AAS Meeting #193 - Austin, Texas, January 1999
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Session 45. Spectral Observations of Stars

Display, Thursday, January 7, 1999, 9:20am-6:30pm, Exhibit Hall 1

45.01 Another r-Process-Enriched Halo Star: HD 115444
J. Westin, C. Sneden (U. Texas), B. Gustafsson, B. Edvardsson (Uppsala U.), J.J. Cowan (U. Oklahoma)
45.02 The Chromosphere, Wind, and Mass-Loss Rate of \lambda~Velorum (K5~Ib) as Revealed by UV Emission Line Profiles
K.G. Carpenter (NASA/GSFC), R.D. Robinson (IACS/CUA), G.M. Harper, P.D. Bennett, A. Brown (CASA/UCO), D.J. Mullan (Bartol/UDE)
45.03 Time-resolved EUVE and ASCA Spectroscopy of the Spotted RS CVn Star EI Eridani
R. A. Osten, A. Brown (CASA, University of Colorado)
45.04 HD 101065: Improved Identification Lists
C.R. Cowley (UM), W.P. Bidelman (CWR), G. Mathys (ESO)
45.05 Ultraviolet and Optical Line Profile Variations in the Spectrum of Epsilon Persei
D. R. Gies (CHARA, GSU), E. Kambe (National Defense Academy, Japan), T. Josephs (CHARA, GSU)
45.06 The R-Process and the Radioactive Ages of Stars
J. J. Cowan (U. Oklahoma), B. Pfeiffer, K. L. Kratz (U. Mainz), F. K. Thielemann (U. Basel), C. Sneden (U. Texas), S. Burles (U. Chicago), D. Tytler (UCSD), T. C. Beers (Michigan State U.)
45.07 Abundances in A-type Horizontal Branch Stars
R. Wilhelm (University of Texas), V. V. Smith (University of Texas at El Paso)
45.08 Elemental Abundance Analysis of Three Post-AGB Candidates
B.E. Reddy (Valparaiso University), Bruce J. Hrivnak (Valparaiso University), E.J. Bakker (University of Texas)
45.09 Improved Abundances in Przybylski's Star
D.J. Bord (UMD), C.R. Cowley (UM), T.A. Ryabchikova (IA,RuAS), G. Mathys (ESO)
45.10 HST/STIS Echelle Spectra of the dM0e Star AU Mic Outside of Flares
J.L. Linsky (JILA), R.D. Robinson (IACS/CUA), L. Carkner (JILA), B. Woodgate (GSFC/NASA), G. Timothy (Nightsen Inc.)
45.11 Mid-infrared Spectroscopy of M dwarfs with SCORE
J.C. Wilson, J.E. Van Cleve, J.R. Houck (Cornell University)
45.12 A New Exploration of the Spectrum of CS 22892-052
C. Sneden (U. Texas), G.M. Fuller (UCSD), S. Burles (U. Chicago), T.C. Beers (Michigan State U.), J.J. Cowan (U. Oklahoma)
45.13 HST/STIS Observations of the 1997/98 Eclipse of VV Cephei
W. H. Bauer (Wellesley Coll.), P. D. Bennett, A. Brown (CASA, U. Colorado)
45.14 Exploration of the Lithium-Star-Planet Connection in Solar-Type Systems
G.R. Stanley, Jr., W.D. Cochran, C. Sneden (U.Texas-Austin Astronomy Dept. \& McDonald Observatory)
45.15 86 GHz SiO Maser Emission Towards Mira
R.B. Phillips (MIT Haystack Observatory), D.A. Boboltz (U.S. Naval Observatory), E.B. Ambrose (Vanderbilt University)
45.16 A New Approach to Copper Abundances in Metal-Poor Stars
E.J. Brugamyer, C. Sneden (U. Texas), J.R. King (STScI), A.M. Boesgaard (U. Hawaii), C.P. Deliyannis (Indiana U.)
45.17 Non-confirmation of 8 EUVE Long Wavelength "No-ID" Sources
J.V. Vallerga, N. Craig, H. Thai (Space Sciences Lab, U.C. Berkeley)

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