Session List



Session 48. Workshop on the Future of Antarctic Astrophysics - I

Topical, Oral, Wednesday, 8:30-10:00am, 10:45am-12:30pm, Presidio

48.01 Antarctic, Introduction
J. E. Carlstrom (U. Chicago)
48.02 The History of Astronomy in the US Antarctic Program
J. Lynch (NSF)
48.03 Neutrino Astronomy: First Light--Using The South Pole IceCap
R. M. Morse (Physics Dept., U. Wisconsin)
48.04 The Python Cosmic Microwave Background Experiment
M. Dragovan (Dept. of Astronomy and Astrophysics University of Chicago)
48.05 AST/RO: Submillimeter Astronomy
A. P. Lane (Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics)
48.06 Atmospheric transparency at 350\thinspace \mum wavelength
S. J. E. Radford, M. A. Holdaway (NRAO), J. B. Peterson (CMU)
48.07 South Pole Site Quality in the 225GHz and 490GHz mm and sub-mm bands
R. A. Chamberlin (Caltech Submillimeter Observatory)
48.08 Ice as a Detector Medium
P. B. Price (UC, Berkeley)

Session 49. The Frontiers of Far Ultraviolet Astrophysics - I

Topical, Oral, Wednesday, 8:30-10:00am, 10:45am-12:30pm, Sierra/Padre

49.01 FUV, Introduction
G. Sonneborn (NASA's GSFC)
49.02 The Fascination of Far-UV Astrophysics
J. L. Linsky (JILA/Univ. Colorado)
49.03 Deuterium in the Galaxy
K. R. Sembach (Johns Hopkins University)
49.04 Intergalactic D/H, Metals, and Ionizing Background
J. M. Shull (Univ. of Colorado)
49.05 Observations of Hot, O VI-bearing Gases in Space: Past Conclusions and Future Prospects
E. B. Jenkins (Princeton U. Obs.)
49.06 Far-Ultraviolet Spectroscopy of Interstellar Molecular Hydrogen
T. P. Snow (University of Colorado)
49.07 Far Ultraviolet Observations of the Neutral Interstellar Medium
U. J. Sofia (Villanova University)

Session 50. Pulsars in the UV and Visible

Topical, Oral, Wednesday, 8:30-10:00am, 10:45am-12:30pm, Friars

50.01 Pulsars, Introduction
P. B. Etzel, J. F. Dolan (SDSU)
50.02 The Vector Model of Pulsar Emission: Observations in i the UV and Visible
J. F. Dolan (LASP, NASA GSFC and Dept. Astron., SDSU)
50.03 Pulsar Physics: Clues from Optical/UV Emission Models
R. W. Romani (Stanford University)
50.04 The Isolated, Radio-quiet Neutron Star RX J185635-3754: A View of the Photosphere of a Neutron Star
F. M. Walter, P. An (SUNY Stony Brook)
50.05 UV Spectra of Pulsars: Crab Pulsar from STIS
50.06 The Optical Spectrum of the LMC Pulsar B0540-69
R. J. Hill (Raytheon STX, NASA/GSFC)
50.07 Infrared Pulses from the Crab Nebula Pulsar: Implications for the Pulsar Emission Mechanism
S. S. Eikenberry (California Institute of Technology)
50.08 The Optical/X-ray Connection and the Standard Model
J. P. Finley (Purdue University)
50.09 X-Ray Emission From Rotation-Powered Pulsars
A. K. Harding (NASA/GSFC)
50.10 Theory of Braking Indices
A. Melatos (Astronomy Dept, UC Berkeley)
50.11 Reprocessed UV Pulses from Vela X-1
P. T. Boyd (USRA and LHEA NASA/GSFC), J. F. Dolan (LASP NASA/GSFC), R. J. Hill, J. M. Silvis (HSTX NASA/GSFC), E. L. Robinson (U Texas, Austin), J. W. Percival, R. C. Bless (U. Wisconsin), G. W. van Citters (NSF)

