Session List



Session 5. Public Policy Session

Invited, Oral, Monday, 8:30-9:20am, Presidio

5.01 Public Policy, Introduction
P. Boyce (AAS)

Session 6. Novae and Supernovae

Display, Monday, 9:20am-6:30pm, Atlas Ballroom

6.01 Spectra of Selected Galactic Novae (II)
P. Zhao, J. E. McClintock (SAO), G. J. Sobczak (HCO)
6.02 New Determinations of Abundances for Novae Ejecta
S. Starrfield, K. Vanlandingham, G. Schwarz (ASU), P. Hauschildt (UGA), S. N. Shore (IUSB)
6.03 Modeling Grain Formation in Classical Nova Shells
D. A. Joiner (RPI), M. P. Egan (Air Force Research Lab/VSBC), C. M. Leung (RPI)
6.04 Hot Spiral Structure in the Accretion Disk of IP Pegasi Observed
E. Harlaftis (National Obs. of Athens, Greece), D. Steeghs (U. St. Andrews, UK)
6.05 Spectrum Synthesis of Accretion Disks in Partial Eclipse
R. A. Wade, J. Orosz (Penn State University)
6.06 A Light Curve Analysis of the Cataclysmic Variable AY Psc
H. J. Leckenby, J. B. Rafert (Michigan Technological U.)
6.07 Hubble Space Telescope images of the light echo around SN1991T
F. R. Boffi, W. B. Sparks (STScI), D. Branch (U. Oklahoma), M. Della Valle (U. Padova), D. Macchetto, N. Panagia (STScI/ESA)
6.08 On the Spectra and Nature of the Peculiar Type Ia SN 1991T
K. Hatano, D. Branch, A. Fisher, E. Baron (U. Oklahoma)
6.09 Observations of Unusual Type Ia Supernova SN1997ej
A. T. Steffen (University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire), N. Suntzeff, M. M. Phillips, R. Covarrubias (CTIO)
6.10 Spectral Analysis of the Peculiar Type Ic Supernova 1997ef
J. Deaton, D. Branch, E. Baron (U. Oklahoma), A. Fisher (Southwestern Oklahoma State University), R. Kirshner, P. Garnavich (CfA)

Session 7. Microlensing

Display, Monday, 9:20am-6:30pm, Atlas Ballroom

7.01 Candidate Microlensing Events for Detection of Image Motion by the Space Interferometry Mission
K. C. Sahu, E. Chaney, J. Graham, S. Kane, D. Wieldt (STScI)
7.02 Keck Spectroscopy of the Einstein Cross HST 14176+5226
L. A. Moustakas, M. Davis (U. of California, Berkeley)
7.03 The MACHO Project: Status Report on the Magellanic Clouds.
T. Vandehei, K. Griest (UCSD), C. Alcock, D. Alves, K. Cook, D. Minniti, S. Marshall (LLNL), R. Allsman, T. Axelrod, K. Freeman, B. Peterson, A. Rodgers (MSSO), M. Pratt (MIT), A. Becker, C. Stubbs, A. B. Tomaney (UW), M. Lehner (Sheffield), D. Bennett (Notre Dame), C. Nelson (UCB), P. Quinn (ESO), W. Sutherland (Oxford), D. Welch (McMaster)
7.04 Gravitational Lensing on the Hubble Deep Field
R. D. Blandford, J. Cohen, T. Kundic (Caltech), T. Brainerd (Boston University), D. Hogg (IAS)

Session 8. Planets and Comets

Display, Monday, 9:20am-6:30pm, Atlas Ballroom

8.01 The Keck Search for Extrasolar Planets
G. W. Marcy (SFSU/UCB), R. P. Butler (Anglo-Aus. Obs.), S. Vogt (UCSC), P. Shirts (SFSU)
8.02 Planet Stripping and Stellar Metallicity Enhancements
E. Sandquist, R. E. Taam (Northwestern, U.), D. N. C. Lin (U. California, Santa Cruz), A. Burkert (MPIA, Heidelberg)
8.03 BIMA Array Observations of Comet Hale-Bopp: Evidence of Deviations from Spherical Outflow
J. M. Veal, L. E. Snyder (U. Illinois), I. de Pater, M. C. H. Wright, J. R. Forster (UC Berkeley), P. Palmer (U. Chicago), L. M. Woodney, M. F. A'Hearn (U. Maryland), Y. -J. Kuan (ASIAA, Taiwan)
8.04 Observations of the Inner Coma of C/1995 O1 (Hale-Bopp)
B. M. Cudnik (San Diego State U.)
8.05 Interior Structure of the Galilean Satellites
J. D. Anderson, R. A. Jacobson, E. L. Lau, W. L. Sjogren (JPL), G. Schubert, W. B. Moore (UCLA)
8.06 Tidal Disruption of Strengthless Rubble Piles--A Timescale Analysis
T. Rettig (University of Notre Dame), J. Hahn (Lunar and Planetary Institute)

