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Session 103 - Quasars & Blazars.
Display session, Saturday, January 10
Exhibit Hall,

[103.02] Detection of CO Emission at z = 2.64 from the Lensed Quasar MG0414+0534

R. Barvainis (MIT Haystack Obs), R. Antonucci (UCSB), D. Alloin (Saclay), S. Guilloteau (IRAM)

We have detected CO(3-2) line emission from the gravitationally lensed quasar MG 0414+0534 at redshift 2.64, using the IRAM Plateau de Bure Interferometer. The line is broad, with Delta VFWHM = 580 km/s. The velocity-integrated CO flux is comparable to, but somewhat smaller than, that of IRAS F10214+4724 and the Cloverleaf quasar (H1413+117), both of which are at similar redshifts. The lensed components A1+A2 and B were resolved, and separate spectra are presented for each. We also observed the unlensed radio quiet quasar PG 1634+706 at z=1.33, finding no significant CO emission.

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