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Session 104 - Radio Galaxies, Radio Observations of AGN Jets & Outflows.
Display session, Saturday, January 10
Exhibit Hall,

[104.01] VSOP Space VLBI observations of 1413+135 at C band

T. Minter, F. Ghigo (NRAO)

We present VSOP Space VLBI observations of radio source 1413+135 This source is one of 4 in sample of varible radio sources monitored by the Green Bank interferometer, and were proposed to be observed by VSOP. Over 160 sources are monitored daily by the Green Bank Interferometer, following the long term variations of these sources at S and X band. For a few sources, the percentage variation at X band is much greater than at S band. Most notable of these sources is 1413+135, which is 17 times more variable at X band than S band. 1413+135 is possibly a gravitational lens system, but as yet, there is no explanation for this remarkable variability.

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