Session 9. High-Energy Phenomena

Display, Monday, 9:20am-6:30pm, Atlas Ballroom

9.01 GLAST Point Source Sensitivity
D. Engovatov, E. Bloom, C. Chaput (Stanford Linear Accelerator Center), S. Digel (NASA/GSFC), GLAST Collaboration
9.02 The Evidence of Gamma-Ray Burst Clustering
Y. Li, K. S. Cheng, H. F. Chau (University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong, China), Y. Li, Y. Q. Ma (High Energy Astrophysics Lab, IHEP, Beijing, China)
9.03 The Highest Energy Cosmic Rays and Gamma Rays
S. F. Taylor, T. Abu-Zayyad, K. Belov, Z. Cao, G. Chen, M. A. Huang, C. C. H. Jui, D. B. Kieda, E. C. Loh, J. N. Matthews, M. Salamon, A. Salman, J. D. Smith, P. Sokolsky, P. Sommers, S. B. Thomas, L. R. Wiencke (Dept. of Physics, U. Utah), D. J. Bird, R. W. Clay, B. R. Dawson, K. M. Simpson, C. R. Wilkinson (U. Adelaide, Australia), J. Boyer, E. J. Mannel, Y. Ho, W. Lee (Columbia U., Nevis Lab.), T. O'Halloran (Dept. of Physics, U. Illinois at Urbana-Champaign), N. Hayashida, H. Hirasawa, F. Ishikawa, H. Lafoux, M. Nagano, D. Nishikawa, T. Ouchi, H. Ohoka, M. Ohnishi, N. Sakaki, M. Sasaki, H. Shimodaira, M. Teshima, R. Torii, T. Yamamoto, S. Yoshida, T. Yuda (Inst. for Cosmic Ray Research, U. Tokyo)
9.04 The Rabbit and the Kookaburra: ATCA Images of GeV 1417-6100
M. S. E. Roberts, R. W. Romani (Stanford U.), S. Johnston (RCFTA/U. Sydney)
9.05 Improving the Analysis of Gamma-Ray Data from CGRO-COMPTEL
M. McConnell, S. Kappadath, D. Morris, J. Ryan (UNH), W. Collmar, R. Diehl, V. Schönfelder, M. Varendorff, G. Weidenspointner, U. Wessolowski (MPE), H. Bloemen, W. Hermsen (SRON-Utrecht), K. Bennett, R. van Dijk (SSD/ESA)

