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Session 119 - Gamma Ray Bursts.
Oral session, Saturday, January 10
International Ballroom Center,

[119.03] The True Distributions and Correlations of GRB Spectral Characteristics

N. M. Lloyd, V. Petrosian (Stanford U.)

The distributions of spectral characteristics and their correlations with fluence, peak flux, and duration, are necessary in understanding the nature of GRBs. However, the selection effects involved in detecting GRBs can distort these distributions, and result in misleading correlations. Here, we discuss how to deal with selection effects involving the spectral properties - in particular, the peak energy E_p of the GRB \nu F_\nu spectrum. We compare the corrected and raw distributions of E_p, and present correlations of E_p with both peak flux and fluence. We discuss the implications of these studies on the redshifts and time dilations of GRBs.

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