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Session 53 - SNs, Planetaries and Circumstellar Disks.
Display session, Wednesday, June 10
Atlas Ballroom,

[53.08] Prospects for Detailed Line Spectroscopy of the SNR in the Magellanic Clouds

J. Spodek, S. Kahn, A. Rasmussen (Columbia University)

We present simulations of the Magellanic Cloud SNR sample from XMM's fully detailed raytrace, demonstrating its capabilities in detailed line spectroscopy of sources of moderate spatial extent. The MC sample includes a range of SNR types, ages, and nonequilibrium ionization stages in a well-known environment that reduces observational uncertainties. Detailed line spectroscopy, possible only with the new generation of X-ray telescopes, of the 0.5--2.0 keV band will provide a wealth of previously unavailable data. This band, which is rich in lines of K shell Ne, Mg, and Si, and L shell Fe, contains powerful diagnostics to constrain plasma uncertainties. The high dispersion of XMM's reflection grating spectrometer makes it the ideal tool for studying moderately extended (10--100 arcsec) remnants.

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