Session 10. Interstellar Medium and Star Formation

Display, Monday, 9:20am-6:30pm, Atlas Ballroom

10.01 Spatially Resolved Spectroscopy of the PMS Quadruple GG Tau: Evidence for a Substellar Companion
R. J. White, A. M. Ghez, G. Schultz (UCLA), I. N. Reid (Caltech)
10.02 ISO Photometry of Main Sequence Circumstellar Dust in Two Young Clusters
A. M. Angelova, D. E. Backman (Franklin and Marshall College), J. R. Stauffer (Harvard/Smithsonian CfA)
10.03 An Edge-on Circumstellar Disk in the Young Binary System HK Tauri
K. R. Stapelfeldt (JPL/Caltech), J. E. Krist, C. J. Burrows (STScI), F. Menard, J. Bouvier (Obs. de Grenoble), D. L. Padgett (IPAC/Caltech)
10.04 Disks and Envelopes of Very Young Stars: An HST/NICMOS Survey
D. Padgett, W. Brandner (IPAC), K. Stapelfeldt, D. Koerner (JPL), S. Terebey (Extrasolar Research Co.), S. Strom (Five College Astronomy Dept.), S. Kenyon (SAO)
10.05 A Proto-Cometary Cloud Around HR 4796A?
M. Jura, M. Malkan, R. White (UCLA), C. Telesco, R. Pina, R. S. Fisher (U. Florida)
10.06 Near-infrared Hubble Space Telescope Images of Nearby Protostars
T. Hancock, S. Terebey (Extrasolar Research Corp.), D. Van Buren, D. L. Padgett, M. Brundage (Jet Propulsion Lab)
10.07 Discovery of seven nearby T Tauri stars in the TW Hydrae Association
R. A. Webb, B. Zuckerman (UCLA), I. Platais (Yale Univ.), J. Patience, M. Schwartz, R. J. White (UCLA)
10.08 A Multi-Wavelength Study of Outflows in OMC-2/3
K. C. Yu, Y. Billawala, J. Bally (CASA), D. Devine (NASA Goddard)
10.09 Modeling FIR Continuum and Line Emission in the HII Region S140
P. A. Aannestad (ASU), R. E. Emery (RAL)
10.10 HST NICMOS Observations of OMC-1
E. F. Erickson, A. S. B. Schultz, S. W. J. Colgan, D. J. Hollenbach, M. J. Kaufman (NASA-Ames Research Center), E. T. Young, H. Chen (U. Arizona)
10.11 Submillimeter Continuum Imaging of the Orion A Molecular Cloud with SHARC
D. C. Lis, E. Serabyn, J. B. Keene, C. D. Dowell, D. J. Benford, T. G. Phillips, N. Wang (Caltech), T. R. Hunter (CfA)
10.12 OVRO and JCMT Observations of Massive Star Forming Regions
J. M. Carpenter (Caltech)
10.13 The Steward Observatory NIR Survey of UCHII Regions
M. M. Hanson (Steward Obs./U. Cincinnati), K. L. Luhman, G. H. Rieke, V. Burkholder (Steward Obs.)
10.14 Infrared Spectral Energy Distributions of Giant HII Regions in M33
B. P. Skelton, E. A. Magnier (U. Washington), T. R. Bontekoe (Bontekoe Data Consultancy), D. J. M. Kester (SRON Lab. for Space Research Groningen)
10.15 NGC 2359: A Wolf-Rayet Bubble Meets a Molecular Cloud
Y. Chu, R. A. Gruendl (U. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)
10.16 Magnetic Fields in GF-9: ISO FIR Polarimetry Observations
D. Clemens, K. Kraemer, A. Byrne, D. Eldredge, P. Bowen, P. Ilardi (Boston University)
10.17 Magnetic Fields in Star Formation Regions: 1.3 mm Continuum Polarimetry
J. Glenn (Caltech), C. K. Walker, E. T. Young (Steward Observatory)
10.18 Astronephography: the 3-D shape of the Local Interstellar Cloud
J. L. Linsky (JILA/Univ. Colorado), N. Piskunov (Uppsala Astronomical Obs.), B. E. Wood (CfA)
10.19 The Circumstellar Shell of IRAS 06530-0213
M. Bobrowsky (Orbital Sciences Corporation), M. Meixner (Univ. of Illinois)

Session 11. QSOs and Radio Galaxies

Display, Monday, 9:20am-6:30pm, Atlas Ballroom

11.01 The FIRST Faint Quasar Survey
R. H. Becker, S. Laurent-Muehleisen, M. Gregg, M. Brotherton (UCD/LLNL), R. L. White (STScI), D. J. Helfand (Columbia), F. Chaffee (Keck Obs), C. Impey, C. Petry (Arizona)
11.02 The Determination of Correlation and Distribution Functions for Multiply Truncated Data
V. Petrosian, A. Maloney, B. Efron (Stanford University)
11.03 The associated absorption line systems in Q 0122+0338
C. J. Papovich, C. A. Norman, T. Heckman (JHU), D. V. Bowen (ROE), J. C. Blades (STScI), L. Danly (Ponoma U.)
11.04 Thermal Nature of the Far Infrared Emission in High Redshift Quasars
D. J. Benford (Caltech), P. Cox (IAS), A. Omont (IAP), T. G. Phillips (Caltech)
11.05 Red and Blue Shifted Broad Lines in High Luminosity QSOs
D. H. McIntosh, M. J. Rieke, H. -W. Rix (Steward Obs.), C. B. Foltz (MMTO), R. J. Weymann (Carnegie Obs.), F. H. Chaffee (W. M. Keck Obs.)
11.06 Origin of the Polarized Lyman Continuum in QSOs
G. Shields, E. Fierce (U. Texas Austin)
11.07 Determining the Fraction of Intrinsic Absorption in QSO Absorption Line Systems
G. T. Richards (U. Chicago, Fermilab), D. G. York (U. Chicago)
11.08 VSOP Observations of 1928+738
D. Murphy, R. Preston, S. Tingay, D. Jones, D. Meier (JPL), J. Conway, A. Polatidis (Onsala Space Obs., Sweden), H. Hirabayashi, H. Kobayashi, Y. Murata (ISAS, Japan)
11.09 Low Ionization Gas in Galaxies: Keck HIRES Spectra of QSO Absorption Systems with Ca II and/or Na I Absorption Lines
V. T. Junkkarinen, R. D. Cohen (UCSD/CASS)
11.10 The Emergence of a Quasar from the Luminous Infrared Galaxy Mrk 231
H. E. Smith (CASS/UCSD), C. J. Lonsdale (IPAC/Caltech), C. J. Lonsdale (Haystack Obs/MIT), P. J. Diamond (NRAO)
11.11 Interactions Between the Radio Source and Surrounding Gas at the Center of the Cooling-Flow Cluster Abell 2597
A. M. Koekemoer, C. P. O'Dea, S. A. Baum, M. Donahue, M. Voit (STScI), C. Sarazin (Univ. Virginia), B. McNamara (CfA), J. Gallimore (MPE), M. Wise (MIT)
11.12 A Very Odd UV Polarization Image of the Radio Galaxy 3C109
M. Ouchi, R. Antonucci, T. Hurt (UCSB)
11.13 Time Dependent Simulation of Relativistic Electron Transport and Synchrotron Emission in Radio Galaxies
T. W. Jones (U. Minnesota), D. Ryu (Chungnam National Univ.), A. Engel (U. Arizona)
11.14 Spectral Variation in Radio Galaxies
K. Treichel, L. Rudnick (U. of Minnesota)

