AAS 198th Meeting, June 2001
Session 47. Variable and Binary Stars - Spectroscopy
Display, Tuesday, June 5, 2001, 10:00am-6:30pm, Exhibit Hall

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[47.10] New Parallax Results from Two Southern Programs

P. A. Ianna, M. C. Begam, J. Subasavage (UVa), T. J. Henry (GSU), R. A. Mendez (ESO), P. O. Seitzer (U. Mich.)

New trigonometric parallaxes are presented for a selection of southern hemisphere stars in the solar neighborhood. The CCD observations are obtained with the Australian National University's Siding Spring Observatory (SSO) 1 m reflector, and with the 0.9 m and 1.5 m telescopes at Cerro Tololo Interamerican Observatory under a NOAO Survey Program begun in August 1999.

The SSO program stars are primarily southern LHS stars with proper motions greater than 0.5 arcsec/year, fainter than m(r) about 15, and brighter than 17 in I (Cousins). The CTIO target list has been assembled from a wide variety of modern sources to be candidates with a high likelihood of being within 20 pc based on photometric and spectroscopic information. Precisions in the parallaxes range between 1 and 4 mas depending on the number of frames and their distribution in time.

Further information regarding the CTIO program may be found at the Research Consortium on Nearby Stars web site: www.chara.gsu.edu/RECONS/. This work is partially supported by NSF grant AST9820711 to The University of Virginia.

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