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Session 108 - The Galactic Stellar Disk & Halo.
Display session, Saturday, January 10
Exhibit Hall,

[108.07] A Method for Determining Star and Dust Distributions in the Galactic Plane

C. J. Deloye (U. North Carolina-Greensboro), J. E. Rhoads (KPNO)

A method for determining the distribution of stars and the column density of interstellar dust in the Galactic plane is outlined. We minimize the difference between an observed color-magnitude diagram (CMD) and a model CMD. The model CMD is calculated by convolving the field's intrinsic color-absolute magnitude diagram (presumed known) with a function describing the distribution of stars in reddening and distance modulus in the field. The current successes and limitations of the method are presented, and avenues of further improvement are discussed.

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