Session 12. Binary Stars

Display, Monday, 9:20am-6:30pm, Atlas Ballroom

12.01 QPOs and Spectral States in GRS 1915+105
M. P. Muno, E. H. Morgan, R. A. Remillard (Center For Space Research, MIT)
12.02 Soft X-Ray Spectroscopy of SS433: Simulating phase-sampled Observations for XMM's RGS.
J. Cottam, S. M. Kahn, F. Paerels, A. Rasmussen, M. Sako, J. Spodek (Columbia Astrophysics Laboratory)
12.03 Orbital Modulation of the X-ray Intensity of Cyg X-1 in its High and Low States
L. Wen, W. Cui, A. M. Levine, H. V. Bradt, R. A. Remillard, S. A. Rappaport (MIT)
12.04 Photometry and Spectroscopy of 47 Cassiopeiae
H. L. Garner, P. B. Etzel (SDSU)
12.05 The Optical Scanner as a Tool for Research
R. L. Walker (USNO Flagstaff Station)
12.06 An Interferometric Search for Luminous Companions to 51 Pegasi
A. F. Boden, G. T. van Belle, PTI Collaboration (JPL/Caltech)
12.07 10 Micron Search for Cool Companions of Nearby Stars
D. Van Buren, M. Brundage (IPAC), M. Ressler (JPL), S. Terebey (Extrasolar Research Corp.)
12.08 Full-Orbit Spectroscopy of W Serpentis
P. B. Etzel, H. van den Bergh (SDSU Astronomy Dept.)
12.09 The Binary System EG Cephei
R. J. Angione (SDSU and Mount Laguna Obs.), J. R. Sievers (San Diego Mesa College and Mount Laguna Obs.)
12.10 The "Cool Algol" BD+05 706 : Photometric observations of a new eclipsing double-lined spectroscopic binary
L. A. Marschall (Gettysburg College), G. Torres (Harvard-Smithsonian Center For Astrophysics), R. Neuhauser (Max-Planck-Institut fur Extraterrestrische Physik)
12.11 Attempted Resolution of the HD 173764 Binary System
S. B. Parsons (CSC/STScI), O. G. Franz, L. H. Wasserman (Lowell Obs.)
12.12 Differential Emission Measure Analysis of the Stellar Wind in X-ray Binaries
M. Sako, S. M. Kahn (Columbia U.), D. A. Liedahl (LLNL), F. Paerels (SRON)
12.13 Brown Dwarf Detected in the CM Dra Binary System
E. F. Guinan (Villanova U.), D. H. Bradstreet (Eastern College), I. Ribas (U. Barcelona), M. Wolf (Charles Univ., Czech), G. P. McCook (Villanova U.)
12.14 Comparative Spectropolarimetry of Eclipsing Binaries TT Hya and V356 Sgr
D. E. Lynch (GST/U of MD), R. S. Polidan (LASP/GSFC)
12.15 Scanning the Fringe Pattern of a Long Baseline Interferometer to Detect Non-singularity and to Measure the Angular Separation and Relative Brightness of the Components of a Binary Star System
J. Hershey, E. Nelan (STScI), O. Franz, L. Wasserman (Lowell Observatory)
12.16 KPD 0422+5421: A New Subdwarf B/White Dwarf Binary
J. A. Orosz, R. A. Wade (Penn. State U.), C. Koen (South African Astronomical Obs.)
12.17 HST's Fine Guidance Sensor 1R, The Resolving Power of this Optimized Space Based Interferometer.
O. Lupie, E. Nelan, L. Nagel, R. Makidon (STScI), O. Franz, L. Wasserman (Lowell Observatory)
12.18 Determining the Mass-Luminosity Relation and Parallax for Faint (Mv<16) and Close (<50mas) Binary Systems with HST's Fine Guidance Sensors
E. Nelan, O. Lupie, L. Nagel, R. Makidon, J. Hershey (STScI), O. Franz, L. Wasserman (Lowell Obs.), G. Benedict, B. McArthur (U. Texas at Austin), T. Henry (CFA)

