AAS Meeting #193 - Austin, Texas, January 1999
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Session 101. Cataclysmic Variables and Novae

Display, Saturday, January 9, 1999, 9:20am-4:00pm, Exhibit Hall 1

101.01 The Fe-L Complex in Cataclysmic Variables
Koji Mukai (NASA/GSFC and USRA)
101.02 The Formation and Subsequent Evolution of Cataclysmic Variables with Brown Dwarf Secondaries
M. Politano (Ariz. St. U.), U. Kolb (U. Leicester), I. Baraffe (Obs. Lyon)
101.03 Irradiation and Enhanced Magnetic Braking in Cataclysmic Variables
P. J. McCormick (Microsoft), J Frank (Louisiana State University)
101.04 HST observations of Cataclysmic Variables in the Globular Cluster 47 Tucanae
P.D. Edmonds (HCO), R. L. Gilliland, M. Livio, L.D. Petro (STScI), W.V Van Hamme (FIU), G. Meylan (ESO), D. Minniti (LLNL), C. Pryor (Rutgers), E.S. Phinney (CalTech), B Sams (MPI), C.G. Tinney (AAO)
101.05 Determining Turn-off Times for ONeMg Novae in the IUE Archives
K.M. Vanlandingham, G.J. Schwarz, S. Starrfield (Arizona State University), S.N. Shore (Indiana University South Bend)
101.06 Hydrodynamic Studies of the Evolution of the Extraordinary Nova LMC 1991
S. Starrfield, G.J. Schwarz (ASU), J.W. Truran (Chicago), W.M. Sparks (LANL)
101.07 The Impact of Nuclear Reaction Rate Uncertainties on Evolutionary Studies of the Nova Outburst
W.R. Hix (JIHIR/UTenn/ORNL), M.S. Smith (ORNL), A. Mezzacappa (ORNL/UTenn), S. Starrfield (ASU)
101.08 Multiwavelength observations of nova LMC 1991 during pre-maximum
G.J. Schwarz, S. Starrfield (Arizona State University), P.H. Hauschildt (University of Georgia, Athens), S.N. Shore (Indiana University South Bend)
101.09 Modeling the Evolution of the Dust Shell Around Nova Centauri 1991
D.M. Leeber, T.E. Harrison (NMSU), G.S. Stringfellow (U of Colorado), J.J. Johnson (NMSU)
101.10 Classical Novae at Apache Point Observatory
J. J. Johnson, J. J. Hoffman, T. E. Harrison (NMSU)
101.11 The Infrared Spectroscopic Parallaxes of Three Dwarf Novae
T. E. Harrison, B. J. McNamara (NMSU), P. Szkody (U. Wash.), A. Klemola (UCO Lick), R. L. Gilliland (STScI)
101.12 Limitations on Luminosity Classification of Red Stars using BVI (Kron-Cousins) Photometry
T. H. Robertson (Ball State University)
101.13 Inclination-Dependent SPH Simulation Time Series of Superhump Oscillations
M. A. Wood (Florida Inst. of Technology), C. J. Burke (Yale University), J. C. Simpson (Computer Sciences Raytheon)

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