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Session 104 - Radio Galaxies, Radio Observations of AGN Jets & Outflows.
Display session, Saturday, January 10
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[104.07] The Radio Structure and Properties of a sample of Early-Type Seyfert Galaxies

N. M. Nagar, A. S. Wilson (U.Maryland), J. Mulchaey (Carnegie Observatories), J. Gallimore (MPI fur Extraterr. Physik)

We have observed all Seyferts from the catalogs of Hewit amp; Burbidge (1991), Huchra (1989), amp; Véron-Cetty and Véron (1991) with morphological types earlier than S0/a, recessional velocities less than 7,000 km s^-1, visual magnitudes less than 14.5, and declinations greater than --45\arcdeg with the VLA at 3.6 and 20 cm. The sample consists of 47 newly observed galaxies and 3 objects with radio data taken from the literature. This data forms part of a homogeneous high-resolution imaging database of early-type Seyferts; high resolution emission line ([OIII] and H\alpha+[NII]) and broad-band (green) imaging of this sample has been completed in a previous project (Mulchaey, Wilson, amp; Tsvetanov 1996).

The axes of the emission line gas and of the radio structure are correlated with no significant variation with Hubble type. There is no significant difference between the mean radio luminosity of Seyfert 1's and Seyfert 2's in the early-type sample. The radio luminosity of early-type Seyferts is similar to that of late-type Seyferts. Correlations between Seyfert type, radio structure and host galaxy P.A.'s, galaxy orientation and luminosity will be discussed in the poster.

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