Session 51. Galaxy Evolution and the Intergalactic Medium

Display, Wednesday, 10:00am-6:30pm, Atlas Ballroom

51.01 The Physical Parameters Underlying the Sequence of Early-Type Galaxies
M. A. Pahre (Caltech and CfA), S. G. Djorgovski (Caltech), R. R. de Carvalho (Caltech and ON/Brazil)
51.02 The Bright Galaxies in the Hubble Deep Field
Y. Park (JHU), R. J. Allen, H. C. Ferguson, N. Panagia (STScI)
51.03 Evidence for an Environmental Dependence of the E/S0 Ridgeline
C. Stoughton, J. Annis, D. L. Tucker (Fermilab Experimental Astrophysics Group), Y. Hashimoto (Yale/OCIW), T. A. McKay, J. A. Smith (U. Michigan Physics Dept.)
51.04 Evolution in Emission-line and Broad-band Galaxy Luminosity Functions to Redshift Unity
D. W. Hogg (IAS), R. Blandford, J. G. Cohen (Caltech), M. A. Pahre (CfA)
51.05 Cosmic Evolution of CI, CII, and CO Luminosity of Galaxies
C. Campbell, J. Bally (University of Colorado)
51.06 Distant Ring Galaxies and the Galaxy Interaction Rate at High Redshift
M. D. Reed, R. J. Lavery, A. J. Remijan (Iowa State Univ.)
51.07 High Resolution Spectra of Low Redshift Damped Ly\alpha Absorption Systems
R. D. Cohen, E. A. Beaver, V. T. Junkkarinen, R. W. Lyons, H. E. Smith (CASS/UCSD)
51.08 Highly Ionized HVCs: Intergalactic Gas in the Local Group?
K. R. Sembach (JHU), B. D. Savage (U. Wisconsin), L. Lu (Caltech), E. Murphy (JHU)
51.09 Local HVC System and Low z Ly-\alpha Forest
C. Mallouris, D. G. York (U. Chicago), K. Lanzetta (SUNY at Stony Brook)
51.10 Spectroscopy of QSO Triplets: Probing the Shape of Lyman Alpha Forest Absorbers
A. P. S. Crotts (Columbia University)
51.11 Lyman-alpha Cloud Parameters at High Redshift
W. J. Azzam (U.A.E. University)

Session 52. Source Surveys and CMB Radiation

Display, Wednesday, 10:00am-6:30pm, Atlas Ballroom

52.01 Results from the Columbia/VATT Microlensing Survey of M31
R. Uglesich, A. P. S. Crotts (Columbia U.), A. B. Tomaney (U. Washington), G. Gyuk (SISSA)
52.02 Using NICMOS to Extend the Infrared Surface Brightness Fluctuation Distance Scale
J. B. Jensen (Gemini 8m Telescopes Project), J. L. Tonry (IfA, U. Hawaii), R. Thompson (Steward Obs.), T. Lauer, E. Ajhar (NOAO), M. Postman (STScI), M. Rieke (Steward Obs.), R. Weymann (Carnegie Obs.)
52.03 The Sandage Two-color (U,B) Survey of the Galactic Plane: Status Report on the Continuing Search for Faint UV-Bright Objects
H. H. Lanning (CSC/STScI), M. Meakes (STScI)
52.04 HST Snapshot Survey of 3CR Radio Source Counterparts. III. Radio Galaxies with z<0.1
A. R. Martel, S. A. Baum, W. B. Sparks, E. Wyckoff, J. A. Biretta, D. Golombek, F. D. Macchetto (STScI), P. J. McCarthy (Carnegie Inst.), S. de Koff, G. K. Miley (Leiden Observatory)
52.05 Pearson-Readhead VLBI Survey Sources Observed with the VSOP Space VLBI Mission
S. J. Tingay, R. A. Preston, D. W. Murphy, D. L. Meier (JPL), T. J. Pearson, A. C. S. Readhead (Caltech), H. Hirabayashi, H. Kobayashi (ISAS), M. Inoue (NRO)
52.06 IR-Radio Correlation Using the NVSS and the 1.2 Jy IRAS Catalog
N. Molayem, E. Wright (UCLA)
52.07 Analysis of Results from the Dwingeloo Obscured Galaxies Survey
A. Rivers, P. A. Henning (UNM), R. C. Kraan-Korteweg (U. Guanajuato), O. Lahav (U. Cambridge), W. B. Burton (U. Leiden)
52.08 First Results from the HI Parkes Southern Zone of Avoidance Survey
P. A. Henning (UNM), L. Staveley-Smith, R. D. Ekers (ATNF), A. J. Green (U. Sydney), R. F. Haynes (ATNF), S. Juraszek (U. Sydney), M. J. Kesteven, B. S. Koribalski (ATNF), R. C. Kraan-Korteweg (U. Guanajuato), R. M. Price (ATNF), E. M. Sadler (U. Sydney)
52.09 A Redshift Survey in the Field J0053+1234
J. G. Cohen (Caltech), D. W. Hogg (Caltech and Institute for Advanced Studies), R. Blandford (Caltech), M. A. Pahre (Caltech and Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory)
52.10 A Pointwise Dimension Analysis of the ACO Catalog
J. Best (Shepherd College)
52.11 The Spectrum of Mass Fluctuations as Derived from the Weak Lensing of FIRST Radio Sources
D. J. Helfand, S. Brown, M. Kamionkowski, C. Cress (Columbia U.), A. Refregier (Princeton U.), R. H. Becker (IGPP and UC Davis), R. L. White (STScI)
52.12 The Spatial and Angular Three-Point Correlation Functions of a Biased Mass Distribution in CDM Models
A. Buchalter, M. Kamionkowski (Columbia University)
52.13 Imaging the Cosmic Microwave Background: the Degree Angular Scale Interferometer
J. Kovac, J. E. Carlstrom, M. Dragovan, W. L. Holzapfel, N. W. Halverson (University of Chicago)
52.14 Anisotropy in the Cosmic Microwave Background: Results from Python V
K. Coble, J. Kovac, M. Dragovan, N. Halverson, W. Holzapfel (U. of Chicago), D. Alvarez, J. B. Peterson, G. Griffin, M. Newcomb (Carnegie-Mellon U.), K. Miller (U. of Colorado), S. R. Platt (U. of Arizona), G. Novak (Northwestern U.), S. Dodelson (Fermilab), K. Ganga (IPAC/Caltech), L. Knox (CITA)
52.15 On the Possibility of an Elastic Space Model of the Metagalaxy
V. P. Polulyakh (Continuum)

