AAS Meeting #194 - Chicago, Illinois, May/June 1999
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All findings are embargoed until time of presentation at the meeting.

Session 12. Extra Galactic Star Clusters: From Ancient Globulars to Young Star Clusters

Display, Monday, May 31, 1999, 9:20am-6:30pm, Southwest Exhibit Hall

12.01 Ultraviolet Spectra of Globular Clusters in Andromeda
R.C. Peterson (UCO/Lick and Astrophysical Advances)
12.02 Measuring Tidal Radii and Concentrations of Globular Clusters in M87
Q.C. Zhang, S. Zepf (Yale Univ.)
12.03 The Age and Mass of Super Star Cluster F in M82
L.J. Smith (University College London), J.S. Gallagher (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
12.04 Globular Cluster Systems of Spiral Galaxies: First Results for NGC 1055
K.L. Rhode, S.E. Zepf (Yale University)
12.05 The Luminosity Function of Young Star Clusters in "The Antennae" Galaxies (NGC~4038/4039)
B. C. Whitmore (STScI), Q. Zhang (STScI \& JHU), C. Leitherer, M. Fall (STScI), F. Schweizer (CIW/DTM), B. W. Miller (Leiden)
12.06 Evolution of the mass function of the Galactic globular cluster system
E. Vesperini (U. of Massachusetts-Amherst)
12.07 Young Massive Star Clusters - ubiquitous or exotic?
S. S. Larsen (Copenhagen University Astronomical Observatory), T. Richtler (Sternwarte der Universitaet Bonn)
12.08 A New Giant Branch Clump Structure Towards the Large Magellanic Cloud
A.E. Piatti, D. Geisler (Univ. Concepci\'on, Chile), E. Bica (UFRGS, Brazil), J.J. Clari\'a (OAC, Argentina), J.F.C. Santos Jr. (UFMG, Brazil), A. Sarajedini (KPNO), H. Dottori (UFRGS, Brazil)
12.09 Colors and Metallicities of M31 Globular Clusters
P. Barmby, J.P. Huchra (CfA), J.P. Brodie, L.L. Schroder (UCO/Lick), C.J. Grillmair (SIRTF Science Center), D.A. Forbes (U. Birmingham)

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