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Session 110 - X-ray, Binaries & Accretion Disks.
Display session, Saturday, January 10
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[110.17] Radio Light Curves of X-ray Sources Obtained with the Green Bank Interferometer

R. M. Hjellming (NRAO), E. B. Waltman (NRL), F. Ghigo (NRAO)

Since November 1996 the Green Bank Inteferometer has been dedicated to 2.25 and 8.3 GHz monitoring of radio emisison from both known and newly discovered X-ray transients, X-ray binaries, active binaries, AGNs, and quasars. This program is funded by the NASA High Energy Astrophysics Program and is intended for radio support of multi-wavelength programs - mainly when satellite observations of high energy X-ray and Gamma-ray sources are involved. This paper summarizes the results for a wide range of sources that have been observed, including GRS 1915+105, Cyg X-3, LSI +61 303, SS433, Sgr A*, Algol, UX Ari, Sco X-1, Cyg X-1, and a number of extra-galactic variable radio sources. In some cases the comparison light curves at radio, soft X-ray (RXTE ASM), and hard X-ray (CGRO BATSE) wavelengths will be presented.

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