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Session 106 - Clusters of Galaxies.
Display session, Saturday, January 10
Exhibit Hall,

[106.11] WAT Radio Galaxies as Indicators of Galaxy Cluster Evolution

J. Pinkney (UNLV), J. O. Burns, M. J. Ledlow, P. L. Gomez (NMSU), J. M. Hill (SO)

We have amassed a database of galaxy positions and velocities in 14 clusters containing Wide-Angle Tailed radio galaxies (WATs). We present the results of numerous normality and substructure tests run on these data, and on a larger comparison sample. We wish to clarify any link between WATs and the dynamical state of their host clusters. That WATs may systematically occupy dynamically young clusters is suggested by the high degree of substructure seen in X-rays (Gomez et al. 1997), and also by the peculiar motions observed for the first-ranked galaxy in some of these clusters (e.g, Abell 2634, Pinkney et al, 1993). We will report whether a significantly larger fraction of the WAT clusters contain substructure than the comparison sample.

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