactic Plane Survey Project
S. M. Dougherty, P. Dewdney, J. Galt, A. Gray, L. Higgs, T. Landecker, C. Purton, R. Roger, K. Tapping, T. Willis (DRAO), A. R. Taylor, D. Leahy (Univ. of Calgary), C. Carignan, N. St-Louis (Université de Montréal), M. Fich (Univ. of Waterloo), N. Ghazzali (Université Laval), J. Irwin (Queen's Univ.), G. Joncas, S. Pineault (Unversité Laval), P. Martin (CITA), W. McCutcheon (Univ. of British Columbia), D. Routledge, F. Vaneldik (Univ. of Alberta), H. Matthews, G. Moriarity-Scheiven (JAC), C. Beichman, S. Terebey (IPAC, Caltech), N. Duric (Univ. of New Mexico), D. Green (MRAO), C. Heiles (UCB), M. Heyer (FCRAO), W. Langer (JPL), D. Watson (Univ. of Rochester), H. Wendker (Hamburger Sternwarte), X. Zhang (Beijing Astronomical Obs.)
17.05 Infrared Survey of Cold Molecular Cores in the Outer Galaxy
F. O. Clark, S. J. Carey (Phillips Lab/GPOB)
17.06 SPINR --- A system for three dimensional ultraviolet imaging spectroscopy of interstellar gas and dust
T. A. Cook, V. J. Taylor, S. Chakrabarti (Boston U.)
17.07 Recent Results from the Antarctic Submillimeter Telescope and Remote Observatory (AST/RO)
A. P. Lane, S. P. Balm (CfA), T. M. Bania, A. D. Bolatto (BU), R. A. Chamberlin (CSO), M. Huang, J. G. Ingalls, J. M. Jackson (BU), J. Staguhn, (Cologne), A. A. Stark (CfA), J. Stutzki (Cologne)
17.08 CH+ Production in J-type Shocks
A. Peimbert (Princeton U.)
17.09 A Search for the CO-H2 dimer in the Galaxy
R. J. Allen, L. Loinard (STScI), A. R. W. McKellar (NRC of Canada), J. Lequeux (DEMIRM, Obs. de Paris)
17.10 Interstellar Hydrogen and Deuterium toward Alpha Aql, Alpha Cep, and Alpha Hyi
W. Landsman (Hughes STX), T. Simon (U. of Hawaii)
17.11 Abundance Determinations in Emission-Line Objects: The Revised Emission Line Chart
J. B. Kingdon, R. E. Williams (Space Telescope Science Institute)
17.12 HST/GHRS Observations of 61 Cyg A and 40 Eri A
B. E. Wood, J. L. Linsky (JILA, U. Colorado)
17.13 Radio-Wave Scattering of 3C279 by the Solar Wind
K. M. Desai, V. Dhawan (NRAO), K. R. Anantharamaiah (RRI), P. Gothaskar (NCRA)
17.14 Measuring Interstellar Electron Densities with the GHRS
E. Fitzpatrick (Princeton University Observatory)
17.15 Spectral Characteristics of Low-Frequency Variability: Numerical Simulation
M. J. Pantazopoulou, B. Dennison, J. Simonetti (Virginia Tech)

