Session List


Session 1. Invited Talk

Invited, Monday, 8:30-9:20am, North Main Hall A

1.01 Hydrodynamics on Supercomputers: Interacting Binary Stars
J. M. Blondin (NCSU)

Session 2. Spiral, Irregular and Elliptical Galaxies

Display, Monday, 9:20am-6:30pm, South Main Hall

2.01 The Nature of the X-Ray Point Source in the Bar of NGC 6822
P. B. Eskridge, R. E. White III (U. Alabama)
2.02 The Anomalous Arms of the Galaxy NGC 4258
K. C. Bunker, R. Hess, C. Hollack, J. Lankester, M. Roberts, B. Bobzien, D. Dienhart, D. Frierson, Y. Hufford, T. Langley, K. Lux, J. Fisher, D. Kapraun, B. O'Neill, S. Starin, G. Chesson, M. Mosca, J. Mosier, J. Puryear, R. Donaldson, H. Whittington (NCSU)
2.03 WIYN Imaging of Extraplanar Dust in the Edge-On Spiral NGC 891
J. C. Howk, B. D. Savage (U. Wisconsin)
2.04 The Opacity of Spiral Disks from Colors and Counts of Background Galaxies: NGC 4536
R. A. González, R. J. Allen, D. Calzetti, H. C. Ferguson, N. Panagia (STScI)
2.05 The Dusty Disk of the Large Magellanic Cloud revealed with Ultraviolet Imaging Polarimetry
A. A. Cole, K. H. Nordsieck, S. J. Gibson, W. M. Harris, K. Wood (U. Wisconsin)
2.06 Submillimeter Dust Emission from Infrared-Bright Elliptical Galaxies
M. P. Rupen (NRAO), G. R. Knapp (Princeton U.), D. A. Harper, J. F. Lees (Yerkes Obs.)

Session 3. Evolution of Galaxies & Clusters of Galaxies

Display, Monday, 9:20am-6:30pm, South Main Hall

3.01 The Concentration-Density Relation of Galaxies in Las Campanas Redshift Survey
Y. Hashimoto (Yale U.), A. Oemler Jr. (Carnegie Obs.)
3.02 The Evolution of Cluster E and S0 Galaxies Measured from the Fundamental Plane
I. Jorgensen (U. Texas, Austin), J. Hjorth (NORDITA, Denmark), M. Franx, P. van Dokkum (Kapteyn Inst., The Netherlands)
3.03 Hot Evolved Stars in the Centers of M31 and M32
T. M. Brown (JHU), H. C. Ferguson (STScI), S. A. Standford (LLNL), J. -M. Deharveng (MarsLab), A. F. Davidsen (JHU)
3.04 The Near Infrared Luminosity Function of Galaxies in the Coma Cluster
P. Eisenhardt, R. De Propris (JPL/Caltech)
3.05 A Search for UV Absorption in the Intracluster Medium of Abell 1030
A. M. Koekemoer, C. P. O'Dea, S. A. Baum (STScI), C. Sarazin (U. Virginia), F. Owen (NRAO)
3.06 On the Origin of Optical Filaments in Clusters of Galaxies
Jr. Mohr, R. A. Dupke, R. E. White III (U. Alabama)
3.07 New Limits on the Magnetic Field in Galaxy Clusters
M. Henriksen (U. North Dakota)

Session 4. The Sun

Display, Monday, 9:20am-6:30pm, South Main Hall

4.01 A Re-evaluation of the Abundance of Lutetium in the Sun
D. J. Bord (UMich-Dbn), C. R. Cowley (UMich), D. Mirijanian (UMich-Dbn)
4.02 Results from the MDI Instrument
J. Schou (Stanford U.)
4.03 Gamma Ray Observations of the June 1991 Solar Flares
D. Bertsch, R. Hartman, S. Hunter, D. Thompson (NASA/GSFC), B. Dingus (Utah), J. Esposito, P. Sreekumar (USRA/GSFC), R. Mukherjee (USRA/McGill), C. von Montigny (Heidelberg), Y. Lin, P. Michelson, P. Nolan (Stanford), G. Kanbach, H. Mayerhasselwander (MPE), D. Kniffen (Hampden-Sydney), E. Schneid (Northrop Grumman)
4.04 Airglow Intensities and the Solar Cycle
R. H. Garstang (JILA, Univ. Colo. and NIST)

