AAS Meeting #194 - Chicago, Illinois, May/June 1999
Session 47. Between the Stars I: The ISM, Galactic and Extragalactic
Display, Tuesday, June 1, 1999, 10:00am-7:00pm, Southwest Exhibit Hall

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[47.22] The UMass/INAOE Galaxy Survey

T.A.D. Paglione, M.H. Heyer, J.S. Young (FCRAO/UMass), M. Belniak, N. Cartel, H. Cameron, M. Goldstein, M. Gruol, Z. Kaufman, S. Litchfield, J. Nantais, G. Perry, J. Perry, M. Richard, S. Stephan, M. Thorn, R. White (UMass), W.F. Wall (INAOE)

We are using the unique mapping capability and sensitivity of the new 16-element array SEQUOIA at the Five College Radio Astronomy Observatory to map the extended 13CO and 12CO J=1-0 emission from over 50 galaxies. The survey involves more than a dozen undergraduates who are responsible for taking the data, judging its quality, and reducing and analyzing the maps. This project should span 2 to 3 observing seasons. Our goals are to: (1) map the full extent of their molecular emission, (2) find the 12CO/13CO ratio with position, (3) determine whether this ratio varies with galactocentric radius or other galaxy properties. As an array, SEQUOIA can detect such changes with negligible uncertainties in relative calibration and pointing.

In this, our first season of operation, we concentrated on the emission along the major axes of 8 nearby galaxies that have bright, extended molecular emission. Overall, the 12CO/13CO ratio rises toward the nuclei of these galaxies, with an average peak value ~25.

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