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Session 104 - Radio Galaxies, Radio Observations of AGN Jets & Outflows.
Display session, Saturday, January 10
Exhibit Hall,

[104.06] A Radio Milli-Halo in the Nucleus of NGC 1275

C. S. Silver (NRAO, Columbia University), G. B. Taylor (NRAO), R. C. Vermeulen (Netherlands Foundation for Research in Astronomy)

We present high dynamic range VLBA observations of NGC\,1275 (3C\,84) at 1414 MHz, 612 MHz, and 330 MHz. With these observations, we have discovered a previously undetected counterjet component located \sim80 mas (20 h^-1 pc) to the north of the compact core. This counterjet component, like those closer in to the nucleus, appears to be free-free absorbed. We have also discovered the first radio halo around an Active Galactic Nucleus on small (< 1 kpc) scales. This milli-halo, centered around the nucleus, has an average diameter of \sim500 mas (120 h^-1 pc), and it is slightly elongated along the direction of the jet and counterjet. The milli-halo cannot be the result of scattering, and is most likely produced by synchrotron radiation from relativistic particles and magnetic fields that have diffused out from the parsec-scale jets over the lifetime of 3C\,84.

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