AAS 198th Meeting, June 2001
Session 65. Computational Astrophysics
Display, Wednesday, June 6, 2001, 10:00am-7:00pm, Exhibit Hall

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[65.13] Djehuty: A 3D Hydrodynamic Stellar Evolution Code

D. S. P. Dearborn, G. Bazan, J. Castor, R. Cavallo, H. Cohl, K. Cook, D. Dossa, R. Eastman, P. P. Eggleton, P. Eltgroth, S. Keller, S. Murray, A. Taylor, S. Turcotte (LLNL), Djehuty Team

We introduce Djehuty, the world's only operating hydrodynamic code capable of modeling complete stars in three dimensions. Djehuty includes a full physics package using the best available physical data relevant to stellar interior modeling including the Eggleton EOS, Opal and Alexander opacities, radiative and convective energy transport, and thermonuclear energy generation with a full reaction network.

To date we have successfully run Djehuty on a 42 million zone mesh with 440 processors, enabling us to witness the onset of convection in the core of a 4 M\odot main sequence star. The code, which uses an Arbitrary Langrangian-Eularian mesh algorithm, was shown to be stable, self-consistent and fully hydrodynamic. We anticipate longer and larger science runs by June, 2001.

With Djehuty, we will be able for the first time to model accurately a host of astrophysically important problems in stellar evolution (e.g., convective cores and envelopes, nonconvective mixing, rotation, binary evolution, mass transfer, etc.) over a wide range of stellar masses from brown dwarfs to over 50 M\odot at any point along the HR diagram.

Funding for the Djehuty project is provided by the Department of Energy through the University of California.

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