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Session 105 - Galaxies: Counts & Kinematics.
Display session, Saturday, January 10
Exhibit Hall,

[105.08] Photometric Properties of Galaxies on Large Spatial Scales Centered on the Hubble Deep Field

J. E. Parker, R. M. Humphreys (U. Minnesota)

We have conducted a two-color survey of galaxies detected on the POSS-I fields covering a 96 square degree region centered on the Hubble Deep Field. We have investigated the photometric properties known to correlate with the Morphology-Density Relation as described by Odewahn and Aldering (1995). By constructing a galaxy surface density map, we can locate any large-scale regions of high or low density. The two-color survey map can also be used to study concentrations of early and late type galaxies.

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