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Session 118 - Warner Prize Lecture.
Oral session, Saturday, January 10
International Ballroom Center,

[118.01] Galaxies and Large-Scale Structure at Redshift z \sim 3

C. Steidel (Palomar Observatory, Caltech)

Galaxies at very high redshift (z \sim 3 or greater) are now accessible to wholesale observation, making possible for the first time a truly statistical assessment of galaxies and their spatial distribution at lookback times of \sim 90% of the age of the Universe. I will discuss the progress we have made in understanding the nature of these early galaxies and their relationship to galaxies seen at other cosmic epochs, concentrating in particular on the clustering properties, which may become a critical test of models of biased, hierarchical galaxy formation. The many remaining unanswered questions, and future prospects for addressing them, will also be discussed.

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