Session 53. SNs, Planetaries and Circumstellar Disks

Display, Wednesday, 10:00am-6:30pm, Atlas Ballroom

53.01 An Atlas of Line-resolved Images of ASCA Supernova Remnants
E. V. Gotthelf (NASA/GSFC/USRA)
53.02 Gamma Ray Emission from the Vicinity of the Supernova Remnant G312.4-0.4
G. L. Case, D. Bhattacharya (U. C. Riverside)
53.03 Kinematics of the Young, Oxygen-Rich Supernova Remnant G292.0+1.8
B. J. Walldroff, P. F. Winkler (Middlebury College), J. A. Morse (U. Colorado)
53.04 Hubble Space Telescope/WFPC2 Images of Four Nova Shells
F. A. Ringwald, R. A. Wade, J. A. Orosz, R. B. Ciardullo (PSU)
53.05 Spatially Resolved X-ray Spectroscopy of the Supernova Remnant G296.1-0.7
K. A. Flanagan (MIT Center for Space Research), U. Hwang (NASA/GSFC), C. R. Canizares, T. H. Markert (MIT Center for Space Research)
53.06 Identifying Shock Structures in Supernova Remnants
B. Koralesky, L. Rudnick (U of MN), W. M. Goss, D. A. Frail, M. J. Claussen (NRAO/AOC), R. Petre, E. V. Gotthelf, J. W. Keohane (NASA/GSFC), M. C. H. Wright (U of C, Berkeley), J. R. Dickel (U of IL, U-C), A. J. Green (U. of Sydney)
53.07 The RXTE X-Ray Spectrum of SN 1006 and the Implications for Cosmic-Ray Acceleration
G. E. Allen, R. Petre, E. V. Gotthelf (NASA/GSFC)
53.08 Prospects for Detailed Line Spectroscopy of the SNR in the Magellanic Clouds
J. Spodek, S. Kahn, A. Rasmussen (Columbia University)
53.09 V and R Magnitudes for Planetary Nebula Central Stars in the MACHO Project Galactic Bulge Fields
J. Lutz (WSU), D. Alves (LLNL), A. Becker (UW), T. Vandehei, K. Griest (UCSD), M. Lehner (Sheffield), C. Alcock, K. Cook, S. Marshall, D. Minniti (LLNL), R. Allsman, K. Freeman, B. Peterson, A. Rodgers (MSSSO), M. Pratt (MIT), C. Stubbs, A. B. Tomaney (UW), D. Bennett (Notre Dame), P. Quinn (ESO), W. Sutherland (Oxford), D. Welch (McMaster)
53.10 A Search for Radio SNRs in the Irregular Galaxies NGC 4449 and IC 1613
C. K. Lacey (Univ. Nacional Autonoma Mexico), W. M. Goss (NRAO), N. Duric (U. of New Mexico), M. Rosado, M. Valdez (Univ. Nacional Autonoma Mexico)
53.11 Detections and Characteristics of Supernova Remnants in Eight Nearby Spiral and Irregular Galaxies
T. G. Pannuti, N. Duric (University of New Mexico)
53.12 An Evaluation of the Richtmeyer-Meshkov Instability in Supernova Remnant Formation
R. P. Drake (U. Michigan), J. Kane (U. Arizona), B. A. Remington (LLNL)
53.13 Molecular Gas Associated with Wolf-Rayet Ring Nebulae
J. Welzmiller, A. P. Marston (Drake University), J. Black (Onsala Space Observatory, Sweden)
53.14 Imaging and Kinematics of Multiple Ring Nebulae Around Wolf-Rayet Stars in M33
A. P. Marston (Drake University), L. Drissen (U. Laval, Canada)
53.15 Observations of CO Isotopes in Planetary Nebulae
D. S. Balser, J. P. McMullin (NRAO), T. L. Wilson (MPIfR, SMTO)
