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Session 110 - X-ray, Binaries & Accretion Disks.
Display session, Saturday, January 10
Exhibit Hall,

[110.07] ASCA Observation of the high mass binary 2S0114+650

K. Ebisawa (NASA/GSFC)

Result of the ASCA GIS and SIS observation of the high mass binary system 2S0114+650 is presented. The observation was conducted on February 10, 1997 for 25 ksec. The source was variable by a factor of \sim 5, and the 2.78 hour periodicity was confirmed. The iron K-line was studied with the highest spectral resolution ever, and the line central energy is determined to be 6.39\pm0.04 keV, which indicates the fluorescent origin from neutral or weakly ionized iron. The iron line equivalent with is variable and correlates with the hydrogen column density determined from the low energy absorption. Amount of the iron line equivalent width is consistent with the picture that the source is uniformly surrounded by neutral material.

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