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Session 111 - Pulsars.
Display session, Saturday, January 10
Exhibit Hall,

[111.20] Polarization Properties of Young Southern Pulsars

F. Crawford, V. M. Kaspi (MIT), R. N. Manchester (ATNF), A. G. Lyne (Jodrell Bank)

We have observed a selected sample of nine southern pulsars with the Parkes 64 m radio telescope at 1400 MHz in polarization mode in order to obtain polarization profiles and rotation measures. We present the profiles and rotation measures for seven of the nine pulsars for which rotation measures could be determined and which show significant linear polarization. Six of the nine pulsars in our sample are young (\tau_c < 10^5 yr) and show significant polarization as well as conal emission characteristics. We discuss the implications of these results for specific objects as well as for the pulsar population as a whole.

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