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Session 110 - X-ray, Binaries & Accretion Disks.
Display session, Saturday, January 10
Exhibit Hall,

[110.12] RXTE ASM Observations of X0114+650 (2S0114+650)

R. H. D. Corbet (NASA GSFC/USRA), J. P. Finley (Purdue), A. G. Peele (NASA GSFC/NRC)

Rossi X-ray Timing Explorer (RXTE) All Sky Monitor observations of the X-ray binary X0114+650 (2S0114+650) show both the 11.6 day orbital period, previously detected from optical observations, and a proposed 2.7 hour period which may be a neutron star rotation period. The 2.7 hour period shows frequency and amplitude variability during the more than 1.5 years of data analyzed. We discuss the cause(s) of the X-ray modulation on the orbital period and compare the orbital modulation with that seen with the RXTE ASM in other supergiant X-ray binaries such as Vela X-1.

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