AAS Meeting #194 - Chicago, Illinois, May/June 1999
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All findings are embargoed until time of presentation at the meeting.

Session 76. Advanced Solar Space Missions and Ground-based Instruments

Solar, Display, Wednesday, June 2, 1999, 10:00am-6:30pm, Southeast Exhibit Hall

76.01 How Many Terabytes Was That? Archiving and Serving Solar Space Data Without Losing Your Shirt
J.B. Gurman (NASA/GSFC)
76.02 Sun-Earth Connection Observatory (SECO)
A. Ruzmaikin (Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute Of Technology)
76.03 FASR - A Frequency-Agile Solar Radiotelescope
G.J. Hurford (UC Berkeley - NASA/GSFC), D.E. Gary (NJIT), T.S. Bastian (NRAO), S.M. White (U.Maryland)
76.04 Radio Imaging of the Sun from Space
P. Rodriguez, N. E. Kassim, K. W. Weiler (NRL), M. L. Kaiser, M. J. Reiner, R. A. MacDowall (GSFC), D. L. Jones, S. C. Unwin, T. B. Kuiper (JPL), N. Gopalswamy (CUA)
76.05 The Long Wavelength Array: A Ground-Based Coronal Mass Ejection Detector
T. J. W. Lazio, N. E. Kassim, P. Rodriguez (NRL), N. Gopalswamy (NASA/GSFC,Catholic U.), W. C. Erickson (U.MD,NRL)
76.06 SONAR - Solar Near-surface Active Region Rendering
P. H. Scherrer, J. T. Hoeksema, A. G. Kosovichev (Stanford University), T. L. Duvall (NASA Goddard Space Flight Center), K. J. Schrijver, A. M. Title (Lockheed-Martin Solar and Astrophysics Laboratory)
76.07 New Vectormagnetographs at the Big Bear Solar Observatory
T. J. Spirock, C. Denker, J. Wang, H. Chen, H. Wang, P. R. Goode (NJIT / BBSO)
76.08 The Solar Bolometric Imager -A New Direction in Solar Irradiance Studies
S. Libonate, P.V. Foukal (CRI)
76.09 The SOLIS Data Handling And Archive System
F. Hill, B. Goodrich, S. Wampler (NSO/NOAO), SOLIS Team
76.10 The Solar-B Solar Optical Telescope Focal Plane Package
M. Levay, T. Berger, W. Rosenberg, T. Tarbell, A. Title (LMSAL), T. Bogdan, D. Elmore, B. Lites (HAO)
76.11 Signal-to-Noise Characteristics of Solar Mg II Indices
P.C. Crane, L.E. Floyd (Interferometrics Inc.)
76.12 Flat-Fielding Solar Spectroscopic Images
H. P. Jones (NASA/GSFC)
76.13 Solar Polar Imager
D. Moses, K.P. Dere, R.A. Howard, C.M. Korendyke, D.G. Socker, Y.-M. Wang (Naval Research Lab.), B.E. Goldstein, P.E. Liewer (Jet Propulsion Laboratory)
76.14 Recent UCSD Advances in Tomography for Use with Heliospheric Remote-Sensing Data
B.V. Jackson, P.P. Hick, A. Buffington (CASS/UCSD)
76.15 Visible-light All-sky Imagers in Deep Space
A. Buffington, P.P. Hick, B.V. Jackson (UCSD/CASS)
76.16 High Cadence EUV Imaging Spectrograph for the 2010 Solar Maximum
J.-P. Wuelser, T. R. Metcalf (Lockheed Martin)
76.17 Laboratory Testing of a Hard X-Ray Solar Flare Polarimeter
M.L. McConnell, J. Macri, M. McClish, J.M. Ryan (UNH)
76.18 Shadow Mask Telescope for High Energy X-Rays
U. D. Desai, L. E. Orwig (NASA/GSFC), L. N. Mertz (Digiphase Technology), C. C. Gaither III (CNA Corp.), W. M. Gibson (Center for X-Ray Optics, U. of Albany)
76.19 Development of SONTRAC, a Solar Neutron Tracking Device
J.M. Ryan, J. Macri, M.L. McConnell (UNH)

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