Session List


Session 20. All Sky Imaging Surveys of Black Hole Candidates and AGN - I

Oral, Tuesday, 8:30am-12:30pm, North Main Hall A

20.01 Hard X-ray Imaging Survey Science Objectives
T. A. Prince (Caltech)
20.02 Comparison of the galactic distributions of LMXBs with black holes and with neutron stars
J. van Paradijs (U. Amsterdam/U. Alabama, Huntsville)
20.03 Temporal Signatures of Black Holes in X-ray Novae
J. C. Wheeler (U. Texas)
20.04 Spectral Signatures of Black Holes in X-Ray Binaries
E. Liang (Rice U.)
20.05 OSSE Results on AGN Spectra and Variability
N. Johnson (NRL)
20.06 Annihilation lines and cutoffs in XRBs and AGN
A. A. Zdziarski (Copernicus Ctr., Warsaw)
20.07 Heavily Obscured AGN and the X-ray Background
A. S. Wilson (U. Maryland, STScI)

Session 21. Amateurs & Professionals: Collaborators in the New Age of Electronic Astronomy - I

Oral, Tuesday, 8:30am-12:30pm, North Main Hall C/D

21.01 Current AAVSO Frontiers
E. O. Waagen, J. A. Mattei (American Association of Variable Star Observers)
21.02 The CCD Program of the American Association of Variable Star Observers
G. Walker (American Association of Variable Star Observers)
21.03 Introducing the Benson Prize for Discovery Methods of Near Earth Objects by Amateurs
J. W. Benson (Space Development Corp.)
21.04 The Pro-Am Experience: 65 Years an Amateur, 45 Years a Professional
W. Liller (Inst. I. Newton)
21.05 Early Detection of Nearby Supernova with both Neutrinos and Eyeballs
A. T. Habig (Boston Univ. Particle Astrophysics Group)
21.06 Taking the Observatory to the Astronomer
T. M. Bisque (Software Bisque)
21.07 The Time is Ripe!
R. Fried (Braeside Obs.)
21.08 Amateur Astronomers and the Hubble Space Telescope
M. Mutchler (STScI)
21.09 Recycling Hardware for New Programs
T. Puckett (Puckett Obs.)
21.10 Research Experiences for 14 Year Olds: preliminary report on the `Sky Explorer' pilot program at Springfield (MA) High School of Science and Technology
G. E. Tucker (Boston Engineering Services)
21.11 High Precision CCD Measurements of Double Star Parameters
G. A. Elliott (Holland Center), D. D. Meisel (SUNY-Geneseo)

Session 22. Binary Stars: New Generation Modeling Developments & Results

Oral, Tuesday, 8:30am-12:30pm, North Main Hall F/G

22.01 Enlightening Light Curves or Modeling for the Masses: Opening Remarks
E. F. Milone (RAO, The University of Calgary)
22.02 Extending the Applications of Binary Star Models
R. E. Wilson (U. Florida)
22.03 A New Damped Least Squares Version of a Wilson-Devinney-Based Program for Binary Star Analysis
J. Kallrath (BASF-AG), E. F. Milone (RAO), D. Terrell (U. Florida, Gainesville), A. T. Young (SDSU)
22.04 Tools for the Analysis of Binary Star Data Using Desktop Workstations
D. Terrell (U. Florida)
22.05 Radial Velocities Weighted with Line Strength
W. Van Hamme (Florida International U.), R. E. Wilson (U. Florida)
22.06 Radiation Pressure Effects on Binary Star Geometry -- with Application to Modeling Binary Stars with Hot Components
H. Drechsel (Remeis Obs. Bamberg)
22.07 Combined Spectrum Synthesis and Light Synthesis Analysis of Eclipsing Binary Stars
A. P. Linnell (MSU)
22.08 Simultaneous Fitting of Orbital Elements and Doppler Imaging of Spots Using Photometric and Spectroscopic Data
S. W. Mochnacki, P. D. Hendry (DDO)

