AAS 198th Meeting, June 2001
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All findings are embargoed until the time of presentation at the meeting.

Session 39. Supernovae

Display, Tuesday, June 5, 2001, 10:00am-6:30pm, Exhibit Hall

39.01 Early-Time Infrared Spectra of the Type Ia Supernova 2000cx
R. J. Rudy, D. K. Lynch, S. M. Mazuk, C. C. Venturini (Aerospace Corp.), R. C. Puetter (UCSD/CASS), P. Hoeflich (U. of Texas), T. K. Armstrong (TKA Development Corp.)
39.02 The Type Ic Hypernova SN 1999as
K. Hatano (University of Tokyo), D. Branch (University of Oklahoma), K. Nomoto, J. S. Deng, K. Maeda (University of Tokyo), P. Nugent, G. Aldering (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)
39.03 Spectral Consequences of Deviation from a Spherically Symmetric Composition in Type Ia Supernovae
R. C. Thomas, D. Branch, E. Baron (University of Oklahoma)
39.04 A Galactic Distance Scale Using Type-II Supernovae
R. C. Mitchell, E. Baron, D. Branch (University of Oklahoma), P. Lundqvist (Stockholm Observatory), S. I. Blinnikov (Institute of Theoretical and Experimental Physics), P. H. Hauschildt (University of Georgia), C. S. J. Pun (NASA/GSFC)

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