Session 18. The Sun

Display, Monday, 9:20am-6:30pm, Metropolitan Ballroom

18.01 Testing the Structure of the Solar Superadiabatic Layer with Seismology
P. Demarque (Yale U.), D. B. Guenther (Saint Mary's U.), Y. -C. Kim (Yale U.)
18.02 Observation of Solar Convection with the MDI Instrument on SOHO
A. G. Kosovichev, P. H. Scherrer (Stanford U.), T. L. Duvall Jr. (NASA/GSFC)
18.03 New Views of the Sun's Interior from the SOHO/MDI Space Experiment
P. H. Scherrer, R. S. Bogart, R. I. Bush, J. T. Hoeksema, A. G. Kosovichev, R. Nigam, J. Schou (Stanford U.), T. L. Duvall Jr. (NASA/GSFC)
18.04 A Search for MeV Gamma-Ray Emission from the Quiet-Time Sun
C. A. Young, M. L. McConnell, G. Rank, J. M. Ryan (UNH), V. Schönfelder (MPE), K. Bennett (SSD-ESA), E. Cliver (Phillips Lab), R. Miller (LANL), A. MacKinnon (Univ of Glasgow)
18.05 Observed Ly-alpha Absorption Suggests Barely Subsonic Heliospheric Inflow
K. Gayley, G. Zank, L. Pauls (Bartol Research Inst./ U. Delaware)
18.06 Simultaneous Acceleration of X-ray Jets and Surges by Magnetic Reconnection Accompanied by Twist Injection
A. Okubo, R. Matsumoto, S. Miyaji (Chiba Univ.), T. Yokoyama, K. Shibata (NAOJ)
18.07 The Solar Flare Event on 15 June 1991
G. Rank, J. Lockwood, M. McConnell, J. Ryan (Univ. of New Hampshire), V. Schönfelder (MPI f. Extraterrestrial Physics, Garching, Germany), K. Bennett (Astroph. Div., ESTEC, Noordwijk, The Netherlands), H. Debrunner, P. Nieminen (Physics Institute, Univ. of Berne, Berne, Switzerland), L. Kocharov, G. Kovaltsov (Univ. of Turku, Turku, Finland)

Session 19. Solar & Planetary Systems

Display, Monday, 9:20am-6:30pm, Metropolitan Ballroom

19.01 Impact Simulations into Ice on Europa
A. L. Baker (MIT), M. C. Nolan (NAIC)
19.02 Dust Size and Outflow Velocity Distributions for Comet S-L 9
T. Rettig, J. Hahn (Notre Dame)
19.03 Optical and Near Infrared Spectrophotometric Observations of Comet Hale-Bopp
D. E. Harker, C. E. Woodward (U. Wyoming), R. D. Gehrz, J. Lyke (U. Minnesota), R. M. Saxton, C. W. McMurtry (U. Wyoming), R. J. Rudy (Aerospace Corporation)
19.04 The Main Asteroid Belt --- Comet Graveyard or Nursery?
M. Hammergren (Univ. of Washington)
19.05 Quasi-stationary States of Dust Flows Under Pointing-Robertson Drag: New Analytical Solutions
N. Gor'kavyi (Crimean Obs.), L. Ozernoy (CSI/GMU and GSFC/NASA), J. Mather (GSFC/NASA), T. Taidakova (Crimean Obs.)
19.06 Modeling the Earth's magnetic field using the HST Faint Object Spectrograph.
J. J. E. Hayes (STScI)
19.07 Measurements of the Brown Dwarf Gliese 229B
B. R. Oppenheimer, S. R. Kulkarni, K. Matthews, T. Nakajima (California Institute of Technology), D. A. Golimowski (The Johns Hopkins University)
19.08 The Probability of Microlensing Detections of Planetary Systems
R. A. Scalzo (U. Virginia), R. Di Stefano (Harvard College Obs.)
19.09 Astrometry with the Space Interferometry Mission
A. Boden, M. Milman, S. Unwin, J. Yu, M. Shao (JPL)
19.10 Infrared Space Observatory Mapping of 60 \mum Dust Emission Around Vega-type Systems
S. B. Fajardo-Acosta, R. E. Stencel (U. of Denver), D. E. Backman (Franklin and Marshall College)

Session 20. QSOs

Oral, Monday, 10:00-11:30am, Frontenac Ballroom

20.01D Gravitational Lens 0957+561: A Study at Radio Wavelengths
D. B. Haarsma, J. N. Hewitt, B. F. Burke (MIT), J. Lehár (CfA), B. F. Burke (MIT)
20.02D Chemical Composition Of, And Ionization Structure In, QSO Broad Absorption Line Regions
M. Kopko Jr. (U. Pittsburgh)
20.03 HST Imaging of Quasar Host Galaxies
E. J. Hooper, C. D. Impey (Steward Obs.), C. B. Foltz (Multiple Mirror Telescope Obs.)
20.04 Keck Spectra of Host Galaxies and Companions of QSOs.
J. Miller, H. Tran, A. Sheinis (Lick Observatory)
20.05 New Molecular Observations and Modelling of the Cloverleaf Quasar
R. Barvainis (MIT Haystack Obs.), P. Maloney (JILA), R. Antonucci (UCSB), D. Alloin (Centre d'Etudes de Saclay)
20.06 Far-infrared (5--200 \mu) spectral energy distributions of Quasars with ISO
B. J. Wilkes, K. K. McLeod, M. S. Elvis, J. C. McDowell (SAO), C. Lonsdale (IPAC), C. Impey (U of A), M. Malkan (UCLA)