Session 5. Solar System Objects

Display, Monday, 9:20am-6:30pm, South Main Hall

5.01 Distribution of the Resonant Particles in the Zodiacal Cloud: a New Approach
N. Gor'kavyi (Crimean Obs.), L. Ozernoy (CSI/GMU and GSFC/NASA), J. Mather (GSFC/NASA), T. Taidakova (Crimean Obs.)
5.02 Comet Hale-Bopp, Fiber Optically Multiplexed, Medium Resolution Imaging Spectroscopy
C. M. Anderson, F. Scherb, F. L. Roesler (U Wisc., Madison)
5.03 Numerical Simulations of Structure in Saturn's Rings due to Ballistic Transport
H. M. Pickett, R. H. Durisen, R. Tripoli (Indiana U.)
5.04 Visible and Near Infrared Photometry of the Centaur Objects 1995 GO and 5145 Pholus
D. A. Weintraub (Vanderbilt U.), S. C. Tegler (N. Arizona U.), W. Romanishin (U. Oklahoma)
5.05 New Features in the 8 - 13 \micron Spectrum of Comet Hale-Bopp (C/1995 O1) and What They Mean.
D. K. Lynch, R. W. Russell, A. L. Mazuk, G. S. Rossano (The Aerospace Corporation), M. L. Sitko (U. of Cinc), M. S. Hanner (JPL)
5.06 Wide Field Spectroscopic Observations of Comet Hale-Bopp
J. Kielkopf, P. Graham (U. Louisville)
5.07 Accretion of the Moon from an Impact-Generated Disk
R. Canup (U. Colorado), S. Ida (Tokyo Inst. of Tech.), G. Stewart (U. Colorado)

Session 6. The ISM & Molecular Clouds

Display, Monday, 9:20am-6:30pm, South Main Hall

6.01 The Galactic Magnetic Field: More OH Maser Zeeman Results
A. L. Argon, M. J. Reid (CfA), K. M. Menten (MPIfR)
6.02 IMAPS High Resolution Observations of the Local Interstellar Medium
B. Y. Welsh (Eureka Scientific), R. Lallement (Service d'Aeronomie du CNRS, France), J. Vallerga (Eureka Scientific)
6.03 Laboratory Study of Molecular Hydrogen Formation on Silicates under Astrophysically Relevant Conditions
G. Vidali, C. Liu, L. Shen (Syracuse University), V. Pirronello (Universita' di Catania, Sicily, Italy)
6.04 Mapping Small Scale Galactic Neutral Hydrogen with the Very Long Baseline Array
M. Faison, W. M. Goss, P. J. Diamond (NRAO-Socorro)
6.05 The Abundance of Interstellar Cadmium
U. J. Sofia, K. A. Matthews (Villanova Univ.), D. M. Meyer (Northwestern Univ.)
6.06 The Effects of Thermal Heating Via the Dissipation Of Turbulence on the WIM/DIG
A. Minter, D. S. Balser (NRAO)
6.07 Observations of HI Associated with the W4 Supershell
J. H. Simonetti, G. A. Topasna, B. Dennison (Virginia Tech), E. M. Murphy (Johns Hopkins), F. J. Lockman (NRAO)
6.08 A Polarization Map in H\alpha of the North America Nebula
G. A. Topasna, J. H. Simonetti, B. Dennison (Virginia Tech)
6.09 A C^17O Survey toward Ultracompact HII Regions
P. Hofner (Arecibo Obs.), F. Wyrowski (Univ. of Cologne), C. M. Walmsley (Arcetri Obs.), E. Churchwell (Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison)
6.10 UVISI Observations of Orion Dust
A. R. Dring, J. Murthy, M. M. Allen, J. Daniels, R. E. Newcomer, R. C. Henry (JHU), L. Paxton (JHUAPL), E. Tedesco (Mission Research Corporation), S. D. Price (Phillips Laboratory)
6.11 Detection of Magnetic Fields in M17 through the HI Zeeman Effect.
C. L. Brogan, T. H. Troland (University of Kentucky), D. A. Roberts, R. M. Crutcher (University of Illinois)
6.12 Tracing the Mass of Dense Gas in Giant Molecular Clouds
T. A. D. Paglione, O. Yam (INAOE), M. H. Heyer (FCRAO), J. M. Jackson (Boston U.)
6.13 Line Profiles and Widths arising from MHD wave propagation in molecular clouds
J. Jijina (Harvard-Smithsonian CfA; U. Michigan), F. C. Adams (U. Michigan), P. C. Myers (Harvard-Smithsonian CfA)

