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Session 123 - Galaxy Evolution: Dwarfs & Clusters.
Oral session, Saturday, January 10

[123.06] Stormy Weather in Galaxy Clusters

J. O. Burns (U. Missouri)

Clusters of galaxies appear to possess an unexpectedly complex environment, driven by on-going accretion of matter from large scale supercluster filaments. X-ray, optical, and radio data along with N-Body/Hydrodynamical simulations will be presented which reveal "stormy weather" within the intracluster medium (ie, shocks, turbulence, and >1000 km/sec winds). This weather is most dramatic following the merger between two clusters. It is proposed that this weather is responsible for shaping the rich variety of extended radio sources in clusters (eg, U and V shaped tailed sources), which in turn act as "barometers" of cluster weather.

This research was supported by grants from the NSF (AST-9317596 and AST-9616132) and NASA (NAGW-3152).

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