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Session 53 - SNs, Planetaries and Circumstellar Disks.
Display session, Wednesday, June 10
Atlas Ballroom,

[53.10] A Search for Radio SNRs in the Irregular Galaxies NGC 4449 and IC 1613

C. K. Lacey (Univ. Nacional Autonoma Mexico), W. M. Goss (NRAO), N. Duric (U. of New Mexico), M. Rosado, M. Valdez (Univ. Nacional Autonoma Mexico)

A recent VLA survey of two irregular galaxies resulted in the identification of 20 compact radio sources in NGC 4449 at 20 and 6 cm and 11 sources in IC 1613 at 6 cm. Flux densities and positions are presented along with the spectral indices for the radio sources in NGC 4449. The sample of compact radio sources in NGC 4449 is separated into supernova remnant and HII region candidates based on the spectral index. Both NGC 4449 and IC 1613 each have a previously detected radio supernova remnant. The flux densities of these supernova remnants obtained in this survey are compared to previously published values. Additionally, the radio images are compared with their respective H\alpha images which were taken at the National Astronomical Observatory in San Pedro Martir. The association of star formation regions and the radio sources is examined. The candidate supernova remnants in NGC 4449, a Magellanic irregular, are compared to a sample of 37 radio supernova remnants identified in the nearby spiral NGC 6946.

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