Session 21. Massive Star Formation & Ultracompact HII Regions

Oral, Monday, 10:00-11:30am, Harbour B

21.01 The Stromgren Transition as a Diagnostic for Massive Star Formation
J. E. Beckman, M. Rozas (Inst.Astrofisica de Canarias Spain), J. H. Knapen (Univ. Hertfordshire,U.K.)
21.02 [O I] 63 \mum Absorption in the NGC 6334 Massive Star Formation Region
K. Kraemer, J. M. Jackson (Boston U.), A.P. Lane (Harvard-Smithsonian CfA)
21.03D A Submillimeter Imaging Survey of Ultracompact HII Regions
T. R. Hunter (Caltech/CfA)
21.04 A Photodissociated Region Associated with the Compact H II Region GGD 12-15
Y. Gomez, M. Lebron, L. F. Rodriguez, S. Lizano (Instituto de Astronomia, UNAM), G. Garay (Universidad de Chile)
21.05 H II Regions and Photodissociation Regions in NGC 6334
J. M. Jackson, K. E. Kraemer (Boston U.)

Session 22. Disk Galaxies

Oral, Monday, 10:00-11:30am, Harbour C

22.01D The Impact of Dust on Photometric Studies of Spiral Galaxies
L. E. Kuchinski, D. M. Terndrup (OSU), A. N. Witt, K. D. Gordon (U. Toledo)
22.02D Sinking Satellites and Tilting Disk Galaxies
S. Huang, R. G. Carlberg (U. of Toronto)
22.03 Discovery of the HI Asymmetry and Supershell in NGC 3044
S. W. Lee, J. A. Irwin (Queen's U.)
22.04D Measurements of the Outer Scale of Turbulence at the Keck Telescope and its Impact on Inferred Seeing Parameters and Adaptive Optics Performance
R. A. Crnkovic (UCI)

Session 23. Astronomy Education: Current Developments & Trends

Oral, Monday, 10:00-11:30am, Harbour A

23.01 Astronomy Education in the US: An Overview
A. Fraknoi (Foothill College; ASP)
23.02 Activities and Priorities of the AAS Education Office
D. W. Duncan (UChicago; AAS Education Coordinator)
23.03 Astronomy Education: K-12 Level
M. K. Hemenway (UTexas-Austin)
23.04 Astronomy Education: Undergraduate Level
G. S. Mumford (Tufts U)
23.05 Astronomy Education: Planetariums and Science Centres
T. R. Clarke (Royal Ontario Museum)
23.06 Astronomy and the Mass Media: Public Information and Education
S. P. Maran (NASA-GSFC; AAS Press Officer)
23.07 Astronomy Education: Future Directions
J. R. Percy (UToronto)

Session 24. HAD II

Oral, Monday, 10:00-11:30am, Pier 4

24.01 A New Reading of Shakespeare's Hamlet.
P. D. Usher (PSU)
24.02 Historical Perspectives on the Discovery of Possible Fossilized Primitive Martian Life
S. J. Dick (USNO)
24.03 Babylonian Predictions of Lunar and Solar Eclipse Times
J. M. Steele (U. Durham)
24.04 An Analysis of Kepler's Rudolphine Tables and Implications for the Reception of His Physical Astronomy
A. Athreya (Iowa State U), O. Gingerich (HCO)
24.05 Restoration of the Detroit Observatory at the University of Michigan
P. S. Whitesell, P. Seitzer (U. Michigan)
24.06 The Fund for Astrophysical Research: Ten Years of the Small Grants Program
A. R. Upgren (Yale and Wesleyan Univ.), L. H. Aller (UCLA), W. B. Dunham (Debevoise and Plimpton and F.A.R.), A. G. D. Philip (Union College and I.S.O)