Session 7. Planetary & Other Nebulae

Display, Monday, 9:20am-6:30pm, South Main Hall

7.01 HST Observations Of The Wind-Blown Nebula NGC 6888
B. D. Moore, J. J. Hester, P. A. Scowen (Arizona State U.)
7.02 Initial Model of an Observed [O III] Fabry-Perot Data Cube of the R Aquarii Jet and Ovoid Nebulosity
J. M. Hollis (NASA/GSFC), S. N. Vogel (UMd), D. Van Buren (IPAC), J. P. Strong, R. G. Lyon, J. E. Dorband (NASA/GSFC)
7.03 Recent High-Resolution Radio Observations of R Aqr
J. A. Pedelty, J. M. Hollis (NASA/GSFC), C. M. Bradshaw, B. N. Geldzahler, M. Kafatos (GMU/CSI), E. B. Fomalont (NRAO)
7.04 Multi-band WFPC2 Imaging of Eta Carinae
J. Morse (CASA), K. Davidson (U. Minnesota), D. Ebbets (Ball Aero.)
7.05 Collimation of Astrophysical Jets: the Proto-Planetary Nebula He 3-1475
K. J. Borkowski, J. M. Blondin (NCSU), J. P. Harrington (UMD)
7.06 Near-IR Imaging of the Young Planetary Nebula M1-91
A. J. DiMeo (UNC-Charlotte), S. R. Trammell (UNC-Charlotte)
7.07 High Spectral and Spatial Resolution Near-IR Spectroscopy of M1-92
S. R. Trammell (UNC-Charlotte), R. W. Goodrich (Keck Obs.)
7.08 Instability of Isothermal Stellar Wind Bowshocks
J. Koerwer (Enloe High School), J. M. Blondin (NCSU)
7.09 Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in NGC 1333
G. C. Sloan, J. D. Bregman, L. J. Allamandola (NASA Ames), T. L. Hayward, B. DeVito (Cornell), T. R. Geballe (Joint Astronomy Centre), C. E. Woodward (Wyoming)

Session 8. Teaching Projects

Display, Monday, 9:20am-6:30pm, South Main Hall

8.01 VH1 Hydrodynamics for Introductory Astronomy
W. Christian (Davidson College), J. Blondin (NC State Univ.)
8.02 Tools to Assess the Impact of Teacher Enhancement Programs
S. A. Heatherly, R. J. Maddalena (NRAO), A. Govett, D. Hemler (WVU)
8.03 Non-traditional Writing Assignments in the Introductory Astronomy Course
T. English (Gardner-Webb U.)
8.04 Astronomy in the College Curriculum for Preservice Elementary Teachers
L. M. French, A. MacCormack, J. Winokur (Wheelock College)

