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Session 63 - The Frontiers of Far Ultraviolet Astrophysics - II.
Topical, Oral session, Wednesday, June 10

[63.05] Star-Forming Galaxies in the Far-Ultraviolet

C. Leitherer (STScI)

Space-ultraviolet observations have dramatically increased our understanding of star-formation processes in galaxies. The majority of the data has been obtained with the IUE, HST, and HUT satellites. The upcoming FUSE mission will make significant contributions to the field. The spectral morphology of starburst and star-forming galaxies in the far-ultraviolet is reviewed. I will discuss how strong ultraviolet resonance lines can be used to study the stellar content and the properties of the interstellar medium. Particular emphasis will be on the wavelength region between 912 A and 1200 A. Similarities and differences between local starbursts and bona fide star-forming galaxies at high redshift are examined.

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