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Session 57 - Interstellar Scattering and Scintillation as Tools in Radio Astronomy.
Display session, Wednesday, June 10
Atlas Ballroom,

[57.01] Characterization of Refractive Scintillation Events detected in Pulsars Timing at the Nancay Radiotelescope

I. Cognard, J. -F. Lestrade (LPCE/CNRS and Obs. de Paris/Meudon)

We will present more than 9 years of timing observations at Nancay on the pulsars PSR B1821-24, PSR B1937+21 including measurements of both TOAs (Time Of Arrivals) and flux densities. We have identified several refractives scintillation events in the data collected on those two pulsars. We will present the criteria chosen to identify those events and discuss the physical parameters of the corresponding discrete clouds resulting from our modelisation.

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