Session 9. Instruments, Techniques

Display, Monday, 9:20am-6:30pm, South Main Hall

9.01 Photometric Imaging of the Moon from Flagstaff: A Progress Report
J. M. Anderson (NAU/USGS)
9.02 An F/15 Tip-tilt Secondary for the Blanco 4-m at Cerro-Tololo
R. Elston (U. Florida), R. Probst, G. Perez, G. Schumacher, R. Schmidt, G. Puczulp, E. Mondaca (CTIO)
9.03 The Development of a Low Resolution Grating Spectrophotometer
M. Bales, M. W. Castelaz, D. G. Luttermoser (East Tenn. St. U.)
9.04 A Speckle Interferometer System for Double Star Observations
C. True, D. Caton, B. Walls (Appalachian State U.)
9.05 A Comparison of Radio and Optical Astrometric Reduction Algorithms
G. H. Kaplan (USNO)
9.06 A Visible Light Imager for the CHARA Array
N. H. Turner, T. Brummelaar (Georgia State U./CHARA)
9.07 IMPP, The Far-infrared IMaging Photometer and Polarimeter for SOFIA: Cryo/Mech Design
J. Jackson, L. Deutsch, D. Clemens (Boston U.)
9.08 Science Team Observing Program for the Far Ultraviolet Spectroscopic Explorer (FUSE) Satellite
S. D. Friedman, W. Moos, K. Sembach, G. Kriss, E. Murphy, W. Oegerle, F. Science, I. D. Teams (JHU)
9.09 The Galaxy Evolution Explorer
L. Bianchi, A. Szalay (JHU), C. Martin, P. Friedman, B. Madore (Caltech), B. Milliard, R. Malina (Lab. Astronomie Spatiale)
9.10 Ultraviolet Interstellar Linear Polarization. IV. Cross-Calibration Between the Wisconsin Ultraviolet Photo-Polarimeter Experiment and the Faint Object Spectrograph
M. J. Wolff (SSI), G. C. Clayton (LSU), R. G. Allen (Steward Obs.), B. L. Babler, M. R. Meade, K. H. Nordsieck, C. M. Anderson (SAL/U. Wisconsin), P. G. Martin (CITA/U. Toronto), D. C. B. Whittet (RPI)
9.11 The X-ray Polarimeter Experiment (XPE)
R. F. Elsner, B. D. Ramsey, S. L. O'Dell, M. Sulkanen, A. F. Tennant, M. C. Weisskopf (NASA/MSFC), S. Gunji (NRC/MSFC), T. Minamitani, R. A. Austin, J. Kolodziejczak, D. Swartz (USRA), G. Garmire, P. Meszaros, G. G. Pavlov (PSU)
9.12 AXAF HRMA Mirror Ring Focus Measurements
P. Zhao (SAO), L. M. Cohen (HCO), L. P. VanSpeybroeck (SAO)

Session 10. Studies of Black Holes

Display, Monday, 9:20am-6:30pm, South Main Hall

10.01 The Distribution of Black Hole Masses in X-ray Transients
C. D. Bailyn, R. K. Jain, P. Coppi (Yale U.), J. A. Orosz (PSU)
10.02 Magnetohydrodynamics of Schwarzschild Plasmas near the Horizon
W. Chou, T. Tajima (U. Texas)
10.03 Position-Sensitive CZT Detectors for High Energy X-Ray Astronomy
M. Pelling, J. Matteson, W. Coburn (UCSD), P. Hink, C. Crabtree (Washington U.)
10.04 The Nuclear Rotation of M31
I. R. King (UCBerkeley), T. S. Statler (OhioU), P. Crane (ESO), R. Jedrzejewski (STScI)
10.05 Focusing X-ray Optics for 40-100 keV
A. S. Krieger, D. Parsignault (Radiation Science, Inc.), M. P. Ulmer, R. A. Altkorn (Northwestern U..)
10.06 The MeV \gamma-Ray Spectrum of Cygnus X-1
M. McConnell, J. Ryan (UNH), W. Collmar, V. Schönfelder, H. Steinle, A. Strong (MPE), H. Bloemen, W. Hermsen, L. Kuiper (SRON-Utrecht), K. Bennett, R. van Dijk, R. Much (SSD-ESA)