Session 13. Surveys, SETI and Pollution

Display, Monday, 9:20am-6:30pm, Atlas Ballroom

13.01 The Locus of Field Stars, Carbon Stars, Cataclysmic Variables, and Asteroids in the Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS) Color System
K. Krisciunas, B. Margon (University of Washington)
13.02 Continuous Sky Survey: Progress and Considerations
R. J. Nemiroff, J. B. Rafert (Michigan Tech)
13.03 The USNO Radio Reference Frame Image Database
A. L. Fey, K. A. Kingham, R. A. Gaume (U.S. Naval Observatory)
13.04 Studies of Light Pollution in Connecticut
D. W. Dawson (WCSU)
13.05 Light Pollution, Air Pollution and Mount Wilson Observatory
R. H. Garstang (JILA, Univ. Colo. and NIST)
13.06 High-Resolution Study of New Terrestrial Nightglow Features - Beyond OH
T. G. Slanger, P. C. Cosby, D. L. Huestis (SRI International), D. E. Osterbrock, J. P. Fulbright (University of California Observatories/Lick Observatory)
13.07 SERENDIP - UC Berkeley SETI Program - Status Report
S. Airieau, W. Albert, D. Anderson, S. Bowyer, J. Cobb, D. Kakasu, M. Lampton, M. Lebovski, D. Werthimer (Space Sciences Lab, UC Berkeley), D. Ng (Neomagic)

Session 14. Real Calibrations

Display, Monday, 9:20am-6:30pm, Atlas Ballroom

14.01 Super Lightweight Telescopes For Earth, Space and the Moon
P. C. Chen (CUA/CMA/GSFC), C. W. Bowers (NASA GSFC), R. J. Oliversen (NASA GSFC)
14.02 STIS CCD Spectroscopic Flats
J. J. E. Hayes, H. Ferguson, E. K. Kinney (STScI), P. Goudfrooij (ESA/STScI)
14.03 Observations with the New Wide-Field Mid-Infrared Camera QWICPIC
M. W. Werner, J. J. Bock, M. E. Ressler, S. V. Bandara, S. D. Gunapala (JPL)
14.04 Optical Flux limits for observing with the ACIS Instrument on AXAF
G. P. Garmire, G. Chartas, L. Townsley, A. B. Garmire (Penn State U.), M. Bautz (MIT)
14.05 The Preliminary ASTRO-E XRS Calibration
M. D. Audley, K. C. Gendreau (UMCP/GSFC), R. L. Kelley (NASA/GSFC), K. A. Arnaud (UMCP/GSFC), K. R. Boyce (NASA/GSFC), R. Fujimoto (ISAS), F. S. Porter (UMCP/GSFC), C. K. Stahle, A. E. Szymkowiak (NASA/GSFC)
14.06 Fabrication, Assembly and Testing of the Reflection Grating Arrays aboard XMM
A. Rasmussen, J. Cottam, S. Kahn, M. Sako, J. Spodek (Columbia Astrophysics Lab, Columbia U.), T. Decker (C.A.L. West), A. Brinkman, J. den Herder, F. Paerels (SRON)

Session 15. The Sun and Solar Wind

Display, Monday, 9:20am-6:30pm, Atlas Ballroom

15.01 NASA's Sun-Earth Connection Education Forum
I. Hawkins (UC Berkeley Space Sciences Lab.), R. Vondrak (NASA/GSFC), K. Alcorn (UC Berkeley Space Sciences Lab.), J. Thieman (NASA/GSFC)
15.02 An All-Sky Coronal Camera on Solar Probe: A Global View of our Nearest Star's Atmosphere
A. Buffington, B. V. Jackson, P. Hick (CASS/UCSD)
15.03 Fan-Like coronal X-ray Structures as Sources of Solar Wind
P. Hick (UCSD/CASS), Z. Svestka (UCSD/CASS), F. Farnik (Astronomical Inst. of Czech Academy of Sciences), H. S. Hudson (Solar Physics Research Corporation), B. V. Jackson (UCSD/CASS)
15.04 Faraday Rotation Observations of the Solar Corona
S. Mancuso, S. R. Spangler (University of Iowa)
15.05 Are the cool CO clouds produced by the solar granulation?
H. Uitenbroek (Harvard-Smithsonian CfA)
15.06 New Studies of Polar Spicules
H. Zirin, R. Cameron (Caltech)
15.07 First Results from the TRACE Mission
A. Title, T. Tarbell, C. Schrijver, J. Wolfson, R. Shine, N. Hurlburt (Stanford Lockheed Inst. for Space Research), L. Golub, E. DeLuca, J. Bookbinder (SAO), B. Handy, L. Acton (Montana State U.), R. Harrison (Rutherford Appleton Lab.), J. -P. Delaboudinere (Inst. d'Astrophysique Spatiale)

