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Session 52 - Source Surveys and CMB Radiation.
Display session, Wednesday, June 10
Atlas Ballroom,

[52.03] The Sandage Two-color (U,B) Survey of the Galactic Plane: Status Report on the Continuing Search for Faint UV-Bright Objects

H. H. Lanning (CSC/STScI), M. Meakes (STScI)

The examination of the Sandage two-color photographic survey of the galactic plane taken in support of the Uhuru X-ray satellite project (1969-1972) has continued and has produced more than 300 new faint UV-bright sources within the past two years. Two new DA white dwarfs were confirmed in March by Deutsch and Margon from the latest published list. White dwarfs, CVs and suspected novae are just a few of the types of interesting objects being found in this deep (B = 20+ limiting magnitude) and extensive survey. The initial intent of the survey was to identify and study the optical counterparts of newly detected x-ray sources. More than 100 6.6\deg x 6.6\deg plates were taken with the Palomar 48-in. Oschin Schmidt telescope. No optical identifications were successfully made, due in large part to the poor positional accuracy of the x-ray sources determined by Uhuru. Visual examination of a selected sample of the double-exposed U and B plates did, however, result in the identification of a number of interesting objects including a new cataclysmic variable, a new DO white dwarf and several peculiar objects. The potential for the identification of low-luminosity stars, binary systems and old novae was clear thus supporting the continuation of the analysis. In recent years, three additional catalog listings have been published and a fifth is nearing completion. Several new white dwarfs, potential old novae and variable stars, as well as another CV, have been subsequently identified.

We present in this poster paper a review of the survey project and analysis and provide an update on the current status of the overall project.

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