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Session 54 - Star Clusters, Kinematics and the Galactic Center.
Display session, Wednesday, June 10
Atlas Ballroom,

[54.02] The Age of the Globular Cluster NGC 6652 from WFPC2 Imaging

B. Chaboyer (Steward Obs.), T. Armandroff (KPNO), A. Sarajedini (San Francisco State U.)

Images of the inner halo globular cluster NGC 6652 have been obtained with WFPC2 on HST. These images have been used to derive a V,V-I color magnitude diagram (CMD) for this moderately metal-rich cluster. The CMD clearly delineates the principal sequences of this cluster, from the upper giant branch to \sim 4 magnitudes below the main sequence turn-off. The reddening, metallicity and distance of NGC 6652 are derived from the CMD. Using a new set of \alpha-element enhanced isochrones, the age of NGC 6652 is derived using \Delta V(TO - HB), \Delta (V - I) and isochrone fitting. This age is compared to ages of other globular clusters in order to further our understanding of the formation of the inner galactic halo.

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