Session 16. QSOs and Active Galaxies

Oral, Monday, 10:00-11:30am, Presidio

16.01 AGN Broad Emission Lines from Magneto-Centrifugally Driven Winds
J. Chiang (NRL), N. Murray (CITA)
16.02D Geodetic VLBI Observations of EGRET Blazars
B. G. Piner (U. Maryland, NASA/GSFC, USNO)
16.03 HST Imaging of Quasar Host Galaxies Using NICMOS and WFPC2
M. J. Kukula (STScI), J. S. Dunlop, R. McLure (IfA, U. Edinburgh), C. P. O'Dea, S. A. Baum (STScI), L. Miller (U. Oxford)
16.04 The Evolution, Luminosity Function and Luminosity Density of Quasars
A. Maloney, V. Petrosian (Stanford University)
16.05 Radio and X-ray Emission from Galactic Nuclei: Estimating the Masses of Central Black Holes
S. Boughn (Haverford College), I. Yi (Institute for Advanced Study)
16.06 SAX Observations of the Maser AGN ESO 103-G35
B. Wilkes, S. Mathur (SAO), F. Fiore (SAO and BeppoSAX SDC), A. Antonelli (BeppoSAX SDC)
16.07 NGC 3516: Variability of the AGN Absorption and Emission Line Regions
A. Koratkar, M. Goad, J. Kim (STScI), P. T. O'Brien (U. Leicester), K. T. Korista (Dept. of Physics, Western Michigan U.), D. J. Axon (Nuffield Radio Astronomy Lab., U. Manchester)
16.08 RXTE Observations of the Bright Seyfert Galaxy IC 4329a
G. M. Madejski (NASA/GSFC), R. Rothschild (UCSD), C. Done, P. Magdziarz (Durham Univ.), W. N. Johnson (NRL)

Session 17. CMB Radiation, Cosmology and Gravity

Oral, Monday, 10:00-11:30am, Sierra

17.01 Measurement of Small-Scale CMB Anisotropy with the Viper Telescope
G. Griffin, J. Peterson, M. Newcomb, D. Alvarez, C. Cantalupo, D. Morgan, M. Vincent (Physics Dept., Carnegie Mellon U.), K. Miller (U. Colorado)
17.02 A Positive Cosmological Constant as Centrifugal Force in an Expanding Kantian Model of the Universe
E. J. Sternglass (U. Pittsburgh)
17.03 Limits on CMB Anisotropy from Point Sources
E. Gawiser, A. Jaffe, J. Silk (U. C. Berkeley)
17.04 Global Cosmological Parameters Determined Using Radio Sources
R. A. Daly, E. J. Guerra, L. Wan (Dept. of Physics, Princeton U.)
17.05 \Delta T_SZ - L_x Relation as a Cosmological Tool
A. R. Cooray, J. E. Carlstrom, L. Grego, W. L. Holzapfel (U. of Chicago), M. Joy (NASA/MSFC)
17.06 An Accelerating Universe and Other Cosmological Implications from SNe Ia
A. G. Riess (UCB)
17.07 The Galaxy Cluster Baryon Fraction: Cluster Physics and Cosmology
L. Grego (Caltech), J. E. Carlstrom, G. Holder, A. Cooray, E. Reese, W. Holzapfel (U. of Chicago), M. K. Joy (NASA/MSFC), S. K. Patel (U. of Alabama, Huntsville)
17.08 Gravitational Wave Frequency Range for the LISA Mission
W. M. Folkner (JPL/NASA), P. L. Bender, R. T. Stebbins (JILA, U. Colorado)
17.09 Confusion Noise Estimate for Gravitational Wave Measurements in Space
P. L. Bender, D. Hils (JILA - University of Colorado)

