AAS 195th Meeting, January 2000
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All findings are embargoed until the time of presentation at the meeting.

Session 62. Sgr A* and Milky Way

Oral, Thursday, January 13, 2000, 2:00-3:30pm, Regency VII

62.01 Chandra Imaging of Sgr A* and the Galactic Center
F. Baganoff (MIT), L. Angelini (GSFC), M. Bautz (MIT), N. Brandt (PSU), W. Cui (MIT), J. Doty (MIT), E. Feigelson (PSU), G. Garmire (PSU), T. Kallman (GSFC), Y. Maeda (PSU), M. Morris (UCLA), K. Nishikida (PSU), S. Pravdo (JPL), G. Ricker (MIT), L. Townsley (PSU)
62.02 Keck/NIRSPEC Spectroscopy of Stars Near Sgr A*
D.F. Figer (STScI), E.E. Becklin, M. Morris, I.S. McLean (UCLA), J.R. Graham, A.M. Gilbert (UC Berkeley), J.E. Larkin (UCLA), N.A. Levenson (JHU), H.I. Teplitz (GSFC)
62.03 Circular Polarization in Sagittarius A*
G.C. Bower (NRAO --- Socorro), H. Falcke (MPIfR --- Bonn), D.C. Backer (UC Berkeley Astronomy)
62.04D Dynamical Evolution of Stars and Star Clusters in the Inner Galactic Bulge
S. S. Kim (UCLA, Division of Astronomy & Astrophysics)
62.05D Stellar Iron Abundances at the Galactic Center
S. V. Ramirez, K. Sellgren (OSU), J. S. Carr (NRL), S. Balachandran (U.Maryland), R. D. Blum (CTIO), D. M. Terndrup, A. Steed (OSU)
62.06 The Non-axisymmetric Distribution of Stars and Dust in the Milky Way
R. Drimmel (Astronomical Observatory of Turin), D. Spergel (Princeton Observatory)
62.07 Viewing the Shadow of the Black Hole at the Galactic Center
H. Falcke (MPIFR), F. Melia (Arizona), E. Agol (JHU)

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