Session 25. Solar System

Oral, Monday, 10:00-11:30am, Piers 2/3

25.01D The Evolution of Long-Period Comets
P. A. Wiegert (U. of Toronto)
25.02 EGRET Detection of Gamma Rays from the Moon
D. J. Thompson, D. L. Bertsch (NASA/GSFC), D. J. Morris (UNH), R. Mukherjee (NASA/GSFC/USRA)
25.03 Origin of the Elements and Solar System
O. K. Manuel, J. T. Lee (U. Missouri), J. M. D. MacElroy (U. Coll. Dublin, Ireland), B. Li (LPL, U. Arizona), P. K. Kuroda (Las Vegas, NV), W. K. Brown (Lake Almanor, CA)

Session 26. Russell Prize Lecture

Invited, Monday, 11:40am-12:30pm, Frontenac Ballroom

26.01 The Infrared Environment of Quasars
G. Neugebauer (Caltech)

Session 27. Gravitational Lensing & Dark Matter

Oral, Monday, 2:00-3:30pm, Frontenac Ballroom

27.01 Gravitational Lensing and Dark Matter -- an Overview
N. Kaiser (CITA, U. Toronto)
27.02 Rapid Microlensing in Q0957+561
R. Schild (CfA)
27.03 Statistics of Gravitational Microlensing Magnification
M. H. Lee (Queen's), L. Kofman (IfA, Hawaii), N. Kaiser (CITA), A. Babul (NYU)
27.04 Microlensing Events from Measurements of the Deflection
J. Miralda-Escude (U. Penn)
27.05 Astrophysical Effects of Extreme Gravitational Lensing Events
Y. Wang, E. L. Turner (Princeton Univ. Obs.)
27.06 Galaxy-galaxy Lensing
R. Blandford (CalTech)
27.07 Measuring the Mass-to-Light Ratio of Cluster Galaxies
P. Natarajan (IoA, Cambridge)
27.08 Distribution of Very Faint Galaxies (B>26) from the Magnification Bias in Cl0024+1654
B. Fort (Obs. de Paris)

Session 28. Diffuse Gamma-Ray Emission & Gamma-Ray Bursts

Oral, Monday, 2:00-3:30pm, Harbour B

28.01D Components of the Diffuse Gamma-Ray Emission
A. Chen, P. Kaaret (Columbia Univ.), J. Dwyer (Univ. of MD at College Park)
28.02D The Diffuse Cosmic Gamma-ray Background with SMM between 0.3 MeV and 8 MeV
K. Watanabe (NASA/GSFC/HSTX), M. D. Leising (Clemson U.), G. H. Share, R. L. Kinzer (NRL)
28.03 Time Dilation and Homogeneous, Soft-Spectrum GRBs
J. P. Norris (NASA/GSFC), J. T. Bonnell (USRA), R. J. Nemiroff (MTU), J. D. Scargle (NASA/ARC), G. N. Pendleton (UAH), C. Kouveliotou (USRA), G. Pizzichini (TESRE/CNR)
28.04 The Small-Scale Angular Distribution of Gamma-Ray Bursts Using Combined BATSE/Ulysses\/ Localization
R. M. Kippen, G. N. Pendleton, M. S. Briggs (UAH), K. Hurley (UCB)
28.05 Gamma-Ray Bursts from the Evolved Galactic Nuclei
L. Ozernoy (GMU and GSFC/NASA), V. Dokuchaev, Y. Eroshenko (Inst. for Nucl. Res., Moscow)

Session 29. Dynamical Evolution of Galaxies

Oral, Monday, 2:00-3:30pm, Harbour C

29.01 Persistence of the Core Fundamental Plane
J. Minske, D. Richstone (U. Michigan)
29.02D The Evolution of Dense Rotating N-Body Systems
J. S. Arabadjis, D. O. Richstone (U. Michigan)
29.03D Evolution of a Tidally Disrupted Star Around a Massive Black Hole
A. Ulmer (Princeton U. Obs.)
29.04 Major axis alignments of poor cluster dominant galaxies
T. Fuller (Saint Mary's U.; U. Western Ontario), M. West (Saint Mary's U.), T. Bridges (RGO)
29.05D The Evolution of Elliptical Galaxies in Clusters
M. A. Pahre (Caltech)