Session 23. Degenerate Stars, Pulsars

Display, Tuesday, 10:00am-6:30pm, South Main Hall

23.01 A Statistical Model for the Orthogonal Modes of Polarization in Pulsar Radio Emission
M. M. McKinnon (NRAO), D. R. Stinebring (Oberlin College)
23.02 A Search for the Optical Counterpart of the Luminous X-ray Source in NGC 6652
E. W. Deutsch, B. Margon, S. F. Anderson (U. Washington)
23.03 The Active State of Circinus X-1
R. Shirey, H. Bradt, A. Levine, E. Morgan (MIT, Center for Space Research and Dept . of Physics)
23.04 Characteristics of X-ray Bursts from GRO J1744-28
D. W. Fox, J. M. Kommers, W. H. G. Lewin (MIT and CSR), R. E. Rutledge (MPE), J. van Paradijs (UA Huntsville and Univ. of Amsterdam), C. Kouveliotou (USRA, Huntsville)
23.05 Gravitational Redshifts and Radial Velocities of White Dwarf Stars in Wide Binary Systems
N. M. Silvestri, T. D. Oswalt, M. A. Wood (Florida Inst.of Tech.), N. Reid (Cal Tech.)

Session 24. Star Formation in the Galaxy & the LMC

Display, Tuesday, 10:00am-6:30pm, South Main Hall

24.01 M4: The Milky Way Magnetic Field Mapping Mission
D. Clemens (Boston U.), T. J. Jones (U.Minn), A. Goodman, P. Myers, G. Field (Harvard-Smithsonian CfA), G. Rieke, E. Young (U.Arizona), C. McKee, C. Heiles (U.C.Berkeley), B. Draine (Princeton), R. Hildebrand (U.Chicago), E. Zweibel (U.Colo), S. Lord (IPAC), B. Ellis (Ball Aerospace)
24.02 Mission Plan Simulator Tool for the M4 SMEX Mission: Movies
J. T. Wright, P. J. Ilardi, D. Clemens (Boston U.)
24.03 A Detailed Look at the Kinematics of the Ursa Major Stellar Kinematic Group
S. J. Adelman (The Citadel), D. Soderbloom (STScI), M. Mayor (Observatoire de Geneve)
24.04 UVISI Observations of the Pleiades
M. M. Allen, J. Murthy, J. Daniels, A. R. Dring, R. E. Newcomer, R. C. Henry (JHU), L. Paxton (JHUAPL), E. Tedesco (Mission Research Corporation), S. D. Price (Phillips Laboratory)
24.05 The Star Formation History of Tr 14 and Tr 16
K. DeGioia-Eastwood, H. Throop, G. Walker (NAU), K. Cudworth (U. Chicago)
24.06 UVISI Observations of the Large Magellanic Cloud
J. Daniels, J. Murthy, M. M. Allen, A. R. Dring, R. E. Newcomer, R. C. Henry (JHU), L. Paxton (JHUAPL), E. Tedesco (Mission Research Corporation), S. D. Price (Phillips Laboratory)
24.07 The Star Formation History of the LMC from Field Stars
K. Olsen, P. Hodge, A. Dolphin (U. Wash.), N. Suntzeff, A. Walker (CTIO)
24.08 Rotational Velocities and Radii of Low-Mass Pre-Main Sequence Stars in the Orion Nebula Cluster
K. L. Rhode (Wesleyan U.), R. D. Mathieu (U. Wisconsin), W. Herbst (Wesleyan U.)
24.09 A Reexamination of Galactic OB Associations
C. D. Garmany (U.Colorado)
24.10 The Propagation of Radiative MHD Jets
A. Frank (U of Rochester), D. Ryu (U of Washingston), T. Jones (U of Minnesota), A. Noriega-Crespo (IPAC)