Session 18. The Interstellar Medium

Oral, Monday, 10:00-11:30am, Padre

18.01 Infrared Spectroscopy of a Supernova-shocked Molecular Cloud
W. T. Reach (IPAC/Caltech), J. Rho (UCSB)
18.02 Theoretical Modelling of ISO Observations of Molecular Lines From Planetary Nebula NGC 7027
M. Yan, S. Federman (Ritter Obs., U. Toledo), A. Dalgarno (Harvard-Smithsonian CfA), D. Knauth (Ritter Obs., U. Toledo)
18.03D The Structure of the Soft X-ray Background in the Galactic Plane
S. Park (Purdue University)
18.04 [Ne V] Emission on the Skin of the Crab Nebula
H. A. Van Tassell, J. J. Hester, R. Sankrit (Arizona State University)
18.05D Emission from Shocked Gas and Photoionized Gas in the Crab Nebula
R. Sankrit (Arizona State University)
18.06 The Interstellar Gas Toward SN1987A
D. G. York, D. Welty, P. C. Frisch (U. Chicago), G. Sonneborn (GSFC)
18.07 Modeling Infrared Fluorescence from PAHs and Carbonaceous Grains
E. L. O. Bakes (NASA Ames Research Center)

Session 19. The Sun

Oral, Monday, 10:00-11:30am, Friars

19.01 Initial High-Degree p-Mode Frequencies and Rotational Frequency Splittings from the SOHO SOI/MDI Experiment
E. J. Rhodes Jr. (Univ. Southern Calif./JPL), J. Reiter (Tech. Univ. Munich), A. G. Kosovichev, J. Schou, P. H. Scherrer (Stanford. Univ.)
19.02D Optical Proxies for High Energy Emissions from Solar Flares
K. A. Blais (Raytheon Systems Company), B. J. LaBonte (University of Hawaii-IFA)
19.03 Searching for the MSW Solar Neutrino Oscillation Enhancement Using the Earth
J. M. Gelb, W. Kwong (U. Texas at Arlington), S. P. Rosen (Dept. of Energy)
19.04 Heliospheric modeling used to map global solar wind flows
B. V. Jackson, P. Hick (UCSD/CASS), C. Leinert (MPIfA, Heidelberg, Germany), A. Yokobe (STELab, Nagoya U., Toyokawa, Japan)
19.05 On the Interplanetary Magnetic Field
S. J. Goldstein Jr. (U. Virginia)

Session 20. HAD II - New Telescopes and New Tools

Division, Oral, Monday, 10:00-11:30am, DeAnza/Mesa

20.01 Beginning Computer Modeling for the Structure and Evolution of the Stars
K. H. Olsen (GCSI, Lynnwood, WA)
20.02 Marshal Wrubel and the Electronic Computer as an Astronomical Instrument
J. P. Mutschlecner (LANL), K. H. Olsen (GCSI, Lynnwood, WA)
20.03 "Where to Put it? The East-West Split over the site for the 200-inch telescope"
D. H. DeVorkin (Smithsonian Institution)
20.04 The Great Spherical Aberration Fiasco of 1902 and Its Aftermath: Testing a New Big Telescope in San Diego
D. E. Osterbrock (UCO/Lick Obs./UCSC)

Session 21. Astronomy Teachers' Workshop - II

Education, Oral, Monday, 10:00am-12:30pm, Sunrise

21.01 How to Get Successfully Involved with K-12 Education
D. Duncan (U. Chicago and AAS Education Office), A. Fraknoi, M. Bennett (ASP)

Session 22. Pierce Prize Lecture: Ghez

Invited, Monday, 11:40am-12:30pm, Presidio

22.01 High Proper Motion Stars in the Vicinity of Sgr A*: Evidence for a Supermassive Black Hole at the Center of Our Galaxy
A. M. Ghez (UCLA)

Session 23. Classroom Demos

Education, Oral, Tuesday, 12:00-12:30pm, Adobe

Note: Session rescheduled for Tuesday
23.01 My Favorite Classroom Demonstration
D. Duncan (U. Chicago and AAS Education Office)

Session 24. Invited Talk: Swank

Oral, Monday, 1:30-2:20pm, Presidio

24.01 Recent Results from RXTE
J. Swank (GSFC)

Session 25. Galaxies, Clusters of Galaxies and their Evolution

Oral, Monday, 2:30-4:00pm, Presidio

25.01 Improved Orbital Classification by Means of Modified Fourier Transform
D. D. Carpintero, F. C. Wachlin (Universidad Nacional de La Plata - Argentina), L. A. Aguilar (Instituto de Astronomía, UNAM, Mexico)
25.02D A Statistical Approach to Quantifying the Evolution of Galaxies
R. J. Brunner (Caltech)
25.03 Quantitative Morphology of Galaxies in the Hubble Deep Field
F. R. Marleau (UC, Berkeley), L. Simard (UCO/Lick Obs., UCSC)
25.04D The Surface Brightness Fluctuations and Globular Cluster Populations of Virgo Elliptical and Lenticular Galaxies
E. H. Neilsen Jr., Z. I. Tsvetanov, H. C. Ford (Johns Hopkins University)
25.05 Neutral hydrogen in Hickson compact groups
B. A. Williams (U. Delaware)
25.06 A Comparative Analysis of Radial Abundance Distributions in Abell 496 and Abell 2199. Is the Central Abundance Enhancement Due to Stellar Mass-Loss?
R. A. Dupke, R. E. White III (U. Alabama)
25.07 Galactic Chemical Evolution at Low Metallicity
L. Saleh, T. Beers (Michigan State Univ.), G. J. Mathews (Univ. of Notre Dame)