Session 30. Teaching Astronomy with the WWW

Oral, Monday, 2:00-3:30pm, Harbour A

30.01 Teaching with Electrons
G. Bothun (U.Oregon)
30.02 Using the Web in Teaching Astronomy
R. E. White III (U. Alabama)
30.03 The Internet as a Tool for Astronomy Homework - Conucopia or Curse?
M. J. Creech-Eakman, R. E. Stencel (U. Denver)
30.04 Hands-On Universe: Meaningful Astronomical Research in the Classroom
J. Asbell-Clarke, T. Barclay (TERC), S. Deustua, S. Gordon, A. Marshall, C. Pennypacker, J. Refling (U. California), V. Hoette, R. Lohman, T. Morin, H. Pack, B. Rodriguez, T. Spuck, D. Toler (HOU Teacher Resource Agents)

Session 31. Radiogalaxies - High Energy

Oral, Monday, 2:00-3:30pm, Pier 4

31.01 Evidence for Nonlinear X-ray Variability from Broad-line Radio Galaxy 3C 390.3
K. M. Leighly (Columbia Astrophysics Lab/RIKEN), P. T. O'Brien (U. Leicester)
31.02 X-ray Variability in M87
D. E. Harris (SAO), J. A. Biretta (STScI), W. Junor (UNM)
31.03 XTE observations of PKS 2155-304
R. M. Sambruna, G. Madejski (NASA/GSFC), C. M. Urry, J. E. Pesce (STScI), L. Maraschi, L. Stella, G. Tagliaferri (Obs. of Brera), A. Celotti, A. Treves (SISSA), R. I. Kollgaard (SDSS), T. Kii (ISAS), A. E. Wherle (IPAC)
31.04 A Possible New Absorption Feature in the EUV Spectrum of PKS 2155-304
H. L. Marshall (Eureka Scientific, Inc.), C. M. Urry, J. Pesce (STScI), A. Konigl (U. Chicago), L. Maraschi (U. Milan), A. Wehrle (IPAC)
31.05 Rapid TeV and X-Ray Variability of Markarian 421 Observed in May 1996
M. S. Schubnell (U. Michigan, for the Whipple Collaboration)
31.06 Efftect of Density Distribution on Comptonization Spectra
118.01D will be presented in Session 31.

Session 32. Stars in Various Throes of Stellar Evolution

Oral, Monday, 2:00-3:30pm, Piers 2/3

32.01 Possible Planetary Transit Eclipse for CM Draconis
E. F. Guinan, G. P. McCook, S. Wright (Villanova U.), J. Schneider (Meudon)
32.02 Substellar companions: Differential Phase Interferometry
S. R. Kulkarni, X. P. Pan (Caltech), M. Shao, M. Colavita (JPL, Caltech)
32.03 Young Binary Star \iota Pegasi with Separation of 1 mas in R.A.
X. Pan, S. Kulkarni (California Institute of Technology), M. M. Colavita, M. Shao (Jet Propulsion Laboratory)
32.04D Angular Momentum Evolution of Low Mass Stars
A. Krishnamurthi (OSU)
32.05D Driving g-modes in ZZ Ceti stars
Y. Wu (Caltech)
32.06D Proper motion and parallax of PSR J0437-4715
J. S. Sandhu (Caltech), M. Bailes, R. N. Manchester (ATNF,CSIRO, Australia), J. Navarro (NRAO), S. R. Kulkarni, S. B. Anderson (Caltech)

Session 33. Probing the Early Universe with Keck and HST

Invited, Monday, 3:40-5:10pm, Frontenac Ballroom

33.01 Normal Galaxies at Extreme Redshifts
C. Steidel (Caltech)
33.02 Galaxy Evolution and the Hubble Deep Field
H. Ferguson (STScI)