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Session 54 - Star Clusters, Kinematics and the Galactic Center.
Display session, Wednesday, June 10
Atlas Ballroom,

[54.12] Metallicity Dependent Kinematics of F Stars from HIPPARCOS Data

A. Suchkov, M. McMaster (STScI)

We use HIPPARCOS data and available radial velocities for uvby F stars within 125 pc to study the relationship between kinematics and metallicity of luminosity groups of F stars in different temperature ranges. We find a clear-cut correlation between kinematics and metallicity which is, however, distinctly different for different luminosity and temperature ranges. Interpretation of those correlations in terms of history of star formation and metal enrichment in the local galactic disk infers that both metallicity and kinematics range broadly at any given age. However, if combined with and complemented by luminosity and temperature information, kinematics and metallicity provide a tool to disintangle even subtle evolutionary effects in the galactic disk.

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