Session 25. Stars in the Ultraviolet

Display, Tuesday, 10:00am-6:30pm, South Main Hall

25.01 Introduction to the GHRS Ultraviolet Spectral Atlas of 10 Lacertae
J. C. Brandt (U. Colorado), S. R. Heap (NASA-GSFC), D. C. Ebbets (Ball Aerospace), M. Snow (U. Colorado), GHRS Team
25.02 Study of massive stars in NGC6822 with HST imaging and spectroscopy.
S. Scuderi (Astronomical Obs. of Catania, Italy), L. Bianchi (Center for Astrophysical Sciences,JHU)
25.03 High-Dispersion UV Spectroscopy of Mira Variables with HST/GHRS
D. G. Luttermoser, S. Mahar (East Tenn. St. U.)
25.04 Weighing Blue Stragglers in Globular Cluster Cores
R. A. Saffer (Villanova U.), M. M. Shara, M. Livio (STScI)
25.05 The Properties and Evolution of Very Massive Stars
S. R. Heap (NASA/GSFC), A. de Koter (ACC/GSFC), I. Hubeny (NOAO/GSFC), E. Malumuth (STX/GSFC)
25.06 Far-Ultraviolet Observations of the UV-Bright Star Barnard 29 in M13 with the Berkeley Spectrograph on the ORFEUS-II Mission
W. V. Dixon, M. Hurwitz (SSLandCEA/UCB)
25.07 Investigation of the Extreme Ultraviolet Line Emission from the Wind of \epsilon CMa (B2 II)
J. J. MacFarlane, D. H. Cohen, J. P. Cassinelli (Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison)
25.08 Ultraviolet Light Curves, Velocities, and Abundances for the V356 Sagittarii System
S. Roby (S.U.N.Y. Oswego), R. Polidan (NASA/GSFC), D. Armstrong, S. Chruszcz, K. Fraser, J. Hassett, K. E. Mauser (S.U.N.Y. Oswego)
25.09 Multiwavelength Coronal Studies of the RS CVn Binaries \sigma^2 CrB and HR1099
A. Brown, R. A. Osten, T. R. Ayres (CASA, Univ. Colorado), S. A. Drake (HEASARC-GSFC)
25.10 The Abundances of the Iron Group Elements in \iota Herculis
J. A. Grigsby (Wittenberg Univ.), G. J. Peters (USC)
25.11 ORFEUS Far Ultraviolet Observations of Cool Stars
A. K. Dupree, N. S. Brickhouse (Harvard-Smithsonian CfA), M. Hurwitz (Space Sciences Lab., UC Berkeley)
25.12 UV Classification System for the SMC
M. M. S. Neubig, F. C. Bruhweiler (Catholic U.)
25.13 Simultaneous ASCA and EUVE Observations of Capella
N. S. Brickhouse, A. K. Dupree, R. J. Edgar (SAO), S. A. Drake, N. E. White (NASA/GSFC), D. A. Liedahl (LLNL), K. P. Singh (TATA/Bombay)
25.14 Using Temporal Variations of the Nonthermal Redshifted Ly-Alpha Emission to Deduce Properties of Proton Beams Injected into a Stellar Atmosphere
J. W. Brosius (Hughes STX/NASA GSFC), B. E. Woodgate (NASA GSFC)
25.15 Loop Modelling of the RS CVn Stars V711 Tau, AR Lac and II Peg
N. W. Griffiths (Univ. of California, Berkeley), C. Jordan (Univ. of Oxford)

