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Session 52 - Source Surveys and CMB Radiation.
Display session, Wednesday, June 10
Atlas Ballroom,

[52.07] Analysis of Results from the Dwingeloo Obscured Galaxies Survey

A. Rivers, P. A. Henning (UNM), R. C. Kraan-Korteweg (U. Guanajuato), O. Lahav (U. Cambridge), W. B. Burton (U. Leiden)

Optical and far-infrared searches for galaxies fail near the Galactic plane, the so-called "Zone of Avoidance" (ZOA). Fortunately, surveying at 21-cm succeeds in cases of large optical depth and far-infrared confusion. The 25-m Dwingeloo radiotelescope is currently surveying the northern ZOA (30 deg < l < 220 deg; |b|< 5.25 deg) at 21-cm, looking for HI galaxies within the velocity range 0-4000 km/s. In addition to tracing large scale structures in optically obscured regions, the resulting sample will be used to study the HI mass function of galaxies in various environments.

A shallow (5 min/pointing) survey for massive galaxies has been completed, yielding 5 detections, 2 of which were previously unknown. Dwingeloo 1, a spiral galaxy in the IC342/Maffei group was the most significant nearby source. The shallow survey has ruled out the existence of a nearby Andromeda-class galaxy in the northern ZOA that would significantly affect the local gravitational potential.

A deeper (1hr/pointing) survey is now around 50 percent complete and has yielded approximately 40 detections to date, including a few sources in the local void. Insights gained into local large scale structure and a preliminary HI mass function derived from the survey detections will be presented. In addition, efforts to quantify foreground extinction for heavily obscured galaxies will be discussed.

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