53.16 OH 1720 MHz Masers in Supernova Remnants --- C-Shock Indicators
P. Lockett (Centre College), E. Gauthier (Johns Hopkins University), M. Elitzur (U.Kentucky)
53.17 Extended X--ray Emission from the Planetary Nebulae BD+303639
D. Leahy, S. Kwok, D. Yin (U. Calgary)
53.18 The X-ray Properties of SNRs in Diffuse Media
R. L. Shelton (NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center)
53.19 HST Imagery and Temperature Fluctuations for the PN NGC 6818
R. H. Rubin (NASA/Ames, Orion Enterprises), R. J. Dufour, M. Browning (Rice University), J. P. Harrington (U. of Maryland)
53.20 Models of Main Sequence Circumstellar Disks Based on IRAS SEDs and Angular Sizes
D. B. Dahari, D. E. Backman (Franklin and Marshall College)
53.21 A Circumstellar Disk around HR 4796
D. W. Koerner (U. Pennsylvania), D. Backman (Franklin and Marshall College), M. Ressler, M. Werner (JPL)

Session 54. Star Clusters, Kinematics and the Galactic Center

Display, Wednesday, 10:00am-6:30pm, Atlas Ballroom

54.01 A Complete Sample of Hot UV-Bright Stars in Globular Clusters
W. Landsman (Raytheon STX), S. Moehler, R. Napiwotzki (U.Erlangen-Nurnberg), T. Stecher (NASA/GSFC)
54.02 The Age of the Globular Cluster NGC 6652 from WFPC2 Imaging
B. Chaboyer (Steward Obs.), T. Armandroff (KPNO), A. Sarajedini (San Francisco State U.)
54.03 Hubble Space Telescope Imaging of Globular Clusters in the Fornax Cluster
C. J. Grillmair (SIRTF Science Center, Caltech), D. A. Forbes (U. Birmingham), J. Brodie (Lick Obs.), R. Elson (U. Cambridge)
54.04 Optical Spectroscopy of Globular Clusters in M81 with the W.M. Keck Telescope
L. L. Schroder, J. P. Brodie (UCO/Lick Obs.)
54.05 Multiplicity Survey of Alpha Persei: Studying the Effects and Evolution of Companions
J. Patience, A. M. Ghez (UCLA), I. N. Reid, K. Matthews (Caltech)
54.06 On the Identification of New Low-mass Members of the Alpha Persei Cluster and Rotation Periods of Open Cluster Stars
C. F. Prosser (NOAO)
54.07 Mu Leo and the Metal-Rich, Old Open Cluster NGC 6791
R. C. Peterson (UCO/Lick), E. M. Green (Steward/UofA)
54.08 The Reality of the Stars Found Below the Horizontal Branch in M 92
A. G. D. Philip (ISO and Union College)
54.09 Magnetic Flux Accumulation at the Galactic Center and its Implications for the Strength of the Pre-Galactic Magnetic Field
B. D. G. Chandran, S. C. Cowley, M. Morris (UCLA)
54.10 The Galactic Center Radio Threads: A Multi-Frequency, Polarimetric Study
C. C. Lang, M. Morris, L. Echevarria (UCLA)
54.11 Spectroscopic Studies of Microlensed Sources Towards the Galactic Bulge
S. Kane, K. Sahu (STScI)
54.12 Metallicity Dependent Kinematics of F Stars from HIPPARCOS Data
A. Suchkov, M. McMaster (STScI)
54.13 The hk,(b-y) Metallicity Calibration for Metal-Poor Red Giants
B. J. Anthony-Twarog, B. A. Twarog (U. Kansas)

