AAS Meeting #193 - Austin, Texas, January 1999
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Session 3. Galaxy Evolution and Surveys II - High Redshift

Display, Wednesday, January 6, 1999, 9:20am-6:30pm, Exhibit Hall 1

3.01 Morphological Peculiarity Indices of Local and Distant Galaxies
K. L. Wu (UCSC), S. M. Faber (UCO/Lick), T. R. Lauer (KPNO/NOAO)
3.02 Age and Metallicity of F-type Stars
T. Lanz (U Maryland/GSFC), S.R. Heap (NASA/GSFC), T.M. Brown, I. Hubeny (NOAO/GSFC), S. Yi (Caltech)
3.03 The Multiple Phases of Interstellar and Halo Gas in a Possible Group of Galaxies at z~
J.C. Charlton, C.W. Churchill (Penn State Univ.)
3.04 CIV Absorption and MgII Cloud Kinematics in Galaxies at z~
R.R. Mellon, C.W. Churchill, J.C. Charlton, D.P Schneider (Penn State), B.T. Jannuzi (NOAO), S. Kirhakos (IAS), C.C. Steidel (Caltech)
3.05 Distant Ring Galaxies and the Galaxy Interaction Rate at High Redshift - II
A. J. Remijan (U. Illinois), R. J. Lavery, M. D. Reed (Iowa State U.)
3.06 An Emission-Line Search for the Formation Epoch of the Smallest Galaxies
C. L. Martin (STScI), J. Lotz (JHU), H. C. Ferguson (STScI)
3.07 Chemical Properties of Star-Forming Emission Line Galaxies at z=0.1 - 0.5
C. Kobulnicky, D. Zaritsky (UC Santa Cruz)
3.08 Spectral indices predicted by a new spectral evolution model of galaxies
G.A. Vazquez, J.J. Gonzalez (Instituto de Astronomia U.N.A.M. Mexico, D.F.)

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