Session 26. Stars in the Visible & IR

Display, Tuesday, 10:00am-6:30pm, South Main Hall

26.01 Three Years of Starspots on RT AND: 1995 to 1997
P. A. Heckert, K. Phillips, M. R. Beaver (Western Carolina U.)
26.02 Visual, Near-IR, and TiO Spectrophotometry of Pulsating Giant and Supergiant M-Type Variable Stars
R. P. Wasatonic, E. F. Guinan (Villanova University)
26.03 Stars Below the Horizontal Branch in M 92. II.
A. G. D. Philip (ISO and Union College)
26.04 Six Years of APT Observations of the Prototypical Star, 53 Persei
L. Mills, R. Dukes (College of Charleston)
26.05 Near-Infrared and Visual Photometry of the Mira Variables V Tau and X Aur
G. D. Henson (East Tennessee St. Univ.)
26.06 Massive Automated Variability Search With OGLE-2
B. Paczy\'nski (Princeton Univ. Obs.), A. Udalski, M. Kubiak, M. Szyma\'nski, A. Olech, G. Pietrzy\'nski (Warsaw Univ. Obs.)
26.07 APT Observations of the Former Beta Cephei Star Spica
J. Jordan, R. Dukes, L. Mills (College of Charleston)
26.08 Eclipsing Binaries as Astrophysical Laboratories: CM Draconis - Accurate Absolute Physical Properties of Low Mass Stars and an Independent Estimate of the Primordial Helium Abundance
G. P. McCook, E. F. Guinan (Villanova Univ.), D. Saumon (Vanderbilt Univ.), Y. W. Kang (Sejong Univ.)
26.09 Eclipsing Binaries as Astrophysical Laboratories: Evidence of a Jupiter-size Planet Orbiting the Short Period Eclipsing Binary CM Draconis
E. F. Guinan, G. P. McCook, S. R. Wright (Villanova U.), D. H. Bradstreet (Eastern Coll.)
26.10 Evidence for an Abrupt Change in the Period of the CP Star CU Virginis
D. P. Smith (UNLV), T. Ryabchikova (INASAN), V. Malanushenko (CRAO)
26.11 Parallaxes and Proper Motions of Prototypes of Astrophysically Interesting Classes of Stars
V. L. Trimble (UC Irvine, U. Maryland), G. H. Herbig (IfA, U. Hawaii)
26.12 Calibration of Post-AGB A and F Supergiants as Standard Candles
L. K. Fullton, H. E. Bond, A. Saha (STScI), R. A. Saffer (Villanova Univ.)
26.13 Computing Gravity Modes for Rotating Stellar Models: A Progress Report
M. J. Clement (U.Toronto)

Session 27. Variable Stars, Novae, & Supernovae

Display, Tuesday, 10:00am-6:30pm, South Main Hall

27.01 EUVE Spectra of the Accretion Areas in Magnetic CVs
P. Szkody (U. Washington), S. Vennes (CEA, Berkeley), K. Long (STScI), E. M. Sion (Villanova)
27.02 A Light Curve Analysis of the Cataclysmic Variable AR Cancri
H. J. Leckenby, J. B. Rafert (Michigan Technological U.)
27.03 New Insight into the Spatial Distribution of Novae in M31
K. Hatano, D. Branch, A. Fisher (U.Oklahoma), S. Starrfield (Arizona.S.U.)
27.04 Evidence of a Thermonuclear Runaway and Proton Capture Material on a White Dwarf in a Dwarf Nova
E. M. Sion, F. H. Cheng (Villanova U.), W. M. Sparks (Los Alamos Nat. Lab.), P. Szkody (U. Washington), M. Huang (Villanova U.), I. Hubeny (NASA/GSFC)
27.05 Multi-dimensional multi-group radiation-hydrodynamic models of convection in core collapse supernovae
F. D. Swesty (UIUC)
27.06 HST/WPFC2 Images of the Ultra-Luminous Supernova Remnant in NGC 6946
W. P. Blair (JHU/CAS), R. A. Fesen (Dartmouth), E. M. Schlegel (CFA)
27.07 Hydrodynamical Simulation of an Elliptical Shell Surrounding the Progenitor of SNR Cassiopeia A
S. Starin (NCSU)
27.08 The Dependence of Convection on Numerical Resolution in Core Collapse Supernovae
J. Knerr (UNC Greensboro), J. M. Blondin (NCSU), A. Mezzacappa (U.Tennessee/ORNL), S. W. Bruenn (FAU)
27.09 Transition to the Radiative Phase in Supernovae Remnants
E. B. Wright, J. M. Blondin, K. J. Borkowski, S. P. Reynolds (Dept. of Physics, NCSU)
27.10 Photometry of SN 1994ae
A. C. Heinlein, W. Herbst (Wesleyan U.)
27.11 Quasi-steady Disks, Magnetically Cataclysmic Disks and Jet Forming Disks
R. Matsumoto, T. Matsuzaki (Chiba U.), T. Tajima (U.Texas), K. Shibata (NAOJ)

