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Session 54 - Star Clusters, Kinematics and the Galactic Center.
Display session, Wednesday, June 10
Atlas Ballroom,

[54.13] The hk,(b-y) Metallicity Calibration for Metal-Poor Red Giants

B. J. Anthony-Twarog, B. A. Twarog (U. Kansas)

We have used uvbyCa photometry for evolved stars of solar metallicity and lower abundance, together with spectroscopic abundance data on a homogeneous merged scale to recalibrate the hk,(b-y) photometric plane. Isometallicity lines have been constructed over the [Fe/H] range from -1.0 to -3.4 from 122 stars. Comparison of Hipparcos distances to our photometric distances, used to establish appropriate reddening corrections, shows good agreement. The dispersion of photometric metallicity estimates is less than 0.17 dex for the more metal-deficient portion of the sample.

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