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Session 116 - Galaxy Clusters & Evolution.
Oral session, Saturday, January 10

[116.01] Expectations for Cosmology from Cluster Observations with XMM and AXAF

A. K. Romer (Carnegie Mellon University)

We will review the capabilities of XMM and AXAF that are of specific relevance to observations of X-ray clusters of galaxies. Using simulations we will demonstrate how these two satellites can be used to uncover substructure and to measure temperature profiles as a function of redshift and luminosity. Expectations for cluster detection and temperature measurements from the XMM Serendipitous Sky Survey will also be discussed. We will then go on to describe how these various observations can be used to further our understanding of cosmology; through estimates of fundamental parameters such as H_0 and Ømega_0 and via tests of universal cluster profiles.

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