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Session 50 - Pulsars in the UV and Visible.
Topical, Oral session, Wednesday, June 10

[50.07] Infrared Pulses from the Crab Nebula Pulsar: Implications for the Pulsar Emission Mechanism

S. S. Eikenberry (California Institute of Technology)

I will present high time resolution (10 \mus) near-infrared pulse profiles of the Crab Nebula pulsar taken with the Solid-State Photomultiplier (SSPM) photometer on the Multiple Mirror Telescope and the Palomar 200-inch telescope. In conjunction with simultaneous optical pulse profiles taken on the ground, and optical, UV, X-ray, and \gamma-ray pulse profiles taken from space, these data provide unique insights into the pulsar emission mechanism. In particular, I will show that the pulsar spectrum changes from the leading edges to the trailing edges of each pulse peak, with differences resolvable on timescales \sim 100 \mus. Furthermore, many energy dependences of the pulse shape (peak-to-peak separation, peak width, peak ratios, etc.) continue over 7 decades of energy. Meanwhile, the phases of the peak maxima appear to shift significantly with energy. These and other pulse parameters are not predicted by current pulsar emission models, and offer new challenges for the development of such models.

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