AAS Meeting #193 - Austin, Texas, January 1999
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Session 97. Extra-Solar Planets and the Search for Life

Display, Saturday, January 9, 1999, 9:20am-4:00pm, Exhibit Hall 1

97.01 Concept for a Large Space Telescope for Detailed Spectroscopy of Terrestrial exo-planets
J. R. P. Angel, N. J. Woolf, J. H. Burge (U. Arizona)
97.02 The Lick Observatory Planet Search
D. A. Fischer (SFSU), R. P. Butler (AAO), G. W. Marcy (SFSU, UCB), S. S. Vogt (UCO Lick, UCSC)
97.03 Extrasolar Planets: Masses and Orbits
G.W. Marcy (SFSU/UCB), R.P. Butler (AAO), S.S. Vogt (UCOLICK/UCSC), D.A. Fischer (SFSU/UCB)
97.04 Photometric Search for Exoplanets with the NASA Ames Vulcan Camera
D. A. Caldwell, W. J. Borucki (NASA Ames Research Center), J. M. Jenkins (SETI Institute), D. G. Koch (NASA Ames Research Center)
97.05 Direct Observations of Extrasolar Giant Planets with the Terrestrial Planet Finder
M. C. Turnbull, A. Burrows, N. H. Woolf (U. Arizona)
97.06 High Resolution Dichroic Imaging of Cool Brown Dwarfs and Extrasolar Planets
G. Doppmann, O. Ershov, P. M. Harvey, D. T. Jaffe, L. Keller (UT Austin)
97.07 Plans for Extra-solar Planet and Zodiacal Dust Studies with the LBT interferometer
J. M. Hill, J. R. P. Angel, P. M. Hinz, N. J. Woolf (U. Arizona)
97.08 A High-Resolution Search for Stellar Companions to Stars with Planets
J. Patience, A. M. Ghez, R. J. White, C. McCabe (UCLA), B. Macintosh (LLNL), M. C. Liu, J. R. Graham (UCB), C. E. Max, D. Gavel, S. Olivier (LLNL), R. Rudy (Aerospace Corp.), R. Puetter (UCSD), K. Matthews (Caltech), A. J. Weinberger (UCLA)
97.09 THE PROJECT: An Observatory / Transport Spaceship for Discovering and Populating Habitable Extrasolar Terrestrial Planets
S. Kilston (Ball Aerospace \& Technologies Corp.)
97.10 Active SETI : Targets Selection and Message Conception
Y. Dutil, S. Dumas (Centre de Recherche de la Défense Valcartier)
97.11 The Observational Problem of Whether Life on Earth is a Fluke
N.J. Woolf (Steward Obs.)
97.12 Refining Nulling Interferometry with the Old and New Multiple Mirror Telescope
P. M. Hinz, J. R. P. Angel, W. F. Hoffmann, D. W. McCarthy, N. J. Woolf, P. C. McGuire (U. Arizona)
97.13 Achromatic phase shifts utilizing dielectric plates for nulling interferometery
R. M. Morgan (OSC), J. M. Burge (OSC)

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