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Session 52 - Source Surveys and CMB Radiation.
Display session, Wednesday, June 10
Atlas Ballroom,

[52.05] Pearson-Readhead VLBI Survey Sources Observed with the VSOP Space VLBI Mission

S. J. Tingay, R. A. Preston, D. W. Murphy, D. L. Meier (JPL), T. J. Pearson, A. C. S. Readhead (Caltech), H. Hirabayashi, H. Kobayashi (ISAS), M. Inoue (NRO)

The VSOP Space VLBI mission uses the HALCA spacecraft, launched from Japan in February 1997, in conjunction with ground radio observatories around the world to create a high resolution radio-wavelength imaging facility. We are using this unique facility to observe a complete sample of Pearson-Readhead Survey sources (Pearson and Readhead, 1988 ApJ 328, 114) at 4.8 GHz, to determine core brightness temperatures and jet properties at higher resolution than previously attempted. In addition we are obtaining matched-resolution 15 GHz observations using the VLBA at epochs close in time to the space VLBI observations to investigate the spectral indices of these sources at high resolution. The first results from this project will be presented.

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