Session 28. Double Stars

Display, Tuesday, 10:00am-6:30pm, South Main Hall

28.01 Short Time-Scale Emission Line Variations in Mira B
H. L. Chamber II, T. J. Moffett (Purdue U.), T. G. Barnes III (McDonald Obs.)
28.02 Adaptive Optics Studies of Binary Stars
L. C. Roberts Jr, T. Brummelaar, W. I. Hartkopf, B. D. Mason, H. A. McAlister, N. H. Turner (CHARA/Georgia State Univ.)
28.03 CCD Photometry of Apsidal Motion Eclipsing Binaries
D. Caton, S. Templeton (Appalachian State U.)
28.04 Spectral Decomposition of Binary Spectra
D. E. Lynch (GST/U. Maryland), R. S. Polidan (GSFC)
28.05 The Algol Binary System XX Cephei
R. J. Angione (SDSU and Mount Laguna Obs.), J. R. Sievers (Mesa College and Mount Laguna Obs.)

Session 29. High Resolution X-ray Imaging & Spectroscopy with AXAF

Display, Tuesday, 10:00am-6:30pm, South Main Hall

29.01 Predictions of the On-Orbit Performance of AXAF's Optics
D. Jerius, P. Zhao, L. VanSpeybroeck (SAO), A. Tennant, D. Swartz (NASA/MSFC), D. A. Schwartz, W. A. Podgorski, B. Harris, D. E. Graessle, T. J. Gaetz, M. D. Freeman (SAO), R. Elsner (NASA/MSFC), R. J. Edgar, L. M. Cohen (SAO)
29.02 Absolute Calibration of the AXAF Telescope Effective Area
E. Kellogg, D. Schwartz, L. P. VanSpeybroeck, B. Wargelin, I. Evans, W. C. McDermott, S. S. Murray, M. V. Zombeck, T. Gaetz, D. Jerius, R. Edgar, W. Podgorski, L. Cohen, M. Freeman (SAO), M. Weisskopf, S. O'Dell, B. Ramsey, R. Elsner (NASA/MSFC), J. Kolodziejczak (USRA), G. Garmire, J. Nousek (PSU), S. Kraft, F. Scholze, R. Thornagel, G. Ulm (Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt), K. Flanagan, D. Dewey, M. Bautz (MIT), J. Arenberg, R. Carlson (TRW)
29.03 The AXAF HPGe Solid State Detectors
W. C. McDermott, E. M. Kellogg, B. J. Wargelin, S. A. Vitek, E. Y. Tsiang, D. A. Schwartz, R. Edgar (SAO), S. Kraft, F. Scholze, R. Thornagel, G. Ulm (Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt), M. Weisskopf, S. O'Dell, A. Tennant (NASA/MSFC), J. Kolodziejczak (USRA)
29.04 AXAF Calibration: The HXDS Flow Proportional Counters
B. J. Wargelin, E. M. Kellogg, W. C. McDermott, I. N. Evans, S. A. Vitek (SAO)
29.05 Effects of Surface Contamination on AXAF Mirror Coating Witness Flat Reflectance
B. Harris, A. J. Burek, D. E. Graessle, B. Harris, D. A. Schwartz (SAO), R. L. Blake (Los Alamos National Lab), E. M. Gullikson (Lawrence Berkeley Lab)
29.06 Spectral Fitting in AXAF Calibration Detectors
R. J. Edgar, E. Y. Tsiang (SAO), A. Tennant, D. Swartz (NASA/MSFC), S. Vitek (SAO)
29.07 AXAF Synchrotron Witness Mirror Calibrations, 2-12 keV
J. J. Fitch, A. J. Burek, A. M. Clark, D. E. Graessle, B. Harris, D. A. Schwartz (SAO), R. L. Blake (Los Alamos National Lab)
29.08 Focus and Alignment of the AXAF Optics
T. J. Gaetz, L. M. Cohen, R. J. Edgar, M. D. Freeman, W. A. Podgorski, L. P. VanSpeybroeck, P. Zhao (SAO), C. Atkinson, G. Hull-Allen, G. Matthew, M. Waldman (Eastman Kodak Company)
29.09 Optical Constants from Synchrotron Reflectance Measurements of AXAF Witness Mirrors, 2-12 keV
D. E. Graessle, A. J. Burek, J. J. Fitch, B. Harris, D. A. Schwartz (SAO), R. L. Blake (Los Alamos National Lab)
29.10 The High Speed Imager AXAF Calibration Microchannel Plate Detector
I. N. Evans, E. M. Kellogg, W. C. McDermott, M. P. Ordway, J. M. Rosenberg, B. J. Wargelin (SAO)

