AAS Meeting #194 - Chicago, Illinois, May/June 1999
Session 34. Imaging, Spectra and Variability of X-ray Emission in AGN
Oral, Monday, May 31, 1999, 2:00-3:30pm, Waldorf

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[34.08] X-ray and lower energy variability in NGC 3516 and other AGN

R. Edelson (UCLA)

The launch of RXTE has made possible the first evenly-sampled, long-term X-ray monitoring of AGN, and the most important advances in our understanding of X-ray variability since EXOSAT. The most important studies to date have involved measuring the turnover in the X-ray fluctuation power density spectrum of NGC 3516 and the (lack of) correlation between X-ray and optical variations in NGC 7469. I will discuss the implications of these results along with future campaigns that could utilize Chandra or XMM to sample rapid variability while RXTE does long-term monitoring.

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