Session 55. New Digital Sky Surveys

Display, Wednesday, 10:00am-6:30pm, Atlas Ballroom

55.01 GSC-II: An Overview of the Database System
G. Greene, B. McLean (STScI), A. Volpicelli (OATo)
55.02 JPL's Near-Earth Asteroid Tracking (NEAT) Program: A fully automated, remotely controlled, digital sky survey.
D. Rabinowitz, E. Helin, K. Lawrence, S. Pravdo (JPL)
55.03 Spatial Density Reconstruction of the Large Magellanic Cloud galaxy: Halo Profile and the limits on the LMC mass
S. Nikolaev, M. D. Weinberg (U. Massachusetts)
55.04 Field Brown Dwarfs Discovered by 2MASS and the Definition of a New Spectral Type Cooler Than "M"
J. D. Kirkpatrick, R. M. Cutri, B. Nelson, C. A. Beichman (IPAC, Caltech), I. N. Reid (Caltech), J. Liebert (U.Arizona), C. C. Dahn, D. G. Monet (U.S.Naval Observatory, Flagstaff), M. F. Skrutskie (U.Massachusetts, Amherst)
55.05 Morphological Galaxy Counts from the Digitized POSS-II
S. C. Odewahn, S. G. Djorgovski, R. Gal (Caltech), R. R. de Carvalho (Observatorio Nacional, Brasil)
55.06 SkyMorph: A 3-Dimensional Sky Archive
S. H. Pravdo, E. H. Helin, D. L. Rabinowitz, K. J. Lawrence (JPL), T. A. McGlynn (GSFC)
55.07 New Populations of IR-Selected AGN: Initial Results From 2MASS
B. Nelson, R. M. Cutri, J. D. Kirkpatrick, C. A. Beichman, C. Lonsdale (IPAC), J. Huchra (CfA), M. F. Skrutskie (U. Massachusetts, Amherst)
55.08 The Amateur Sky Survey (TASS): Two years and counting
M. W. Richmond (RIT), T. Droege, C. Albertson, G. Gombert, M. Gutzwiller, H. Johnson, R. Wickersham (TASS), A. Henden (USRA/USNO), N. Beser, M. Pittinger, B. Kluga (JHU/APL)
55.09 The New APS Catalog of the POSS I
J. R. Kriessler, R. M. Humphreys, J. E. Cabanela, R. F. Rees Jr., H. Ngo, J. Srivastava (U. Minnesota)
55.10 GSC-II: An Overview of Current Catalogue Construction
B. McLean, B. Lasker (STScI), M. Lattanzi (OATo)
55.11 2MASS Galaxy Catalog: First Results
T. Chester, T. Jarrett (IPAC, Caltech/JPL), S. Schneider, M. Skrutskie (UMASS Astronomy Program), J. Huchra (Harvard-Smithsonian CfA)
55.12 Color Space Simulation in SDSS System
X. Fan (Princeton University Observatory)
55.13 A Digital Emission-Line Survey of the Small Magellanic Cloud
Y. Rathore, P. F. Winkler (Middlebury College), R. C. Smith (U. Michigan and CTIO)
55.14 NoSOCS: The Northern Sky Optical Cluster Survey
R. Gal, S. C. Odewahn, S. G. Djorgovski, R. Brunner (Palomar Observatory, Caltech), R. R. DeCarvalho (CNPq/ON, Brazil)
55.15 2MASS Galaxy Colors: Hercules Cluster
T. H. Jarrett (IPAC/Caltech/JPL), T. Chester (IPAC/Caltech/JPL), J. Huchra (CfA), S. Schneider (Univ. of Massachusetts)
55.16 The Halo Population of Very-Low-Mass, Metal-Poor Stars
J. E. Gizis (U. Mass at Amherst), I. N. Reid (Caltech)
55.17 2MASS Brown Dwarfs and the Substellar Mass Function
I. N. Reid (Palomar Obs., Caltech), D. Kirkpatrick, C. A. Beichman (IPAC, Caltech), J. Liebert, A. Burrows (U. Arizona), M. Skrutskie (U. Massachusetts)
55.18 The APS-Luyten Proper Motion Project
R. F. Rees Jr., R. M. Humphreys, C. S. Cornuelle (U.Minnesota)
55.19 Over a Quarter Million Galaxies at the North Galactic Pole
J. Cabanela, R. M. Humphreys (U. Minnesota)
55.20 Correlating FIRST and DPOSS: A Search for Radio-loud Quasars at z \sim 4
D. Stern, H. Spinrad (UC Berkeley), W. van Breugel (IGPP), S. Djorgovski, S. Odewahn, R. Gal (Caltech), R. de Carvalho (ON/CNPq, Brasil)