Session 26. Proto Stars to Supernovae

Oral, Monday, 2:30-4:00pm, Sierra

26.01 SCUBA images of protostellar envelopes
C. J. Chandler, J. S. Richer (MRAO, Cambridge, UK)
26.02 Light Synthesis and Spectrum Synthesis Constraints on a Model for \beta Lyrae
A. P. Linnell (MSU), I. Hubeny (NASA/GSFC), P. Harmanec (Astronomical Institute, Academy of Sciences, Czech Republic)
26.03 Line-Driven Ablation and Wind Tilting by External Irradiation
K. Gayley (University of Iowa), S. Owocki (Bartol Research Inst.), S. Cranmer (Harvard Smithsonian)
26.04 Periodic X-ray Variability of Eta Carinae
M. F. Corcoran (USRA/LHEA/GSFC), K. Ishibashi, K. Davidson (U Minnesota), J. H. Swank, R. Petre (LHEA/GSFC), R. Viotti (IAS)
26.05 Rings in the RXTE/2-colour diagram of GRS 1915+105
O. Vilhu (Univ. Helsinki), J. Nevalainen (CfA)
26.06 The High Energy Rebirth of Supernova 1987A
K. Brecher (Boston U.)
26.07 The Luminous Type Ic SN 1992ar at z=0.145
A. Clocchiatti (Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile), M. M. Phillips, N. B. Suntzeff (CTIO), M. Turatto, E. Cappellaro (Osservatorio Astronomico di Padova), M. Hamuy (U. Arizona)

Session 27. IDEA Grants

Special, Oral, Monday, 2:30-4:00pm, Padre

27.01 IDEA Grants, Introduction
A. Kinney (STScI)
27.02 Overview of NASA Office of Space Science Educational Goals
R. Beebe (NMSU)
27.03 Dissemination of Educational Tools and Programs
C. Christian (STScI)
27.04 Evaluation as a Tool for Improvement
B. Eisenhamer, M. Donahue (STScI)
27.05 DuSable High School Internet Project and its influence in connecting Chicago Public Schools to the Internet
D. G. York, M. M. MacLow, B. Brown, L. M. Franco, L. M. Rebull, C. Graziani, J. Lauroesch (U. Chicago and Jean Baptiste DuSable HS)
27.06 Digital Technology in Science by Doing
G. Bothun (University of Oregon)

Session 28. HAD III - Astronomical Journal Sesquicentennial

Division, Oral, Monday, 2:30-4:00pm, Friars

28.01 HAD III, Introduction
W. Sullivan (U. Washington)
28.02 Observers, Publications, and Surveys: Astronomy in the United States in 1849
M. Rothenberg (Smithsonian Institution)
28.03 Benjamin Apthorp Gould and the Founding of The Astronomical Journal
O. Gingerich (Harvard-Smithsonian CfA)
28.04 The Astronomical Journal at Yale
D. Hoffleit (Yale)
28.05 The Astronomical Journal: A Mirror of Astronomy
K. Bracher (Whitman Coll.)

Session 29. Planets, Asteroids and Comets

Oral, Monday, 2:30-4:00pm, De Anza/Mesa

29.01 Strange Isotope Ratios in Jupiter
O. Manuel, D. Ragland, K. Windler, J. Zirbel, L. Johannes, A. Nolte (U Missouri - Rolla)
29.02D Resonance Lock and Planetary Dynamics
N. Haghighipour (U. Missouri-Columbia)
29.03 Gravitational Scattering of Asteroidal and Cometary Particles on the Planets: Analytical Technique
N. Gor'kavyi (Crimean Obs.), L. Ozernoy (CSI/GMU and GSFC/NASA), J. Mather (GSFC/NASA), T. Taidakova (Crimean Obs.)

Session 30. Observational Cosmology - Baryons, Mass and Age of The Universe: Tytler/Carlstrom

Invited, Monday, 4:10-5:40pm, Presidio

30.01 Cosmological Baryon Density
D. Tytler (UC San Diego)
30.02 Interferometric Imaging of the Sunyaev Zel'dovich Effect: the Age and Mass of the Universe
J. E. Carlstrom (University of Chicago)