Session 11. Instrumentation & Techniques

Oral, Monday, 10:00-11:30am, North Main Hall A

11.01 The Next Generation Space Telescope
J. Mather (NASA/GSFC)
11.02 An Adaptive Optics Coronagraph at Mount Wilson
C. Ftaclas (Michigan Technological U.), C. Shelton (Steward Obs.)
11.03 Variability of Yellow Supergiants
R. S. Patterson (SW Missouri St. U.)
11.04D Application of the TDI Method in Observations of Lunar Occultations
L. Sturmann (Vanderbilt U.)
11.05 Modified Surface Brightness Fluctuation Technique for Determining Relative Distances between Elliptical Galaxies
E. L. Gates, J. T. McGraw (UNM)

Session 12. Degenerate Stars & Supernovae

Oral, Monday, 10:00-11:30am, North Main Hall C/D

12.01 General Relativity and X-Ray Oscillations from Neutron Stars
P. Kaaret (Columbia Univ.)
12.02 Pulsar Phase Lag During and Following X-ray Bursts from the Bursting Pulsar
M. J. Stark (U. Maryland/GSFC), A. Baykal (METU, Ankara, Turkey), T. E. Strohmayer (USRA/GSFC), J. H. Swank (NASA/GSFC)
12.03 Implications of kHz QPOs: constraints on the equation of state of dense matter
W. Klu\'zniak (UW-Madison)
12.04 Her X-1: correlated variability of the 1.24 sec and 35 day periods
R. Staubert (IAAT-Astronmie, Univ. Tuebingen)
12.05 Plasma Turbulence and Radio Emission from Supernova 1993J
W. K. Rose (Univ. of Maryland)
12.06 Evidence of X-ray Synchrotron Emission from Electrons Accelerated to 10^13 eV in the Cassiopeia A Supernova Remnant
G. E. Allen, E. V. Gotthelf, K. Jahoda, J. Keohane, R. Petre (NASA/GSFC), R. E. Lingenfelter, R. E. Rothschild (UCSD)
12.07 SNR Evolution Through a Realistic Circumstellar Medium
V. Rekovic (Guilford College), J. Blondin, S. Reynolds (NCSU)

Session 13. Galaxies & Globular Clusters

Oral, Monday, 10:00-11:30am, North Main Hall F/G

13.01 RXTE Measurement of the Galactic Ridge Diffuse X-ray Emission
A. Valinia (NASA/GSFC and NRC), F. E. Marshall (NASA/GSFC)
13.02 The Annihilation Fountain in the Galactic Center Region
C. D. Dermer (NRL), J. G. Skibo (NRL)
13.03D Edge-on Disk Galaxies in the Near-Infrared - Looking through the Dust
R. de Grijs (Kapteyn Institute, Groningen)
13.04 A Universal Formation Mechanism for Open and Globular Clusters in Turbulent Gas
B. G. Elmegreen (IBM Watson), Y. Efremov (Sternberg Obs., Moscow)
13.05 Globular Cluster Formation From Giant Molecular Clouds in Colliding Galaxies
L. Ozernoy (GMU and GSFC/NASA)
13.06 Crowded-Field Statistical Analysis of Blue Straggler Stars in M3
J. P. Fulbright, M. Bolte (UC-Santa Cruz)
13.07 The Onset of Chaos in Triaxial Stellar Systems
M. Valluri, D. Merritt (Rutgers U.)

