AAS 198th Meeting, June 2001
Session 51. Optical Interferometry
Topical Session Oral, Wednesday, June 6, 2001, 8:30am-12:30pm, 2:30-6:00pm, C106

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[51.16] Observations of H\alpha in Be stars with the Navy Prototype Optical Interferometer

T. A. Pauls, G. C. Gilbreath, J. T. Armstrong, D. Mozurkewich (NRL), J. A. Benson (USNO), R. B. Hindsley (NRL)

Stars of spectral type Be are known to consist of a hot central star which is surrounded by an extended, optically thin disk. The disk is heated by the central star and radiates a number of bright emission lines, among them H\alpha. We have equipped the Navy Prototype Optical Interferometer (NPOI) with a set of custom narrow-band filters centered on the H\alpha line, and have used these filters to observe a number of Be stars with a 3-element sub-array. These are the first interferometric observations of Be stars which include a measurement of closure phase. We will present the results of our observations with these filters.

Funding for the NPOI comes from the Office of Naval Research and the Oceanographer of the Navy.

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