Session 30. Amateurs & Professionals: Collaborators in the New Age of Electronic Astronomy

Display, Tuesday, 10:00am-6:30pm, South Main Hall

30.01 Amateur - Professional Cooperation - We Need Each Other!
D. F. Trombino (Davis Memorial Solar Obs.)
30.02 Cataclysmic Variables with the CBA
J. Patterson, J. Kemp, D. Skillman, D. Harvey, T. Vanmunster, L. Jensen, R. Fried, P. McGee, S. Walker, A. Retter (Center for Backyard Astrophysics (CBA))
30.03 Back To The Future: Hunting Astroids From The Backyard
D. di Cicco (Sky Publishing Corp.)
30.04 Example of a Fruitful Partnership: The Millennium Star Atlas
R. Sinnott (Sky Publishing Corp.)
30.05 Surveying the Southern Skies with a Wide-angle Lens
J. Gaustad (Swarthmore College), W. Rosing, G. Chen (Las Cumbres Obs.), P. McCullough (U. Illinois), D. Van Buren (IPAC)
30.06 Stardial -- an autonomous astronomical camera on the WWW
P. R. McCullough (UIUC), U. Thakkar (NCSA, Urbana-Champaign)
30.07 A Small Amateur Research Team Does Precision Science from the Heartland
R. P. Wilds (Heartland Astronomical Research Team (HART))
30.08 Backyard Research on Cataclysmic Variables and X-ray Binaries by a Consortium of Professional and Amateur Astronomers
T. Vanmunster (Center for Backyard Astrophysics Belgium)
30.09 A Backyard Astronomy Sample: Photometry of the DQ Her Star RX J0558.0+5353
D. R. Skillman (Center for Backyard Astrophysics, Maryland Station)
30.10 TASS - The Amateur Sky Survey
T. F. Droege, C. Albertson, G. Gombert, M. Gutzwiller, N. W. Molhant, H. Johnson, J. Skvarc, R. J. Wickersham (TASS (Amateurs)), M. W. Richmond (Princeton University), P. Rybski (U of WI, Whitewater), A. Henden (USRA/USNO), N. Beser, M. Pittinger, B. Kluga (JHU APL (Amateurs))
30.11 GNAT: A Global Network of Astronomical Telescopes
E. Craine, D. Crawford, R. Culver, R. Angione (GNAT, Inc.)
30.12 Amateurs Working with Professionals: The Myriad Ways
C. C. Petersen (Sky Publishing Corp.), W. Liller (Inst. I. Newton), J. C. Brandt, M. Snow (LASP, U. Colorado, Boulder)
30.13 CCD Photometry of Gliese 372
T. F. Ramseyer, C. Davis, C. Lasley, C. Leonard, A. Portoni (U. Central Arkansas)
30.14 Precision Time Measurements of Galilean Satellite Eclipses using Small Format CCD's
D. F. Collins (Warren Wilson College), A. Mallama (Hughes STX Corp.), P. Nelson, J. Park (Ellinbank Obs., Australia)

Session 31. Binary Stars: New Generation Modeling Developments

Display, Tuesday, 10:00am-6:30pm, South Main Hall

31.01 Spot Modeling of the Chromospherically Active Binary SV Cam
J. I. Ordway (San Diego St. U.), P. A. Heckert (Western Carolina U.)
31.02 The Modeling of the Halpha Spectral Feature of V471 Tau
T. Vaccaro (UF), A. Young (SDSU)
31.03 Photometric Investigation of the Total Eclipsing, Very Short Period, Active W UMa System, V743 Sagittarii
R. G. Samec, M. W. Looi (Bob Jones U.), B. Carrigan (Millikin U.)