Session 56. Frontiers of Ultraviolet Astrophysics

Display, Wednesday, 10:00am-6:30pm, Atlas Ballroom

56.01 The Halo Ultraviolet Explorer
J. Murthy (JHU)
56.02 Simulations of FUSE spectra of A-type and cooler stars: D/H and warm plasma emission
D. O'Neal, J. L. Linsky (JILA/U. Colorado)
56.03 ORFEUS Observations of the Contact Binary 44i Boo
N. S. Brickhouse, A. K. Dupree (Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory)
56.04 Warm Winds of Hybrid Stars
A. K. Dupree, N. S. Brickhouse (SAO)
56.05 An IUE Far Ultraviolet Spectral Atlas
J. S. Nichols (Caltech/IPAC), J. L. Linsky (JILA/U. Colorado)

Session 57. Interstellar Scattering and Scintillation as Tools in Radio Astronomy

Display, Wednesday, 10:00am-6:30pm, Atlas Ballroom

57.01 Characterization of Refractive Scintillation Events detected in Pulsars Timing at the Nancay Radiotelescope
I. Cognard, J. -F. Lestrade (LPCE/CNRS and Obs. de Paris/Meudon)
57.02 High-Frequency Scattering of the Crab Pulsar Giant Radio Pulses
T. H. Hankins (New Mexico Tech), D. A. Moffett (University of Tasmania)
57.03 An Intra-Day Variability (IDV) Survey of Southern flat-spectrum radio Sources
L. Kedziora-Chudczer (ATNF, CSIRO and RCTA, Sydney U.), D. L. Jauncey, M. Wieringa, J. E. Reynolds, A. K. Tzioumis (ATNF, CSIRO), G. D. Nicolson (Hartebeesthoek Radio Astron. Obs.), M. A. Walker (RCTA, Sydney U.)

