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Session 109 - Novae & Cataclysmic Variables.
Display session, Saturday, January 10
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[109.08] Synoptic Measurements of Dwarf Novae Magnitudes During the Period of February 24, 1996 to Present Using the University of Iowa's Automated Telescope Facility

J. C. Armstrong (U. Iowa)

In February of 1996, undergraduate students at the University of Iowa, using the university's 18 cm automated telescope, began a survey to monitor northern hemisphere dwarf novae. The survey spans the period from February 24, 1996 to the present. The goals of the ongoing survey entail the early detection of outburst activity to support detailed study of individual stars, as well as maintaining a database of the long term variability of these objects, providing precision photometric observations to the variable star community. From a catalog of northern dwarf novae variables published by Misselt (PASP 1996), 81 target stars were selected. We have established the variability of all 81 target stars, documenting multiple outbursts over the period of the survey. We have also perfected software and a technique for detecting sources in outburst. In addition to the light curves of the target stars, we have identified and calibrated several stars in each field for use as calibrators for future studies.

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