Session 32. All Sky Imaging Surveys of Black Hole Candidates & AGN - II

Oral, Tuesday, 2:00-5:30pm, North Main Hall A

32.01 Investigations of Black Hole Binaries and AGN with the RXTE All Sky Monitor
R. A. Remillard, A. M. Levine (M.I.T.)
32.02 BeppoSAX Wide Field Camera hard X-ray survey, some first results
J. Heise, J. in 't Zand (SRON)
32.03 ABRIXAS, an Imaging Telescope for an X-Ray All-Sky Survey in the 0.5-10 keV band
R. Staubert (Univ. Tuebingen, IAAT - Astronomy)
32.04 INTEGRAL Galactic Plane Survey
P. Ubertini (IAS - CNR, Frascati, Italy), INTEGRAL Science Team
32.05 Optimization of Choices for Survey Mission Parameters and Possible Implementation
N. Gehrels (NASA/GSFC)
32.06 Hard X-ray Imaging Survey: EXIST Concept
J. E. Grindlay (CfA)

Session 33. Amateurs & Professionals: Collaborators in the New Age of Electronic Astronomy - II

Oral, Tuesday, 2:00-5:30pm, North Main Hall C/D

33.01 Wavelet and Fourier Analysis of Radiometeor Rate Data
D. D. Meisel (SUNY-Geneseo), J. Richardson (Poplar Springs Radiometeor Station), A. Mallama (Hughes STX Corp.)
33.02 An Amateur Radiometeor Network and its Scientific Results
J. E. Richardson (Poplar Springs Radio Meteor Station), D. D. Meisel (SUNY-Geneseo)
33.03 Planetary Imaging to the Max
D. C. Parker (Association of Lunar and Planetary Observers)
33.04 Automated Astrometric and Photometric TASS Data Reduction Techniques
G. Gombert (Miami Valley Astronomical Society)
33.05 First Results from The Amateur Sky Survey
M. Richmond (Princeton U.)
33.06 An Amateur/Professional Connection: The Center for Backyard Astrophysics
D. R. Skillman (Center for Backyard Astrophysics, Maryland Station)
33.07 Astronomical Research with the MicroObservatory Net
K. Brecher (Boston U.), P. Sadler, R. Gould, S. Leiker, P. Antonucci, F. Deutsch (CFA)
33.08 Long term Monitoring of Gravitational lenses
M. Serra-Ricart, A. Oscoz (Instituto de Astrofisica de Canarias)
33.09 Amateur-Professional Relations: What Now?
D. L. Crawford (IDA, Inc.)
33.10 Preserving the Future of Small Observatories
T. D. Oswalt (Fla. Tech.)

Session 34. High Resolution X-ray Imaging & Spectroscopy with AXAF

Oral, Tuesday, 2:00-5:30pm, North Main Hall F/G

34.01 The AXAF Mission: Status, Capabilities, Comparisons to other X-ray Facilities
H. Tananbaum (ASC)
34.02 AXAF's Ground Calibration
M. C. Weisskopf (Marshall Space Flight Center)
34.03 High Resolution Imaging with AXAF
L. P. Van Speybroeck (SAO)
34.04 AXAF CCD Imaging Spectrometer (ACIS)
G. P. Garmire (Penn State University)
34.05 High Resolution Spectroscopy from Stars to AGN
C. R. Canizares (ASC/MIT)
34.06 AXAF Science Center: Performance Predictions
L. P. David (ASC/CfA)
34.07 Proposing for AXAF Observations
E. M. Schlegel (Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory)
34.08 AXAF Science Center: User Support
B. J. Wilkes (ASC)