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Session 107 - The Galactic Center & Bulge.
Display session, Saturday, January 10
Exhibit Hall,

[107.05] Stellar iron abundances at the Galactic Center

S. V. Ram\'\irez, K. Sellgren (OSU), J. Carr (NRL), S. Balachandran (U. Maryland), R. D. Blum (CTIO), D. Terndrup (OSU)

We are measuring chemical abundances of cool, luminous, Galactic Center (GC) stars. Stellar abundances are determined from high-resolution (R=40,000) K-band spectra obtained on the IRTF using CSHELL. Other researchers have observed increasing metallicities in HII regions with decreasing radius in the Milky Way. Chemical abundances in the disks of spiral galaxies are also observed to reach their highest values at the center. This suggests that the GC should have a high metallicity. Nevertheless, our results for [Fe/H] in five stars in the GC are consistent with solar iron abundances.

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