Session 58. Future of Antarctic Astrophysics

Display, Wednesday, 10:00am-6:30pm, Atlas Ballroom

58.01 Education and Outreach from the End of the Earth
R. H. Landsberg (CARA - The University of Chicago)
58.02 The Submillimeter Polarimeter for Antarctic Remote Observations
G. Novak, J. L. Dotson, T. Renbarger, D. Chuss (Northwestern University)
58.03 The Viper Telescope : An Instrument to Measure Primary and Secondary CMB Anisotropy at Small Scales
G. Griffin, J. Peterson, K. Romer, D. Alvarez, C. Cantalupo, D. Morgan, M. Newcomb, M. Vincent (CMU Physics Dept.), K. Miller (U. Colorado), G. Novak (Northwestern U.), M. Dragovan (U. Chicago), B. Crone (LANL)
58.04 Three-Point Correlations in the Microwave Sky at 90 GHz
J. Jewell, M. Dragovan (Univ. of Chicago, IL.)
58.05 AST/RO CO (4-3) Observations of the Central Kiloparsec of the Milky Way
T. M. Bania, A. D. Bolatto, M. Huang, J. G. Ingalls, J. M. Jackson (Boston U.), G. W. Wright (Lucent Tech.), A. P. Lane, M. Rumitz, R. W. Wilson, A. A. Stark, X. Zhang (SAO)
58.06 AST/RO Observations of Atomic Carbon in the Galactic Center
R. Ojha, A. A. Stark, A. P. Lane, M. Rumitz, R. W. Wilson (Harvard Smithsonian CfA), R. A. Chamberlin (CSO), G. Wright (Lucent Tech.), T. M. Bania, A. D. Bolatto, M. Huang, J. G. Ingalls, J. M. Jackson (Boston U.)
58.07 AST/RO Studies of Carbon Gas in High-Latitude Clouds
J. G. Ingalls, T. M. Bania, J. M. Jackson (Boston U.), R. A. Chamberlin (Caltech Submillimeter Obs.), A. P. Lane, M. Rumitz, A. A. Stark (SAO)
58.08 AST/RO Observations of Photodissociations Regions in a Metal-Poor Environment
A. D. Bolatto, J. M. Jackson, T. M. Bania, M. Huang, J. G. Ingalls (Boston U.), R. A. Chamberlin (Caltech Submillimeter Obs.), G. W. Wright (Lucent Tech.), S. P. Balm (UCLA), A. P. Lane, M. Rumitz, R. W. Wilson, A. A. Stark (SAO)
58.09 AST/RO C I and CO 4-3 Observations of the NGC 6334 Star Forming Region
J. M. Jackson, T. M. Bania, A. D. Bolatto, M. Huang, J. G. Ingalls (Boston U.), R. A. Chamberlin (Caltech Submillimeter Obs.), G. W. Wright (Lucent Tech.), A. P. Lane, M. Rumitz, R. W. Wilson, A. A. Stark (SAO)
58.10 AST/RO Observations of [CI] in Galactic H\thinspace II Regions
M. Huang, T. M. Bania, A. Bolatto, R. A. Chamberlin, J. G. Ingalls, J. Jackson (Boston U.), A. A. Stark, A. P. Lane, M. Rumitz, R. W. Wilson (SAO), G. Wright (Lucent Tech.)
58.11 IMAPS observations of NI in the local ISM
C. J. Krull, B. Y. Welsh, J. Vallerga (Eureka Scientific), R. Lallement (Service d'Aeronomie, CNRS, France)

Session 59. NSF Town Meeting

Extra, Oral, Wednesday, 1:00-2:00pm, Friars

59.01 NSF, Introduction
H. M. Van Horn (NSF)

Session 60. Committee on the Status of Women in Astronomy

Committee, Oral, Wednesday, 1:00-2:00pm, DeAnza/Mesa

60.01 The Mathematics of Truth and Beauty: Emmy Noether, Symmetry and the Seduction of a Science Writer
K. C. Cole (LA Times)