Session 14. Education & Abstract Services

Oral, Monday, 10:00-11:30am, North Main Hall B

14.01 New Educational Resources in Astronomy and Planetary Science
C. E. Walker (Steward Obs., U. Arizona), S. M. Pompea (Pompea and Associates), C. K. Walker (Steward Obs., U. Arizona), L. Lebofsky (LPL, U.Arizona), M. R. Collins (Steward Obs., U. Arizona)
14.02 Moving Towards an Exemplary Professional Development Program for Teachers
M. K. Hemenway, J. P. Barufaldi (U. Texas)
14.03 New Features of the ADS Abstract Service
G. Eichhorn, A. Accomazzi, M. J. Kurtz, C. S. Grant, S. S. Murray (SAO)

Session 15. Russell Prize Lecture

Oral, Monday, 11:40am-12:30pm, North Main Hall A

15.01 Formation of Stars and Planets
A. G. W. Cameron (Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics)

Session 16. Studies of Black Holes & Future Survey Missions

Oral, Monday, 2:00-3:30pm, North Main Hall A

16.01 Gamma Ray Spectral Classes of Galactic Black Holes
J. E. Grove, R. A. Kroeger, J. G. Skibo (NRL), K. McNaron-Brown (GMU)
16.02 Three-Dimensional Simulations of Relativistic Jets
K. -I. Nishikawa (LSU), S. Koide, J. -I. Sakai (Toyama Univ.), D. M. Christodoulou (LSU), H. Sol (Obs. de Paris-Meudon), R. L. Mutel (Univ. of Iowa)
16.03 HEXIS High Energy X-Ray All-Sky Survey/Monitor
J. Matteson, W. Coburn, W. Heindl, M. Pelling, L. Peterson, R. Rothschild (University of California, San Diego), P. Hink, C. Crabtree (Washington University)
16.04 An All-sky Low Energy Gamma-Ray Observatory (ALLEGRO)
M. P. Ulmer, S. M. Matz, W. R. Purcell (Northwestern Univ), G. N. Pendleton, R. B. Wilson (NASA/MSFC), J. M. Cordes (Cornell Univ.), J. P. Finley (Purdue Univ.), W. A. Wheaton (NASA/JPL)
16.05 A High Sensitivity Hard X-ray Imager Utilizing Nested, Replicated Mirrors
R. E. Rothschild, J. L. Matteson, M. R. Pelling (CASS/UCSD), M. P. Ulmer (NWU)
16.06 MAXI (Monitor of All-sky X-ray Image) for JEM on the Space Station
M. Matsuoka, N. Kawai, T. Kotani, T. Mihara, B. Rubin, H. Shimizu, A. Yoshida (Inst. of Phys. and Chem. Res. (RIKEN)), H. Tsunemi, K. Hayashida, S. Kitamoto, K. Yoshita (Osaka Univ.)

Session 17. ISM, Star Formation & Planets

Oral, Monday, 2:00-3:30pm, North Main Hall C/D

17.01 UV Spectra of CO and C I as Probes for the Many Environments of the Red Rectangle
R. J. Glinski (Tennessee Tech. U.), I. A. Nuth, J. T. Lauroesch (NASA/GSFC), M. D. Reese, M. L. Sitko (U. Cincinnati)
17.02D First Results from the WHAM Spectrometer: H\alpha Emission from HVCs and the First Detection of He I \lambda5876 from the WIM
S. L. Tufte (U. Wisconsin, Madison)
17.03D Observations of the Magnetic Field in the Neutral ISM
E. M. Murphy (U. Virginia and NRAO), F. J. Lockman (NRAO)
17.04 Near-Infrared Spectra of Flat-Spectrum Young Stellar Objects: Extremely Young Photospheres Revealed
T. P. Greene (UH IfA), C. J. Lada (SAO)
17.05 The Planet that Did Not Form Between Earth and Mars
D. M. Christodoulou (LSU)

Session 18. Outcome of the Examination of Graduate Education in Astronomy

Oral, Monday, 2:00-3:30pm, North Main Hall F/G

Session 19. Old Stellar Populations in the Milky Way

Invited, Monday, 3:40-5:10pm, North Main Hall A

19.01 The Kinematics and Chemistry of Field Stellar Populations
B. W. Carney (Univ. of North Carolina)
19.02 Recent Results from HST Studies of Globular Clusters
A. M. Cool (SFSU)