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Session 106 - Clusters of Galaxies.
Display session, Saturday, January 10
Exhibit Hall,

[106.05] A Magnitude-Redshift Relation for Distant Clusters of Galaxies

M. Dorris (Vanderbilt U), B. R. McNamara, A. Vikhlinin (SAO)

We present photometry for X-ray selected clusters of galaxies at redshifts between z \approx 0.1 and z \approx 0.6. We construct a luminosity function to which the Schechter function is fit. This fit is used to search for a magnitude-redshift relation for m_L5, the magnitude at which the integral over the Schechter fit is equal to five, in clusters with spectroscopically determined redshifts. We show that with the use of standard calibration techniques, a relation exists which will allow redshifts to be determined photometrically to within \Delta z / z \sim 10%.

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