Session 61. IRAF Users' Group Meeting

Extra, Oral, Wednesday, 1:00-2:00pm, Forum

61.01 IRAF, Introduction
G. Jacoby (U. Arizona)

Session 62. Workshop on the Future of Antarctic Astrophysics - II

Topical, Oral, Wednesday, 2:00-5:30pm, Presidio

62.01 Submillimeter Spectroscopy of Hydride Molecules
T. G. Phillips (Caltech)
62.02 Molecular Gas in the Magellanic Clouds
F. P. Israel (Sterrewacht Leiden)
62.03 Shocking Changes to Molecular Clouds
G. J. Melnick (CfA)
62.04 Infrared Astronomy and Star Formation from Antarctica
M. G. Burton (UNSW)
62.05 Studies on Cloud Structure with a 10m SP submm telescope
R. Güsten (MPI für Radioastronomie)
62.06 Ultraluminous Infrared Galaxies
D. B. Sanders (University of Hawaii)
62.07 A Submillimeter Survey of Lensing Clusters
A. Blain (University of Cambridge)
62.08 Formation and Evolution of Luminous IR Galaxies
C. J. Lonsdale (IPAC, Caltech and JPL)
62.09 Formation and Signatures of the First Stars and Quasars
Z. Haiman (Harvard University)
62.10 Submillimeter Extragalactic Observations from the South Pole
J. Zmuidzinas (Caltech)
62.11 Scientific Context for CMB Anisotropy Observations
E. L. Wright (UCLA Astronomy)
62.12 Prospects for Measuring the Peculiar Velocity Field of Distant Clusters Via the Kinetic Sunyaev-Zeldovich Effect
A. E. Lange, S. E. Church (Caltech), W. Holzapfel (U. Chicago)
62.13 Stability of the South Pole Atmosphere at Centimeter Wavelengths
N. Halverson (U. of Chicago), O. Lay (U. of California, Berkeley)
62.14 Searching for Distant Clusters with the Sunyaev-Zeldovich Effect
W. Holzapfel (UC, Berkeley)
62.15 Measuring Polarization in the CMBR from Antarctica
J. Ruhl (UC Santa Barbara)
62.16 Very High Energy Gamma-Rays and Neutrinos from AGN
F. W. Stecker (NASA Goddard Space Flight Center)
62.17 Very High Energy Gamma-Ray Astronomy
R. C. Lamb (CalTech)
62.18 High-energy Cosmic Rays
J. Matthews (LSU)
62.19 The AMANDA Neutrino Telescope: Status and Latest Results
D. M. Lowder (Dept. Physics, UC, Berkeley)
62.20 Advantages of a South Pole Station for Microlensing Planet Searches
A. Gould (Ohio State University)
62.21 Gravitational Microlensing Planet Searches from an Antarctic Site
D. Bennett (U. Notre Dame)
62.22 Search for Extra-Solar Planets through Monitoring Microlensing Events from Antarctica
K. C. Sahu (STScI)
62.23 Detection of Extrasolar Planets by Transit Photometry in the Antarctic
W. J. Borucki, D. G. Koch, J. J. Lissauer (NASA Ames Research Center), T. M. Brown (NCAR, High Altitude Obs.), J. M. Jenkins (SETI Inst.), E. T. Dunham (Lowell Obs.)
62.24 Direct Detection of Planets and Brown Dwarfs from Antarctica
B. Macintosh (LLNL)
62.25 Photometric Searches for Extra-Solar Planets
J. Bally (U. of Colorado)
62.26 The South Pole 10m Submillimeter-wave Telescope
A. A. Stark (Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory)
62.27 A Large-aperture IR Telescope
J. W. V. Storey (University of NSW)
62.28 ICECUBE: The Future of Neutrino Astronomy
F. Halzen (U. Wisconsin, Madison)

Session 63. The Frontiers of Far Ultraviolet Astrophysics - II

Topical, Oral, Wednesday, 2:00-5:30pm, Sierra/Padre

63.01 Science Highlights from the ORFEUS Missions
M. Hurwitz (SSL / U.C. Berkeley)
63.02 Cataclysmic Variables: FUV Insights on Accretion Disks and Accreting White Dwarfs
P. Szkody (U. Washington)
63.03 Far Ultraviolet Observations of Hot-Star Winds
A. W. Fullerton (U. Victoria / Johns Hopkins)
63.04 Far UV Spectroscopy: Atmospheric Processes in Cool Stars
N. S. Brickhouse (SAO)
63.05 Star-Forming Galaxies in the Far-Ultraviolet
C. Leitherer (STScI)
63.06 Far-UV Spectra of Active Galactic Nuclei
G. Kriss (JHU)

Session 64. New Digital Surveys in the Optical and Near IR: Technical Challenges and Scientific Opportunities - II

Topical, Oral, Wednesday, 2:00-5:30pm, Friars

64.01 New Digital Sky Surveys: Introductory Comments
S. G. Djorgovski (Caltech), C. Beichman (IPAC)
64.02 The Two Micron All Sky Survey: One Year of Operations
R. M. Cutri (IPAC/Caltech)
64.03 The ST ScI Digitized Sky Surveys and the Second Guide Star Catalog
B. M. Lasker, STScI Sky-Survey Team (STScI)
64.04 Current Status of the DPOSS Effort at Caltech
S. C. Odewahn (Caltech)
64.05 The Sloan Digital Sky Survey Archive
A. Szalay (JHU)
64.06 The Digital Sky Project: Database Technologies and Techniques
R. J. Brunner (Caltech)