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Session 109 - Novae & Cataclysmic Variables.
Display session, Saturday, January 10
Exhibit Hall,

[109.05] Unraveling the Ejection Geometry of Nova Cas 1995: Structures in Neutral and Ionized Species

J. J. Johnson (NMSU), T. E. Harrison (NMSU)

We have begun a program of monitoring Nova Cassiopeiae 1995 at the Apache Point Observatory 3.5m telescope. We are obtaining high-resolution spectra at different position angles and epochs. Initial analysis shows that the line profiles differ for the various atomic species, particularly when comparing lines of hydrogen and He II. The variations are discussed in context with previously presented spectropolarimetry of this unusual slow nova. The structure that we initially detected using polarimetry is evident in the asymmetric double-peaked line profile of the hydrogen lines.

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